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  1. solved.
  2. if you have 3 pokestop within 50 mt or less do you put 3 cebos ( idk the english name of the thing that atract mons to the stop ) or just 1 in the middle one?
  3. im missing something or you are talking about playing Foucault's Cannon/Dragon horn?
  4. Isnt monarchs with DDraw and the field spell @1 far long better than any other deck under that list? I mean, stormforth ( 6 copies ) can deal with any threat that BEWD can bring.
  5. IIRC Tri and guess is banned since release in the worlds banlist
  6. outside of common cards played in the deck ( just to present them ) and some turn 1 combos, what do you spect in the OP? i think things like lore or "this has awsome matchup vs X,J,K" are deprecated. I mean, that things changes during the "formats", so its pretty much useless outside the first week of release of X booster( even with the takedown on the ygo sims, formats arent going to develop slower than before ).
  7. wtf was that last turn? edit: cant he go into leviair->farfa->taketomborg and win? gnomes
  8. I saw a couple of OCG pages and dindt find decklist of cyber angels. Itsnt released in OCG yet?
  9. i was talking about an enginegame plan ( like summon ignisters was when it was at 3 ). dinoster cant beat DD, you are only giving them more time to get pinks(if any) for your attemp of dweller geki/ignister OR access to DD/town. idk, i dont think lancea is enought Dont get me wrong, i think that pendulim mechanic has an edge over allthe field cause the RftDD, but, there arent any good extra deck mon/pendulum mon that gives you an edge against the expected field. (kirin maybe?)
  10. how do you beat kozmo and the island combos?
  11. it doesnt work in my phone this skin, lol.
  12. a level 4 high scale performapal and secondonkey to search sorc. EDIT: hitting my side deck its likely the only reason i get to keep them in, but idk, i have like a week to get an answer :P
  13. Question. now that wavering/norden/faceoff got limited, isnt better to play performapals high scale level 4 ( like the BULLSHIT of silver claw ) and secondonkey than guiturtle and lizardraw? Like, Turte+Lizard was played before you PS to get access to the missing sorc/faceoff/scale OR (more often ) after you PS to reach "traps" ( wavering ), but now, what do you want to draw into? more monster that you cant summon this turn? pink cards( idk why are you palying pinks )? IMO its better ( and easier to setup ) a HiLow/Low+Master and donkey than Turtle+Lizard to draw BEFORE pendulum and get whatever are you missing.
  14. fuck my phone