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  1. I agree, just invest in a top tier standard deck and learn it inside and out. It's rough because of the time of the year and rotation is coming up, but it should be worth it to start racking up a collection. I suggest eventually getting into some sort of Eternal format though (not necessarily on MODO), they're my favorite and they're a lot of fun; Legacy, Vintage, Modern. I use for lists if I need them and I frequent MTG The Source for everything else.
  2. It still seems absurd, but who am I to argue.
  3. As an avid collector for Eternal format magic, even I still get surprised by prices these days. A playset of Rishadan Ports I picked up for $40 are now $100 each? What? City of Traitors? $80 a piece? Sigh.
  4.   Just a couple gems that I learned about on here of all places, about seven years ago. Still bumping.
  5.   Astonishing sludge/stoner/doom band, if you're into that kind of stuff.
  6. I haven't really played much Magic the past month or so, but it's still no surprise to me that Jund and Junk Rites are still up top. I'm really digging that new Bant Flash/Tempo deck with Advent of the Wurm. I'm hoping I can scrape together the Advents for FNM, since I didn't partake in any DGM limited or even traded for new stuff. If I can get the deck together and perform at FNM and practice a bit, maybe I'll give it a go at the PTQ on Saturday. Something just seems sweet about Snapdaddy and 5/5 Wurms... It isn't legacy but it looks fun.
  7. Why do you think this is still funny?