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  1. Philly Regionals 2nd place Tournament Report

    Was fun. Some pretty memorable moments went down during the trip. Congrats on your first regional top Ryan!
  2. DG Live Special Invitational: TCG + DUEA

    Congratulations Oh_The_Irony  
  3. Spics of Life

    The clown's down to hop aboard the Spics of Life.
  4. DGz Special Invitational Details

      It will only negate the activation and effects of effects specifically indicated as FLIP effects.
  5. Dueling Network

      I'm going to let Arabs N Scarabs break this down for ya  
  6. ARGCS Richmond Commentator report

    Was fun working with you! I'll see you at future events I hope.
  7. ARG Circuit Series Richmond, VA April 26-27

    The clown has been breakin it down (#judging) for all the feature matches. Gooo dgz, Alyx, Brandon, Patrick!
  8. YCS Atlanta - Jan 31-Feb 2nd

    ...To break it down.
  9. YCS Atlanta - Jan 31-Feb 2nd

    The clown will be in town.
  10. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    [spoiler][/spoiler]   The clown just broke it down.
  11. TCG Premier Events Top Players List

    + Christos Mourikis, The Pride of Greece Top 8 European WCQ Amsterdam 2008 Top 16 European WCQ Madrid 2011 Top 8 YCS London 2013   The clown just broke it down.
  12. Top 16 YCS Miami

    Congrats Adrian! 12 die roll losses lol. I was the one judging at your top 32 match.
  13. TCG Premier Events Top Players List

    + Another top for Elijah Gersten Top 2 YCS Miami 2013   + Mark Anthony Velez Top 8 YCS Ohio 2011 Top 64 North American WCQ 2012 (11-0 in swiss) Top 32 YCS Miami 2013
  14. anuraag das's ycs miami top 32 report

    Imposter   The clown just broke it down
  15. Top 32 YCS Miami

    Well done Mark! Nice seeing that 3rd top. What a tough way to lose to Adrian. Also congrats on handing Hoban his only loss in swiss!