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  1. YCS DENVER 2017

    I'll be there on Saturday to chill and play in Starter/Structure Deck side events.
  2. SSB64 Mafia Aftergame - Scum and Zappdos Win

    But at least I got in some sick ass haikus
  3. SSB64 Mafia Aftergame - Scum and Zappdos Win

    The two days that I had to actually be useful to the game had someone pre-emptively hammer just to piss people off and the other day was hammered before I could get off work to post as a kill to me. feelsbadman
  4. SSB64 Mafia Sign-Ups

    I must play.
  5. I'll give you my top 5 of anything

    Top 5 rectal procedures
  6. I know more about numbers than all of you, AMA

    What is the mathematical formula that should be used to solve the problem of: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? NOTE: I made a minor change to the phrase so that it could be an objective answer of maximum possible theoretical woodchucking.
  7. LastPass/KeePass

    I use Keepass in a professional setting. The worst part about it is the lack of multi-user support. Sure, multiple users can edit the came database no problem. But the problem is identifying who was in it. You still have to have a shared password to use it, so there's no way to hold people accountable if anything goes wrong. As for personal use, it's not a problem at all, though I would prefer a cloud solution.
  8. Bug Experts

    I'm a CCNA and I see no packets coming across that VLAN. Seems like a Layer 1 issue / Helpdesk problem.
  9. Bug Experts

    I once learned how to pronounce the word "entomology," so I must be qualified to answer this. Pretty sure it's a beagle.
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Honestly, I had a lengthy discussion with some friends about how Azure Drake needed a nerf because of how popular it's been since beta. Sure, there aren't many good 5-drops with Sludge Belcher gone, but that gap can be filled with future releases. My thought was that Azure Drake would just need to be a 4/3 to balance it out, but this seems fine too. I'm happy with change.
  11. Fuck You Mafia 3.0

    Mostly just opting to be a sub because JC won't stop harassing me
  12. Fuck You Mafia 3.0

    Put me in as a sub if you need one
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Not looking forward to Wrestlemania so far.
  14. Goat Mafia Aftergame - Town Wins!

    Also, I think scum did okay all things considered. Mark, Digbick, and myself were all first time scummers (Mark did the best out of the three of us), Malcolm floated the entire game, Soph did well as Creature but came in a bit late, and PSK did well but AIDS was unfortunate. I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed the game quite a bit. Looking forward to playing more Jazz games.
  15. Goat Mafia Aftergame - Town Wins!

    You played your power really well, though, and were integral to town winning by giving Beast the tools he needed to blow the game wide open.