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  1. Evilswarm - Discussion

    To the above post (I'm not going to quote as I'm on my phone) but if your going to side three wouldn't it be better to side 2 zombie world and the third be a terraforming? I think this is the way to go as Terraforming gets you to zombie world faster and in testing for me the third zombie world hasn't been needed.
  2. Bujin for UK Nationals

      First off what are you expecting to play against at UK Nationals? You should kinda gear your deck towards the kind of meta we have in the UK.   On a side note have you thought about playing multiple Black Horn of Heavens? I am quite sure that at UK Nationals there shall be a lot of Geargia, Mermail and the Mirror Match, Black Horn can do some serious applications vs Geargia.
  3. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Looking to get back into competitive play Dueling Network: McClovin Skype: robert.light11
  4. Teledad 2013

    How has the side been working for you? And what do you generally side out? I am having problems with consistency post side.
  5. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    I'm looking to join a team, if you want me my details are Duelingnetwork: MajesticKiller Aim: robertlight11@yahoo.com
  6. Complexity vs Envious

    You realise in the game against Tedmund he had the right counters are the right time there was nothin I could of done and well the rematch I disconnected.
  7. Complexity vs Envious

    Sorry guys, and Tedmund I did disconnect but for some odd reason I couldn't get back on.
  8. First [2013 NAWCQ Report]

    Congrats on topping and also making it to worlds Rap, good luck on winning World we are all behind you.
  9. Most Wanted vs Complexity

    On for games.
  10. Complexity vs Theory in Practice

    On for games.
  11. Top16 NAWCQ

    Congratulations on topping Tedmund.
  12. Most Wanted vs Complexity

    I shall be on in 2 hours
  13. Most Wanted vs Complexity

    On for games.