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  1. Dark Armed Dragon

    Claiming DAD is bad isn't going to drop it's rarity, sorry.
  2. Stateside.

    in b4 'moar Hydrogeddon is required' Deck looks allright. Kind of meh on the single Dust, but I understand the reasoning behind it so fuck if it doesn't look too good on paper.
  3. How to be good in Yu-Gi-Oh

    Thread has been cockblocked.
  4. Simochi.dek

    I phrased myself wrong. Gift Card and co. are neat and shit if you pull it off, not so much when you open with multiple "Increase your opponent's LP by x" / no access to Simochi. Eye of Truth, Soul Taker etc. still have some playability outside Simochi especially with the Designator's and Crush. Idk, it's a Simochi deck you can get it to a certain level of playability, but you'll still get rofflestomped by the most mediocre hands against anything competitive. OP said it's casual though, and it does look fun so gj etc.
  5. Simochi.dek

    I think he wants to cut down on the Simochi reliant cards, instead opting to run cards that are somewhat useful without it being active. That being said, idk Gift Card's pretty fun and this is casual so. Datenshi Nurse Reficul is neat.
  6. 2 burndecks. fixes needed etc.

    yo wes, I'd probably go with number 2, idk. When's the PTF anyway?
  7. Hot

    This looks rly neat, how does it draw?
  8. stop stealing my ideas :'(
  9. WildWill is awesome. He used to lurk boards he had no interest in whatsoever just to catch people in their wrongdoing, and by wrongdoing I mean pointless shit. @Jewish: Me too. =[
  10. Burn. pic.dek

    Morphing Jar?
  11. TV-LINKS.CO.UK closure

    I might be wrong, seeing as I only used TV-Links like once or twice, but - Didn't they just like, simply link to other sites that actually the stored the media?
  12. What album are you listening to

    Sunn O))) - Black One. =/

    You say that like there's something wrong with soulseek. =/ For finding individual songs, especially more alternative shit it is awsome.Ditto the uTorrent comment. Trying the whole "-album name here- megaupload" into Google is also an option if you can't find a healthy torrent.
  14. Asian Hax

    Where is your god now?
  15. Loller's Tip of the Day