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  1. yeah its cold af here too. i live in upstate ny im kind of used to it by now. i have to have the heater on all the time because my room gets so cold.
  2. spanish food is really good. i always eat a bunch of it when i go over to my aunts house or my grandmas. 
  3. This is late (i dont come on here much anymore) but tell him ur bad lol u thought he was going to fuck u over. He should understand if hes your real friend.  It sucks not being able to trust anyone because u think theyre going to backstab u in the end. I know how that is but at the end of the day u know who u are. 
  4. I know were friends but i wish we could be much more 
  5. My citayy. I'll be there tomorrow. Hope to meet some fellow dgzers.
  6. Happy 420 dudes 
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFQXtAE7SiU
  8. A place I go to when I'm bored 
  9. Can't ever forget my boy carl
  10. thank you that makes much more sense to me now
  11. agreed just got into anime recently and i really like this one. but i dont get how seryu's imperial arm was better than mine's or sheele's. it was just really sad when she died i didnt see that coming.
  12. I cant wait to see what happens next with five hopefully she dies
  13. R.I.P. Sheele
  14. That really sucks for houston but if they get chris bosh not so much i guess
  15. why would the magic sign frye for all that doe he hasnt done anything in his years in the nba