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  1. North American World Championship Qualifiers

    adrian shakir is sean on here, going undefeated into round 4 with windups
  2. healthier eating and more exercise(30/45 min a day), try to lower your current total kcal intake with 500 kcal untill you see no more progression then just lower again with 500 kcal.
  3. Wind-Up - Discussion

    yeah i would switch the tragoedia with instant fusions, the card is soo good. I cant stress enough how much easier it make certain matches. and it can be such a lifesaver if you have bad to mediocore hands. if you're playing a lvl 5 fusion monster, i prefer having ojama knight because its light and its effect can be a bonus sometimes
  4. YCS Philadelphia

    i dont think he did that deliberately, his grave had plenty of darks
  5. YCS Chicago, Illinois, April 27-29

    billy won his t32 match
  6. YCS Chicago, Illinois, April 27-29

    joe is also still in it with 7-2
  7. YCS Chicago, Illinois, April 27-29

    [quote name='Joker' timestamp='1335664601' post='3167382'] How's Hoban doing? [/quote] he was 6-2 last time i checked
  8. YCS Chicago, Illinois, April 27-29

    arg fan page says alistar dropped after two consecutive losses
  9. YCS Dallas, Texas, April 13-15

    [quote name='Novacanne' timestamp='1334518771' post='3155758'] [quote name='Indignation' timestamp='1334518662' post='3155757'] Actually that chaos dragon deck of unlimited bosses might have actually been a pretty good choice for the event. That deck puts retarded pressure on you if they get to mill in the first 2 turns or draw FF. It's still sack but fuck boss after boss after boss to the point where they waste their own bosses to bring out more bosses lol. [/quote] It has a good rabbit match up, a decent DW match up, a good wind-up match up, and an amazing inzektor match up. ..... [/quote] i would say they have an horrible inzektor matchup thats why im surprised they doing so good at an ycs thats supposed to be full with inzektors. what makes you think they have an amazing matchup vs inzektors?
  10. How do you get past a long term relationship?

    backed into a corner because you broke up with somebody who doesnt care for you anymore? he just got out of a 4 year relationship and hes already doing nothing else then trying to get laid, so yeah jeff your a smart guy and i bet its really hard for you right now but try to put yourself above the situation and look at all this from a 3th perspective. now imagine if you could do that, what would you tell yourself. "Do you honestly wanna be with that kind of guy? or even bothering worrying about him". No man you deserve better. i know its unthinkable right now , but in the future you will meet someone else who cares way more for you then this one. let him help paying the bills for now until you got some sort of income and just try to get over him unless it really bothers you then just kick him out because living together makes stuff so much more complicated. i like the running advice that someone above mentioned, it does help clear you mind , i just dont want you to look like a depressed housewife and feel all sad and stuff while hes in the same house, instead show how strong you are and that you can live happily without him
  11. How do you get past a long term relationship?

    what you need to realize is that time is on your side nobody is rushing you, take it one 'small' step at a time - try to get a steady income so the bills dont staple up. i dont know your exact situation but make sure you dont get behind on rent, electricity, water, gas , etc. - i would try to work a deal with the state of michigan where you explain the situation and tell them you would like to pay the money that you own but in small amounts every month and that they need to bear with you, but just make sure that it gets done or it will only get higher and you will never be able to drive. if you dont mind not having a license and there are no further consequences for not paying them back, then yeah just screw it then dont bother with it at all. but if you risk like jail or sumthing just try to arrange a monthly payment play. good luck and stay strong, once you get tru this you will most definitely get stronger from it. i really shouldnt be telling you this becuse you alreayd know it but whenevr you feel like you wanna have a chat just turn to dgz and you will see how much many people care for you. hang in there cowboy
  12. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    currently watching ao no exorcist once finished ill be starting guilty crown
  13. ARG Livestream

    billy, frazier and alistar streamin right now, joe is supposed to come in too [url="http://www.twitch.tv/arglive"]http://www.twitch.tv/arglive[/url]
  14. dgz, wassup

    one drip of cold water between my butt cheek would give this twinkly feeling which is kinda nice, but if its hot i might burn myself and that feeling is terrible so i prefer cold
  15. ARG Livestream

    frazier and alistar online again [url="http://www.twitch.tv/arg_live"]http://www.twitch.tv/arg_live[/url]