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  1. adrian shakir is sean on here, going undefeated into round 4 with windups
  2. yeah i would switch the tragoedia with instant fusions, the card is soo good. I cant stress enough how much easier it make certain matches. and it can be such a lifesaver if you have bad to mediocore hands. if you're playing a lvl 5 fusion monster, i prefer having ojama knight because its light and its effect can be a bonus sometimes
  3. Last event before Nats

    i dont think he did that deliberately, his grave had plenty of darks
  4. billy won his t32 match
  5. joe is also still in it with 7-2
  6. [quote name='Joker' timestamp='1335664601' post='3167382'] How's Hoban doing? [/quote] he was 6-2 last time i checked
  7. arg fan page says alistar dropped after two consecutive losses
  8. [quote name='Novacanne' timestamp='1334518771' post='3155758'] [quote name='Indignation' timestamp='1334518662' post='3155757'] Actually that chaos dragon deck of unlimited bosses might have actually been a pretty good choice for the event. That deck puts retarded pressure on you if they get to mill in the first 2 turns or draw FF. It's still sack but fuck boss after boss after boss to the point where they waste their own bosses to bring out more bosses lol. [/quote] It has a good rabbit match up, a decent DW match up, a good wind-up match up, and an amazing inzektor match up. ..... [/quote] i would say they have an horrible inzektor matchup thats why im surprised they doing so good at an ycs thats supposed to be full with inzektors. what makes you think they have an amazing matchup vs inzektors?
  9. currently watching ao no exorcist once finished ill be starting guilty crown
  10. billy, frazier and alistar streamin right now, joe is supposed to come in too [url=""][/url]
  11. frazier and alistar online again [url=""][/url]
  12. 3 windups made top 8
  13. i dont get the ruling issue, did you try to rabbit your magician and then get that same magicians effect? because if you banish magician with rabbit you dont get magician effect, magician effect activates after the chain is resolved so he wouldnt be on the field anymore.
  14. i never understood people giving there decklist away, that there planning to take to a event. being able to caught your opponent off guard with a different tech gives you a huge advantage. decklists are after the events but for now he already helped us out by giving away that factories is definately not needed
  15. February 18-19

    he beat alistar in top 32, congrats kid deserving winner without a doubt!