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  1. My citayy. I'll be there tomorrow. Hope to meet some fellow dgzers.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFQXtAE7SiU
  3. Can't ever forget my boy carl
  4. thank you that makes much more sense to me now
  5. agreed just got into anime recently and i really like this one. but i dont get how seryu's imperial arm was better than mine's or sheele's. it was just really sad when she died i didnt see that coming.
  6. I cant wait to see what happens next with five hopefully she dies
  7. R.I.P. Sheele
  8. That really sucks for houston but if they get chris bosh not so much i guess
  9. why would the magic sign frye for all that doe he hasnt done anything in his years in the nba
  10. lol joel embiid gonna be a greg oden   the funny thing about the pistons needing a 2 guard is that they have two pope and stuckey both who have potential especially pope even though hes really young i think he could start.
  11. I mean it doesnt gurantee a win i had goats set and sinister in hand i had 7700 life points but it is a good setup and i did lose connection. It couldve went either way is all im saying. ggs tho he played great
  12. LeBron said he loved LA when he was on vacation there. Now I dont know if that means he will go there to the clippers but that would be insane. Wade and Bosh stay with the heat. Melo goes to the rockets or the bulls or maybe he goes with KLove to the celtics if Love does go there. Pau Gasol ends his long years laker career and goes to the grizz to play with his brother. Lowry stays in Toronto or gets signed to the knicks. Deng goes to the hornets or lakers. The pacers should sign Stephenson again but you never know with that one.. As for Ariza and Gortat ariza goes to the mavs and Gortat stays.   wiggins parker exum randle gordon smart
  13. I got savaged 3-0 not ggs