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  1. i dont see any Legendary out of the gate since a couple of days ( im stage 44, idk if that matters )
  2. i have 250 gems and idk what to buy: a) rising ( 1 reinforcement and sonic bird as relevant cards ) b) neo impact ( new box, i have 0 mirror wall ) c) flames ( i have 0 spirit ryu and 0 grepher, but i have the rest of the deck except the BoM esque card to farm ishizu ) I think that going for rising isnt worthy, but the neo impact is like wasting gems. idk.
  3. I know that feel, with the same amount of keys odion just give me 1 fucking recruiter EDIT: Sprit ryu works with all the npcs?
  4. Kaiba only crash against cat when the remain monsters can otk you iirc (or have econ) you can javelin/soul of purity/blue pot until you go over tll you are over 4900 ( 3000 + 1900 ) to avoid attacks, buuuut, to go to 100 in your last turn, you need to draw equata when you have a remaining card in deck. ( ram cats against emerald/BEWD and set equata for their battle phase ) The main problem is getting Ryryouku field/magic jammer(fuckin ultra) to avoid econ, and its a boring as shit match up.
  5. once you leave the early game its a funny time, like the old JTP + hamachi
  6. I forgot about the Necrovalley bonus, lol.
  7. Did you tried with cat(cat ear tribe, cat wins with effect damage when you have 0 cards in deck)?
  8. does anybody knows how "Balance" (Mako) skill works. for example, if i have 1 monster and 19 spells, do i always start with that monster?
  9. ahm, once i kill toon world and summon cerberus with 2 or 3 counter, it just star t summon all in DEF. IDK if its in the AI, or im just lucky
  10. 1 cerberus 2 riryoku 1 pendant 2 shar of greed 1 garl 1 twister 1 de spell 1 timidity 1 field spell 1 block attack 3 revolution 3 blue medicine 1 curry 3 javelin ( no berries ) I think that i need to add another(s) twister/de spell/reload to deal the rng of pegasus and gobling attack force
  11. idk, you cant boost him with any skills iirc, and get worst against water in pvp.
  12. google says that it appears when you get 35k points in the event
  13. Im leveling up Mai to get etaqua, so none. In pvp im playing dinos, but + 1 elemental saurus + 4 1600 dinos -5 somethings. VS kaiba/rex/tea im using Haga + 1800skill in boths. All of them force you to buy neoimpact to get riryoku field ( for the all damage bonus ) + Shooting Star Bow(for the +9.9k bonus), but the rng avoids to give me wall/beans man/saurus/naturias/leotaurs. idk if there are any other card usefull in N-I. yap. learned in the hard way a couple of days ago, but with just 10 games. EDIT: am i the only one that dont get enought yellow keys?
  14. i didnt have mirror wall yet so im playing 3 x Curse of Aging ( i have 0 reinforcements). 3 goyjin 1 axe raider 3 arsenal 1 guardian of the throne 1 bazoo 1 double costom 2 riryoku 1 pendant 1 gravity axe 1 baou 2 courage 3 aging EDIT: Its a pain in the ass farming tea with cerberus to geat Berry, nor kaiba with cat + riryoku field
  15. If i control a faceup pendulum monster, and my op activates dimensional barrier calling pendulum, does my pendulum monster remain negated after the turn where DB was activated? If i set a Metalfoe fusion from deck with a metalfoe scale effect and my op controls a faceup antispell fragance ( since my stand by phase ), can i activate that metalfoe fusion the same turn i set it from deck? If my op negates with toadally awesome the activation of a pendulum scale, can my op special summon it face down? Thank you in advance.