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  1. Been on since 8 and haven't heard from living legend all weekend. :/
  2. I'm on to play for the rest of the night. http://i.imgur.com/kHCvfwL.png
  3. I'll be around sunday night to play. Been busy losing irl all weekend.
  4. I'll be on for a little longer today and tomorrow night around 6
  5. RavensAnger - RavensAnger - EST
  6. Mono Blue Fish ( Standard )

    Yes because it is said to play out like merfolk ( a legacy deck. ) so some people refer to it as blue fish.
  7. Mono Blue Fish ( Standard )

    Todd Anderson wrote an article on SCG about this deck and then posted videos of him playing a week later. In round 4 he plays against ACPennington ( Allen Pennington ). The deck is very solid and besides the 4 snapcaster mage is pretty cheap. http://www.starcitygames.com/magic/standard/23121_MTGO_Video_With_Illusions.html