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  1. Favorite Anime

    1.) Gundam Wing 2.) Gundam Wing 3.) Gundam Wing 4.) Gundam Wing 5.) Gundam Wing ... I've got to watch something new sometime.
  2. I can understand why I'm not on that list. No one here has ever dueled me. But, it's alright.
  3. Ok toon kid, let us duel. Send me a PM telling me when you are usually on.
  4. Still no word from Silent Grin...*cough*
  5. I wonder who will be dueling you... Well, may the best site win. Good luck to all.
  6. Naw, sorry. You joined right after Pyro made our team's lineup. You might be in the next one, though.
  7. Eh, it's the fact that he only has one post that concerns me, bandit. No offense to him, but if he is never on, then he might as well face me in a duel saying that Monster Reborn is a trap card. -_- I can't see how good this guy is if he's never on, no matter if he is the admin's cousin or not. Now, if everyone doesn't mind, switch Toon Kid's and Silent Grin's places so we can finally start this. I haven't seen one match result reported yet, so it would be best if someone got this off of the ground. Toon Kid, if you have YIM, what's your screenname?
  8. EDITED ...Up against a member that has only visited once? I'd rather go against someone that is on more often. If the two most active people in the Kakureta Tamashi (YamiB. and toon kid) wouldn't mind, could one of them possibly go against me, along with a seperate match with his other opponent? I'd like to get my share of this war over with, and rather soon, if you don't mind. ~Grey
  9. I am unavailable for the next couple of days.
  10. Nicoa_2... Haha, It'll be great dueling you...if you are ever on at the same time I am.
  11. Ah... my old clan. Guess this war is "personal" then. Well, I'm ready for the best you got.
  12. BurningMonkey vs. Enigma-X

    I see. Well, I won't reply with a come-back, because I find such things to be rather childish. Say what you will to this, but take note that I will not reply, because I just don't have the time to engage in kindergarden-insult skirmishes. If your level of maturity is that low, then there is no need for me to waste my time on you, now is there? ~Grey
  13. BurningMonkey vs. Enigma-X

    Uhhh...I have no quarrel with you. Was that really needed? Besides, I was just being honest in my last post.
  14. BurningMonkey vs. Enigma-X

    Mirror Link, you are wrong. I DO have Yahoo messenger. But I don't want to be judge anyways because, well, I'm starting to not like you, and that would get in the way of my judging abilities. Au revior.