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  1. yep, im using this event just to restore my keys
  2. its the same shit that happened in the last duel reward event, wait until its end to farm again.
  3. i think that they changed something because i was farming ishizu30 and bakura 30 and they drop me a SR once every 6-7 wins, and now i only get 1 gem / gold
  4. I seems that you cant quit a duel against standar duelist to farm when shit go wrong(you can, but when you restart the app and hit exit, itll not respawn).
  5. interesting, care to explain?
  6. pick you poison. I guess there is no way to avoid Crow AND maxx C.
  7. NS rat XYZ boarbow SS rat#2 XYZ tiger over rat#2 SS rat#3 xyz Broadbull over rat #3, search substitute Fusion for norden using boarbow and tiger, and continue So, you will end with drancia even if they crow you, but you ll draw 2 instead of 3 if everything went well.
  8. I think its better to get a single "Deck discussion" than one for each deck since we are few users.
  9. oh oh oh, so i need to build unhappy girl to farm to get that skill to farm kaiba. what a twist, lol. EDIT: i think i have all the cards except the goblin one ( -500 +500) and the skill, i ll try it and post whatever points it gives
  10. but why Card of Sanctity OTK isnt used to farm kaiba? ( outside of having 3 Cards of Sanctity ) Dont give like 5k DA points if you let kaiba attack you once? ( 2.5 comeback, 1 spells, 1k only burn, .5 quick victory)
  11. I had that problem until today since 2 weeks ago, i guess.
  12. im between embodiment of apophis and gardna for the ultras (save gold or make burn) and supers i gues enemy controller/metalmorph are better in the long run than the temptation to pickup any gk card
  13. good to know that i was right, now we need to find solutions to the followings: a) draw int girl(s) b) up LP / decrease mons ATK ( fuck twister )
  14. the next test is to know if the npc attacks when there are 2 girls in field without mattering your remaining life. ill need to get those girls asap
  15. I still dont have berry, lol. what i mean is that kaiba ll attack you whenever he gets 2 raiders + any monster to the field 4000 - 1900 x 2 = 200 ATK. so you need to rise your life to at least 6800 ( to avoid BEWD attacking ) EDIT: another idea is playing debuffers like the new pumpking / ballons, but idk