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  1. Team Registration & User Groups

    Hey guys. Could someone remove me from the Essex group please.
  2. Affinity

    My DN is Tokugawa Ieyasu as well. Glad to be here.
  3. First [2013 NAWCQ Report]

    Congrats, Rapture. Was watching you in the standings all weekend and I was so mad when I saw you out in the top 8...   Fortunately they had posted a pic of the top qualifiers and I remembered what you look like, so I was super happy.   Also I wondered why you didn't get a feature lol.
  4. good people in ygo

    Sacked a guy R1 of YCS Toronto '12. Played his team in the 3v3 event Sunday. Left my deck on the table. He turned it in.
  5. Branching out and trying new things.

  6. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Either looking for a team, or looking to start one of my own. Been an extra for End of the Line for a while - time I branched out. <3 you guys; I'll keep in touch. DN: Tokugawa Ieyasu AIM: Neotsure
  7. Sharper than hammer -Sharpman's nats report

    Congrats and thanks for the mention, JT. Hopefully I'll be following in your footsteps in the near future.
  8. On Prosecution. Schedule is a bit busy for the next bit.

  9. Depeche Mode/New Order/Pet Shop Boys

    I find Depeche Mode to be quite deep. I love their music and for a long time Enjoy the Silence was my favorite song. Also of the three Depeche Mode is the only one on my music player.
  10. Prosecution

    Uh. Hey guys. Thought I posted on the thread.
  11. Frognarchs

    I will agree that the Jinzos can be placed into the side, and probably at 1 in the side as well. However, the E-Teles help me make more plays that I don't normally have, specifically with those three level 8 Synchro monsters and the Mist Wurm. Cardcar D helps put pressure on early and with Veiler something I haven't seen a lot of it will oftentimes get there. I will say that I side Cardcar out almost every match.
  12. Frognarchs

      Monsters (25) ------------------ 2 Light and Darkness Dragon 3 Caius 2 Jinzo 1 Raiza 1 Gorz 2 Tragoedia 3 Battle Fader 3 Swap Frog 2 Ronintodin 2 Treeborn Frog 2 Cardcar D 2 Krebons   Spells (15) -------------- 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Pot of Duality 2 Emergency Teleport 2 Soul Exchange 3 Enemy Controller 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy Storm 1 Monster Reborn   Extra ------ 1 Catastor 1 Armory Arm 1 Black Rose 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust 1 Mist Wurm 1 Gaia Knight the Force of Earth 1 Dark End Dragon 1 Photon Strike Bounzer 1 Daigusto Phoenix 2 Gachi 2 Slacker Magician 1 Dark Mist   Side ------ 1 Chaos Command Magician 1 The End of Anubis 3 Maxx "C" 2 Snowman Eater 2 Rai-Oh 2 Vanity's Fiend 2 Dust Tornado 1 Soul Taker 1 Dark Dust Spirit   I've been testing this out on DN and I'm finding it has problems with rogue.dek because traps are relevant. Raiza is generally better than Thestalos, especially late game as a neat topdeck, which is the type of playstyle I find this deck engaging in. Had both BLS and Sorc in the main but as I tested I realized that times when I had BLS I also had Sorc, and whenever I had BLS it was win more, not used to win the game.   Thoughts/suggestions?
  13. Looking for a team. Am active.