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  1. Yes because it is said to play out like merfolk ( a legacy deck. ) so some people refer to it as blue fish.
  2. Todd Anderson wrote an article on SCG about this deck and then posted videos of him playing a week later. In round 4 he plays against ACPennington ( Allen Pennington ). The deck is very solid and besides the 4 snapcaster mage is pretty cheap. http://www.starcitygames.com/magic/standard/23121_MTGO_Video_With_Illusions.html
  3. Yea thanks, that sounds fair. I really like diva this format. Even being able to summon her and make Gachi Gachi is pretty impressive.
  4. [quote name='heaven' timestamp='1318452435' post='3006568'] daigusto phoenix is broken. 2 card otk.. (diva and future fusion). Good thing is that even with a quillbolt in hand 2 diva and 2 qull will make a 2500 and 1500 dual attacker for exactly 8000. [url="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/otkq.png/"][img]http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/388/otkq.png[/img][/url] [/quote] Explain as I am obviously retarded.
  5. [quote name='Miley Syrus +' timestamp='1318437004' post='3006357'] [quote name='Conspire' timestamp='1318433199' post='3006324'] My thoughts: 1) A virtual prize isn't much of a big deal. Most people are playing this tournament for e-pride anyways since it's free. When I saw the prize I thought "hey, this is kinda cool, maybe I'll play." Then I saw that the prize disappears after 1 month and was like "forget it." You say it's to motivate people to come back for the next one, but I think a temporary prize just demotivates everyone, for this tournament and the next. Let the winner keep their new virtual sleeves/avatar. If you want each winner to have individual recognition you can put the date they won on the avatar/sleeves (Nov/11) or something. 2) Since there is no sidedecking but you're playing 2/3, what about having players return all cards to their deck/extra deck after the first game is over, shuffling and starting the second game without leaving the game? The loser determines who goes first so there's really no need to leave the game. This would eliminate the problem of players sidedecking anyways. A smart cheater would have their deck plus 5 slightly different versions of their deck each geared towards a specific matchup. They could easily and quickly rejoin with a new deck. Confirm who wins game 1 by either calling a mod or having both players type in the chat or something else that could be traced. 2.a) are decklists required? This could help, though it doesn't allow the opponent to confirm you're not cheating... 3) I didn't see any rules about disconnecting? There has to be something about this in there otherwise players will just quit and say they were having internet problems, and you could have all kinds of timing/cheating issues on your hands Good luck. It will probably be a rough tournament the first time around, but hopefully its the start of something awesome. [/quote] 1. It's what the community and mostly the creator wants. So be it. 2. I covered that issue above, it's not an official way for side decking. What am I supposed to do when you match against someone who says those cards are actually party of your deck? Sharks exist. 3. They aren't. You can alter or switch decks after rounds. 4. D/c is the current game loss. Finish the round up otherwise. That's how our prior tournaments were handled. [/quote] 1.) What community of retarded ass monkeys decided that? 2.) Why have the matches be 2/3 if you can't side deck. DN has been all about 1/1 so far...why change before you can actually side deck? 3.) Stupid. 4.) There are too many things wrong with this tournament to fix. Have fun watching everything collapse in on itself.
  6. What is the point if the shit you win dissapears? This is very poorly executed.
  7. I read the whole thing and thought it was a good read even though I don't like Rich Hagon. Maybe it's because he's a brit, or maybe I'm just jealous of him, I just don't like him. He definitely cheesed up the book a lot, but there were some parts done really well. Overall I would recommend it.
  8. lvl 31 invoker with only 1100 points. Got a long way to go to get to where some other people are... 1 Olivier Ruel 65197 - 50 (Archmage) 2 Shuuhei Nakamura 63645 - 50 (Archmage) 3 Raphael Levy 60730 - 50 (Archmage) 4 Bram Snepvangers 51304 - 50 (Archmage) 5 Antoine Ruel 50610 - 50 (Archmage) 6 Gerard Fabiano 46457 - 49 (Archmage) This is from the leaderboards when you sign in.
  9. How can you test a deck for viability without playing the best cards for the deck ( trishula ). There's no reason for anyone to read this because it is an inferior deck because you're putting restrictions on yourself. I don't get it. Trishula isn't even that expensive now. Any amount of testing you do without making the best deck possible is null-in-void. Sorry to be a downer but it's the truth.
  10. Ugly ass shield symbol. Ugly ass vampire with an ugly ass staff fucking up the card zones. Ugly ass colors. Yep. Looks like a yugioh mat to me. I'm sorry for your loss, Ayer.
  11. @aris, I negged you because you said "No dark worlds" while playing gks, a deck you auto lose to with Royal Tribute. But then I thought maybe he only wants to play tcg stuff, but then I realized you could just say "TCG ONLY" BUT then I realized I hate people who put restrictions on rated games, so I would neg you again given the chance. Can't wait for the banlist to be up
  12. Do you not like Life Equalizer + Blasting The Ruins? Why wouldn't you max out on RML? Probably need 1 more hand destruction. You can also try Herald of Orange Light as it can possibly negate effect veiler sometimes.
  13. I was wondering if you were able to use Fusion Recovery to get a monster sent to the graveyard for Future Fusion. The only thing I could find is this old pojo post from 2006 ... http://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=368191 . Anyone have any opinions on this?
  14. Opened with double kristya, double hyperion, bls. Pot of Duality into earth into venus pass. He sets book and beetle. Yea...