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  1. ITT I make you an anime mc

    Added titles because I can, including the already completed ones. Blood of the Ancients   Every day was normal for the Antagonist until one day he opened the door to a man in a suit. He said that Antagonist had "mythological DNA" and he was here to help him. Antagonist was brought to a small lab where he met several others with beastly DNA; Fenrir, a Kitsune, a Phoenix, etc. They go around the globe rescuing others like them, from megalomaniacs, corrupt governments, and from themselves, so that they can understand the powers residing inside.   Pocket Rockets   A heartwarming tale of a small group of friends, doing what they love. JC, Amano, Yoshitsuge, and Takashi are four young men with a passion for poker, sitting at school day after day playing for fun. One day their club adviser manages to get them entered into a satellite tournament, the prize for winning... free entrance into the World Series of Poker! Watch these friends in the spring of their youth, battling to climb to the top.   Pessimism and Procrastination.   University student Robyn is returning to school after a two year hiatus. Now feeling older and more world-wise (and world weary), she is just looking to finish her degree and leave Tokyo behind. However, a chance meeting with Hiiro Nagasuchi, who has spent 9 years and counting at the school and is determined to never graduate, completely changes how she looks at life. This heart touching story of two worlds colliding as the two young adults figure out just what they want from life will leave you breathless.
  2. ITT I make you an anime mc

    It was actually darker originally in my mind but following up foolist's w/ corrupt govt and stuff I didn't want to have something kind of similar right after.   Working on others, should be able to get them done before work
  3. ITT I make you an anime mc

    Glissando   After grinding away for years, rei had finally accomplished his dream of playing in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. But tragedy struck, as it always does, and less than a year later he was out of the game entirely. He was wasting away his life in depression, until he heard young 12 year old Hachiken playing the violin next door. Filled with a new purpose, witness as rei struggles to overcome his demons and transforms his young neighbor from a talented but flawed violinist into one of the most widely renowned musicians of all time.
  4. ITT I make you an anime mc

    Knowledge Hunter   In a post-apocalyptic world, knowledge is literally at a premium. The Collective is a shadowy organization that rules by withholding information from the people. Foolist, a homeless orphan, is living on the streets before meeting Otanika Yuuto, a bumbling freedom fighter who is an agent for the rebellion. Join them as they explore ruined skyscrapers and spread knowledge to the masses in an attempt to overthrow the Collective.   Walker   The fantastic city of Dravadia is run on tourism. Elementals live among the citizens, working crucial jobs and are one of the main tourist draws themselves. Gojira is a Walker, with control over water. He runs a simple little tour guide service, walking people through the scenic canals. Watch him as he strives to climb the ranks and earn a star as one of the ten most popular Walkers.   Requiem of the World   After an abortive terrorist attack on the Kremlin by an unknown party, tensions ratchet up and WW3 draws nigh. Nelrick, a JDF agent deep undercover in the ranks of the terrorists, must somehow bring this to light while escaping with his life intact. Meanwhile an American task force, led by half-Japanese agent Sarah Otonashi (who doesn't know he's undercover, and also happens to be Nelrick's childhood friend) is on his tail, trying to bring him and the group to justice and prevent the third, and probably final, world war.
  5. ITT I make you an anime mc

    That is to say I'll write a short original anime-esque synopsis featuring you as the main character.
  6. RIP Satoru Iwata

    "On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."   He will be missed.
  7. ITT I guess your favorite Pokemon

    Not bad, I loved Charizard as a kid but I'd have to say Jolteon and Kabutops are my favorites. I can actually remember a time I wasn't a genwunner but I haven't played anything past b/w and don't remember anything about gens 3 4 and 5 so I guess I've kind of regressed into being a genwunner.
  8. ITT I guess your favorite Pokemon

    I figure you have a roughly 2/150 shot
  9. The Official Tennis Thread

    3 mouthbreathers. Despite being 144 at the time, Kyrgios was on a meteoric rise and is currently like 26th or w/e (and he just beat Raonic today). Still should've lost to a player of Nadal's caliber but that loss isn't in the same world as the other three Wimbledon losses.
  10. Pokemon Adventures 2 - Day 5: Crunch Time

    quota (cause idr if 3 or 4)
  11. Pokemon Adventures 2 - Day 5: Crunch Time

    flood control sucks
  12. Pokemon Adventures 2 - Day 5: Crunch Time

    Thought I had more time for this game, turns out I cannot commit. Have requested a sub from mba earlier today etc etc but I'm at least hitting quota so whoever gets subbed in can play.
  13. A dude got 55 thousand to make potato salad. It's definitely possible. I can't really speak for the likelihood though.   http://www.gofundme.com/   There are all kinds of crowdsourcing sites now and unlike kickstarter, which seems to only allow things that will have an actual tangible creation (despite not taking down the potato salad one), places like gofundme don't have restrictions on what you can be asking funding for. Also unlike kickstarter, where it's all or nothing, with gofundme (and possibly others but idk) whatever gets donated to you is yours period, whether you hit your goal or not.