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  1. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    you can farm jesse for 8k ( +1k bonus ) with cyber angels + vassal + union + passage ( boost a dakini up to 5700 and another one up to 3700 ), but i guess you need at least 2 senju AND 2 sonic birds. I dindt tried with less than 2 of anyone.
  2. yep, im using this event just to restore my keys
  3. its the same shit that happened in the last duel reward event, wait until its end to farm again.
  4. i think that they changed something because i was farming ishizu30 and bakura 30 and they drop me a SR once every 6-7 wins, and now i only get 1 gem / gold
  5. I seems that you cant quit a duel against standar duelist to farm when shit go wrong(you can, but when you restart the app and hit exit, itll not respawn).
  6. Zoodiac - Discussion

    pick you poison. I guess there is no way to avoid Crow AND maxx C.
  7. Zoodiac - Discussion

    NS rat XYZ boarbow SS rat#2 XYZ tiger over rat#2 SS rat#3 xyz Broadbull over rat #3, search substitute Fusion for norden using boarbow and tiger, and continue So, you will end with drancia even if they crow you, but you ll draw 2 instead of 3 if everything went well.
  8. I think its better to get a single "Deck discussion" than one for each deck since we are few users.
  9. oh oh oh, so i need to build unhappy girl to farm to get that skill to farm kaiba. what a twist, lol. EDIT: i think i have all the cards except the goblin one ( -500 +500) and the skill, i ll try it and post whatever points it gives
  10. but why Card of Sanctity OTK isnt used to farm kaiba? ( outside of having 3 Cards of Sanctity ) Dont give like 5k DA points if you let kaiba attack you once? ( 2.5 comeback, 1 spells, 1k only burn, .5 quick victory)
  11. I had that problem until today since 2 weeks ago, i guess.
  12. im between embodiment of apophis and gardna for the ultras (save gold or make burn) and supers i gues enemy controller/metalmorph are better in the long run than the temptation to pickup any gk card
  13. good to know that i was right, now we need to find solutions to the followings: a) draw int girl(s) b) up LP / decrease mons ATK ( fuck twister )
  14. the next test is to know if the npc attacks when there are 2 girls in field without mattering your remaining life. ill need to get those girls asap