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  1. Should i change my name back to Ziggomania?
  2. Do you play for free online anymore? Was planning on making this Kenny Powers like comeback but everything is shut down.
  3. Bodan my Aussie friend. Hows life treating ya
  4. :{

    Hi guys!
  5. What's happening tho?
  6. Set up for "anonymous" haxx0r Raw GM?
  7. That was racist as hell.
  8. Good promo by Cena
  9. It's been coming out as 9.99. Just's been the same.
  10. Whoa whoa whoa.....I got charged 10.94 for the WWE Network. Tf is this!?!
  11. TNA was free television. They actually should have paid the viewers to watch. Figured they would have brought him out to give a last second summer slam push. It's only 9.99 a month
  12. Ugh......All I got was drunk. Gimme sympathy likes.
  13. Ahh well screw Swagger. Hope he wrecks and breaks his knee. Drinking game tonight. 3 drinks for Brother 2 drinks for wwe network/universe plug 5 drinks for 9.99 mention 2 beers if Cena wins
  14. Bet 50 dollars on a Borden appearance tonight. PayPal accepted.
  15.   I think the main reason he stuck around was the fact he could job well and be the better draw for latino fans.   Otherwise he really didnt have much to offer.   it was Swagger who gave the concussion. He's had several the most recent was from Roidback I believe but ADR gave him the one that killed his title push after mania 13.