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  1. discord

    I am NEVER living that nickname down. fucking startwind. -_-;
  2. Hi I'm new! Tips for a new girl?

    LOL the funny thing is its not even the guys that get excited when another girl comes here. its the few other girls that do. join the discord forums are dead. also you can talk and guys can tell your a girl... (we have had a lot of catfish posters... saying they were a girl, and being guys. i believe the most epic was lily, who was preop trans and growing boobs and showed them off. she is a she now and is one of the most epic persons on this board. bow to her and lick her toes) =] tips for surviving here as a girl. either post your boobs or dont. people will ask its kinda a thing from the catfishs. if you do don't be apologetic about it when various people try to slut shame you like what happened to robyn (who is awesome but i hated it when she let some guys do that like fuck off dudes its her body you should shut your trap and count yourself blessed to see her awesome boobies. k?) and if they say tits or gtfo well sorry i dont really know how to properly fence that yet... i either ignore or direct them to google porn. they will calm down when confirmed you are girl. usually best way to do that is post pic with salute to dgz. Welcome to DGZ. have fun? hope you stick around and all this hasn't scared you. or that you are 12. that would be awkward. we need girls please stay =[ on the getting into the game advice, read articles on decks to learn how to play them. when learning a new deck play with people using the same deck, watch what they do, pick up plays. repeat. a LOT. Then play a lot more vs all sorts of other decks and pick it up yourself. Sidedecks are your friend but dont disrupt your deckflow to disrupt your opponents. you can do both. never rage quit. losing sucks but has lessons to make you better. learn them and its not a loss. this game is largely luck but you don't just lose because of luck, if your a good player you wont rely on it (but this is ygo and it does ALWAYS help) starter decks suck. if your looking to learn look at deckprofile articles and build a suggested decklist from there, will also tell you how to play it.
  3. discord

    how to get verified? parallel do you see me post here help me out dammit lol

    Lol I think dgz should do a poll who they would vote for in the us election. This shit is heated.
  5. InuYasha's Introduction

    you are not an anime character and there are no main characters on dgz. ... Hello
  6. Hi again =]

    Hi I'm back =] i quit ygo awhile back cuz it got stupid but playing magic and dgz has decent mtg section if I remember correctly. been long time how is everyone doing? Ash still dating that qt? Does she post more on the forum? Is Robyn and Paul still together? What's lilies name atm? She changes it a lot did she find one she was happy with? Does Chey have a fan club yet? Can I join? Is Chris still the nicest black man ever? Is Igor still a cuddly player? Did he ever find a girl to date long term? Any new member tits posted on tits or gtfo? better question has any guys posted their dicks? whats happened?
  7. Is it a hate crime/racist

    talked to boss today, she said she will talk to the girl, but she probably will not be her much longer. she doesn't like the girl either and called her a bitch lol... =]
  8. Is it a hate crime/racist

    you did have it worse, way worse. my job is fine besides this one girl lol but she is still a huge bitch... and i want to melt her face.
  9. Is it a hate crime/racist

    lack of options, finance issues.
  10. Is it a hate crime/racist

      yeah but someone can easily concentrate the tasks and let the other person get the majority of the customers, which happens often, usually to me, because they dont like getting customers and I am a people pleaser person who actually doesn't mind. XD so usually i am the one doing the customers, and dont get as many tasks done, but i keep the customers out of their hair and am still working. i work more than anyone because i dont take breaks or stop to text or eat, etc etc. so i will get less tasks done, but not from lack of working.   ... i usually do whatever the other person doesn't want to because i am nice, but sometimes i do need to delegate things because i need to prioritize something more important to get done, or need it done specifically, or the other person doesn't do it well, etc etc. so its like i try to make it a deal instead of bossing it. (which i can do because i am senior, but this girl seems not to know that)   anyhow, your asking to introduce something that would hurt me, not help me. X_X lol... but doesn't matter. its been introduced to them before, and was tried before, it was dumped quickly and with a vengeance because the people who didnt like to get customers would have way more tasks done, but they didnt want to reward those people. they hate people doing that, and love people like me who are like customer walks in *jumps to serve them* introducing that hurts the customer experience they want to give so they killed it with a vengeance. the wife is the one that introduced it, and the husband hated it, would come in and scream at us about the importance of the customers, and higher priority than any task. he put his foot down, against her, which never happens and outright ended it. its never ever coming back. lol...
  11. Is it a hate crime/racist

      like i said, it doesn't happen often, and is still more common in other stores than ours.
  12. humans are mostly garbage.

    nope still love cats. dogs are just better for unconditional love/being good.   some cats are better than dogs though. good cats are just not as common as good dogs. some cats can be bitchy.   (you know its true)   also: i trained my cat to nuzzle me when i say "love" so im like i love lucy! *cuddles and snuggles*
  13. Is it a hate crime/racist

      have you ever seen any subway employee with a hairnet? they get around that somehow. but if hair is shown to be a problem you have to get them. as i said, its not a problem, but it has happened in the past.       they dont do that because you also have to get customers, and they already prefer you concentrate on the customers above any work. also, its not that she doesnt work, she is just picky about what work she does do. like she will slice green peppers, but make you slice the onions. so she does work, and she is even reasonably fast at it, she just wont do certain things.
  14. Is it a hate crime/racist

    actually its the best store in the area... lol i rather eat there than any fast food place for miles =3   its owned by a couple, and they care a lot.   hair happens sometimes anywhere. i trust my store more than others on that front, and usually everyone keeps their hair in check. its just this one girl, when she works with me, which isnt often because she only works 1 shift a week, sometimes not even then, as punishments they take away shifts, and she pulls shit with other people too, just no one as much as me. ... i think its because when i get angry, i literally can't fucking talk lose speech ability. so its easy to get away with it cuz i can't keep her in line. -_-; and today was worse than ALL the others she pulled fucking everything one after another.   and my store doesn't have a this is one person's responsibility thing. we have a split thing among the employees because it is easier that way, organizes the tasks we need to do quickly. but EVERYTHING is the responsibility of both people, if you finish your task faster you help with the next one, even if its not "yours". ... least in theory anyways. they dont care who does what, as long as its done in the end and everything looks good. if its not its both people's fault. if you have a problem with someone not working, you talk to the wife, and she will talk to them, take shifts away if necessary. but, for the shift your working, it has to be done and done well or its on you too. cuz if its not done it falls to the opener to do, which is always one of the owners they dont let anyone else. and leaving something for the boss to fix isn't a great plan.   the wife is the one that runs everything, writes the checks the schedule, works 8 hours a day every day where the husband works 2 hours a day on weekdays. both turn up randomly to deliver things, check on things, etc etc.   i consider myself as working for her, more than him. unfortunately he blames anything and everything on the most senior person on staff, which is currently me.     With the wife, i won't get in trouble. with him, i will get huge huge fucking shit. to give you an idea of this:   the last time she went on vacation and he had to open the store.   he noticed the walls have marks on them, starts yelling at me about people scraping the tables on the walls when we move them to clean the floors. i am like okay? we will be more careful. i instruct the person doing the tables to be careful about that. next day he freaks out on me again about it and i try to tell him i wasn't even the one cleaning the floors.... he is like are you working? yes. its your fault. later that night a customer pays $5 in dimes, next morning he fucking screams at me because the soup bowls were not topped up (not empty, but not totally full) and he accuses me of cracking a roll of dimes to give him more work to do counting them in the morning. yells at me about the tables again. i get actually hysterical. have to go to the bathroom because i am hyperventalating and can't fucking breath, i come back out to get screamed at again.   When the wife came back i threatened to quit, because it was that bad. she talked to her husband and separated our shifts so i don't work with him anymore. which means i dont work days anymore. he still occasionally comes in though, and if i ever leave things the way she leaves things he will come in on my shift and scream at me. its just smoke, she has the power, and is far more reasonable. but its still not pleasant.     i still rather work for them because the subway stores in the area sucks. i transferred to that one and walk 45 minutes every day to it, from the one that is 15 minutes walk away, because the more local one is infinitely worse. the owners try to cheat the employees. it's also owned by a couple, but the husband is the one that works, and the wife owns. she has him by the balls though and doesn't understand business. he understands business and you can talk to him and he is reasonable. ... but if his wife disagrees he will toss you under the bus. Once he told me to do something, and i did, then she had a problem with it and im like but he told me to, and she is like i dont think he would. he was sitting right there looking down, looking like the guilty peace of shit he is and says not a damn fucking thing.   and the list goes on and on about shit i hate about them.   ... including showing up at my door because a closer quit on them just before his closing shift and they needed me to take it. i had been up 36 hours cuz of my wargame starting a new server, and i was building up quick. getting ahead. because i had 3 days in a row off, perfect timing, why not? when i tried telling them why i couldn't they were like but that isn't our fault, and it is a videogame, this is your job. ... i am not on call, what i do on my own fucking time is my business. they can fuck off.     other store i havent worked at but is notorious for assholes. both the customers and the employees. then there is another store that is even farther away, but the owners there are cheap as fuck and don't even support what subway dictates. Example, you are supposed to be allowed as much of the veggies as you want. they stick to the formula, no extra unless you pay for it. 6 olives on a footlong, no exceptions, for example. and they watch their employees like a hawk via camera. etc etc. they are crazy too.     like i said, my store is the good one. normally i am good with it, its just this one fucking person...  gah =[ better believe im going to talk to the wife about her, but atm she is on vacay, part of why this girl acted up to that level on this shift i am sure. i cant call her to crack the whip and i have no power. when she gets back... the wife has this girl on shit list already, told me she thinks the girl is a bitch. i hope she gets fired it is a long time coming...   and this shift that i am ranting about was 9 hours long and full of hell. nearly dead luckily cuz of the rain. but it just gave us more time to fight.
  15. Is it a hate crime/racist

    not a wig, a weave. =P   weaves are more common for black people though cuz of that nice thick tough kinky hair. gives a good surface to braid and sew on the weave. it just doesn't work as well/properly, for other hair types. not that it can't be done, it has been, just not a common thing... hence how it can be taken as a hate crime/racist.   .... but your comment made me giggle.       Also unrelated but black girls do many things with their hair, they either get wigs, weaves, use chemicals on their hair to relax it/straighten it, or they braid it in a billion braids.