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  1. Teched out Blue Eyes

    Blue-Eyes deck list: Main (42) Monsters (20): 3x Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon 3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon 2x Dragon Spirit of White 1x Master with Eyes of Blue 1x PSY-Frame Driver 3x PSY-Framegear Gamma 3x Sage with Eyes of Blue 2x The White Stone of Ancients 2x The White Stone of Legend Spells (22): 3x Magical Spring 3x Pot of Desires 3x Return of the Dragon Lords 3x Silver's Cry 1x Soul Charge 3x The Melody of Awakening Dragon 3x Trade-In 3x Twin Twisters Traps (0): Extra (15) 1x Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector 1x Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon 1x Black Rose Moonlight Dragon 2x Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon 1x Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon 1x Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon 1x Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn 1x Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy 1x Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon 1x PSY-Framelord Omega 1x Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend 1x Stardust Dragon 1x Stardust Spark Dragon 1x Vermillion Dragon Mech So outside of the decks inherent flaws, I don’t think Blue Eyes are that badly positioned in the current meta. Yeah there are bricky hands and you get wrecked by a well timed Ash but we can run a couple decent techs and I’m a sucker for legacy decks. Current turn 1 boards are not that impressive for the most part due to master rule 4 so my current build is designed to go second. Return and 3k bodies are a nice way to beat Master Peace. Silver’s Cry in the battle phase also circumvents the Draco traps, not to mention the raw destructive (banishing) ability of Spirit of White. Both Spirit dragons (the synchro and main deck monster) are also strong against pendulum decks. Some card choices: - Gamma is fuckin sick rn. Aside from partially mitigating this deck’s weakness to Ash, you can actually shit on the standard Draco turn 1 board (Maiden with a trap set, they hope to search Master Peace on your turn). It’s dangerous AF to run this with Desires but I’d like to think people who play this deck like to live dangerously. Finally Stardust, Omega, and Scarlight are all decent choices to go into depending on the game state. - Master with Eyes of Blue instead of Veiler or Fabled Catsith. I feel that the other lv 1 light tuner targets are fairly underwhelming right now. Master obv generates value, and can increase the ceiling of plays this deck can do. It can also clear an extra deck monster that’s used up and clogging your extra monster zone (a spent Alsei, Dark Matter, etc) - magical spring was the most contentious spot for me. I was either going to swap it out for a play set of Cosmic Cyclone or Ash. While I feel those 2 are more generic and good in a wider array of matchups, I think Spring can straight up auto win you games against Magicians. It also shuts off Apocalypse against Dracos and forces them to use Diagram on shit in their hand. All while furthering your engine. A lot of the time it would function as another Trade In / Cards of Consonance. You could pitch Stones and plus or you could pitch big bodies for revival. - no Chaos MAX because in my testing it needed too many things to go right, and would often just end up with either dead copies of the monster or the ritual spell. It would also open up more vulnerabilities to Dimensional Barrier. Also Manju would conflict with Gamma, and have no real synergy with the rest of the deck outside of being Sage fodder. I will not deny that MAX is pretty good in the current meta tho Overall the deck is aight right now, gets kinda fucked by ABC but you can dedicate side space for them. Obv some massive changes will have to be made once Spyrals drop (Cherries, Drolls, idk) and the deck will still end up unplayable most likely.

    is this deck any good post link? pendulum mechanic is pretty nerfed unfortunately tho i think it can be partially mitigated through more zefrawendis. idk. also gofu doesn't seem too bad in here. free links plus ez baxia with zefraxis

    that guy's fucking absurd. ez baxia off of a normal summon if u have zefraniu, and obv the other sick syncrhos like denglong and charge warrior and black rose. million times better than the resonators. also gives us a super good reason to run Iris and by extension S E T R O T A T I O N. also ez fodder for Odd-Eyes fusion package if u run it

    What are you guys doing to beat Droll and Lock Bird? Like obv there's the Gamma package and good technical play (searching Zefraath directly off Providence without going thru Oracle first, putting Zefraniu on board with 2 Zefra scales so you have some semblance of defense, etc.) but that card seems like such a blowout. It's so crippling and I hate having to make weaker plays that don't risk getting straight up shit on by it, only to find out they never had it and easily broke through your setup. As an aside tho Set Rotation has been testing amazingly. Card is almost Wavering Eyes level broken imo. The interactions between other people playing the card reminds me of 2016 Pepe mirrors too LOL

    Hey guys I want to make what I think is the biggest argument for running another field spell: In case you don't know, decks in Japan would use Oracle as the target they give to their opponent because if they do not have a Zefra monster in deck, they CANNOT even flip it up. This actually stops access to Diagram insanely well; True Dracos would need to tribute summon using a continuous spell to target their own card instead of yours lol, True Kings have even fewer options for getting rid of it (Instant Fusion on an Ogre/Ash for a lv 7 Synchro maybe?). It being a quick play is sweet too, because you could just chain this set card to the activation of the Diagram effect and stop it from resolving. Not to mention games 2/3 you can see your Zombie World/Necrovalley easier. Obviously I'm biased towards Iris in my build. You get access to either scale, Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon is a pretty good card IMO (Meteorburst to summon him is a spicy play), protecting your scale from being targeted by Drident while the other is protected by Providence is sweet, also Odd-Eyes Fusion lets you play when going second against big boards.

    I've been having a lot of fun playing this. Yes, it's 60 cards, and yes, I know Grass decks aren't as popular so running 60 isn't as much of a meta call nowadays, but I'm of the opinion that the pendulum mechanic has always lent itself quite handily to higher deck sizes. 60 cards allows you to put in powerful engines like Brilliant Fusion, Sky Iris + Odd-Eyes Fusion package, Resonators, 1-card Denglongs to search either scale, board-breaking combo cards, etc. Your entire engine is highly searchable, as well as devastating side deck options game 2/3. Think field spells like Necrovalley or Zombie World (accessible via your Terraformings or Ancient Fairy) or literally any hand trap lol. The biggest most obvious downside is not seeing your hand traps in your opening hand going second, or your non-searchable side cards. I don't feel like doing all the math so you'll just have to take my word for the higher deck count also serving the purpose of reducing redundancies and letting you see your traps/search targets/"Garnets" less. But you've gotta get lucky to win anyway, high variance strategies favor the bold. Some cheeky things I've decided to include: - 1 Chiwen and Bi'an makes Denglong a Pillars negate into a Herald, into a Nekroz of Brio>search for either scale LOL - Meteorburst can summon Persona from your scale, but mainly serves the Odd-Eyes fusion package games 2/3 going second - Brilliant fusion for 1-card Black Rose before you commit to any pendulum play whatsoever, also I think Ancient Fairy is nuts. Can singlehandedly complete your scales or search for Zombie World/Necrovalley post side. -Shaddoll Zefranaga is neat with Zefraxi (makes Denglong, or Baxia if you have Zefraniu access, or Herald with Resonator). He also puts back your Zefraath to hand to keep it safe from your opponent's turn, and clears a scale so you can float a Nirvana there when he dies. - only 2 Ash because that's all I have but tbh, I think Ghost Ogre is actually a little better. Hitting Zoo harder is good, and having multiple Ogre is good vs True Dracos (1 for Diagram on their turn, 1 for any of their traps on yours). And vs True king, it's necessary to hit the VFD on their turn and Naturia Beast on yours to even be able to play the game at all. Honestly I probably should find space for the Psy Frame Gamma package tho. Still testing on ratios, side deck silver bullets, and whether or not some packages are worthwhile vs the current meta, but looking forward to seeing some more discussion on this post.

    I think this deck needs ways to threaten your opponent outside of the pendulum summon. IMO one card power plays like terrortop and brilliant fusion are good because ancient fairy and denglong are broken. Ancient fairy is especially good when you run the Sky Iris engine to help with field spell clog.
  8. Deck Devastation Virus

    Tribute 1 DARK monster with 2000 or more ATK; check your opponent's hand, all monsters they control, and all cards they draw until the end of their 3rd turn after this card's activation, and destroy all those monsters with 1500 or less ATK. So what do you guys think of this card right now? It hits the Zoo engine very hard and also happens to work on the Invoked Stratos-esque guy, the Windwitch engine, and summoned Paleozoic monsters. It might even be main deck worthy considering the percentage of the meta taken up by Zoo variants. Hell, it even hits hand traps. There are definitely some easy setups involving Tenki for Vorse Raider if you haven't already used your normal summon (Barrage, Invoker); you simply go into Tiger King instead of Emeral. The setup gets a little trickier if you have to normal summon Rat but I'm pretty sure there are ways to grab the Vorse and put it to field using Tensu, although I haven't completely worked out the details yet. The other option, which I think is the easy way out, is to simply run Cairngorgon in your extra deck as the DDV target. It's not a bad card in it's own right IMO. The main issue I've been struggling with is finding the optimal time to activate it. If you shotgun it right away, they can simply activate their own Tenki/Barrage and combo anyway provided you didn't hit multiple rats already. However, waiting until they use their aforementioned spell cards or waiting til the summon of Rat/Terrortop leaves you open to My Body. Or they can Kaiju your dark monster upon entering main phase LOL. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this (don't mind my build; it's trash but I was just throwing something out there to show how one could potentially make space for DDV in the main):
  9. YCS Atlanta - Mar 4-5

    will most likely bring a melee setup to this. come play me between rounds
  10. Super Smash Bros Melee

    anyone watching Genesis? As an aside, I live in Tampa and usually go to Kissimmee Regionals (CFL is sooo fucking stacked for melee) so if anyone wants to play at the next one I have a setup in my car LOL.
  11. what do you think of compact fluffal draw engine thrown in? they're all fairies, although only wings is light :/ something like: 2 wings 2-3 dog 2-3 bear 3 toy vendor pitching vendor with the field spell is great. also, my friend was trying out the brilliant engine to dump wings and get multiple normal summons in a turn, which can be nuts (2 sticks, 2 manjus, fluffla dog +manju/ stick for more rank 4 threats, etc).
  12. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    Idk how effective maxx c in standby phase is if you aren't threatening game next turn. It'd especially suck if they just board wipe > set defense > pass. Sometimes I'll do it if I know they have an alternative; or if they start declaring phases when they hadn't previously, possibly indicating that they have a Kaiju. Felgrand was pretty useful to summon after they'd searched tour guide and decent against backrow decks in general. I shut down entire turns of demise yosenju or heroes with him solely, and have less fear of traps when I went off. Tbh I actually forgot Alsei worked with ravine/shrine/dark matter so I definitely would run him in the future lol.
  13. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    Ran this build and won at the UDS/sneak-peak event at my locals using most of knowledge from this thread, wanted to throw around some thoughts: - blinding 2nd was amazing, as expected. I picked first a couple times against things like darklaw.dek or uni-zombie turbo to either try and get my grave set up or put a spirit onboard to stop the degeneracy but ended up bricking most of the time that happened. Going first and only summoning an alternative to hopefully not die fuckin sucks. - maxxed out on Alternative because I heard they ruled it (at my locals) to where you could summon another one if the first got negated by warning, strike, chaos trap hole, etc. could I get some confirmation on this? also was just good to see this as much as possible to break their board. - triple twin twisters mained was awesome; I view it as almost an engine card since it livens up your revival cards or pitches your stones. even taking the -1 felt great a lot of the time because it'd still put something good in the grave. Also doubled as a sick defensive card against pendulum. - the 3rd white spirit came up, A LOT. between shrine, ravine, sage's pitch effect, endphase ancient summons, and dark matter, I was running through all copies in most of my games. Sure it would clog sometimes, and I would side it out in matchups where his effect wasn't particularly useful, but he helped my survivability against my opponent's pushes via his tag-out. - not sure why a lot of lists I've seen aren't maxxing out on siver's cry. It complements twin, shrine, and ravine super well, and even if you draw multiples, it doesn't clog that bad since you can use one on your turn and one on theirs. more revival cards let you put out that 8000 REAL quick. - extra deck was fairly standard. Not sure if spark is worth it without vanity's. Crystal wing also was pretty hard to make without bulb or one for one shenanigans. never felt like I needed the 2nd Azure: it either won me the game or I got blown out the second I didn't kill them and got my board dealt with. - got kinda lazy with the side. Felgrand wasn't really that useful and probably could've been a 4th kaiju. I chose to run a lv 7 rather than a dogoran that'd be harder than necessary to get over. Arkbrave was still good though as he functioned effectively as a 4th copy of ancient stone for white spirit. Refpanel was a cheeky pick that I never saw so I couldn't really comment on its effectiveness. My reasoning was that once people saw you were playing blue-eyes, they'd force you to go first; therefore, putting this card in could steal you games in which you'd normally be at a severe disadvantage (only against the mirror and monarchs obv). It still might be too situational since, to my understanding, it only works on trade-in and consonance (if people still play that) and pantheism (which is at least searchable).
  14. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    you should try playing any number of the continuous metalfoe trap, i think it was called combination? i haven't tested the ratios yet but the card combos nicely with archfiend eccentrick/breaksword to fetch more guys or complete your scales. also it can recover some guys that were graved via painful decision or fusion summoning from hand (or getting solemn'd LOL). another interesting thing that they were doing in the ocg was running 3 summoner's arts and teching 1 qliphort scout+1 monolith, essentially letting them search a high scale or a cyber dragon infinity on demand.
  15. Odd-Eyes Yang Zing

    Monkeyboard is already in there since he grabs unicorn but yeah like you said the zefra clause hurts too much. Plus aside from unicorn none of the pals are high enough scales to get zefraniu out. Also the lv 4s conflict with odd eyes :/