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  1. Can someone change my name back to Kanapesh ? Also I'm struggling to find the option where I can change my signature. I'm not a DN administrator anymore, dangit. I wouldn't mind some help. Thank you
  2. Pure Zoodiac TL;DR mark edition

    I almost haven't played the game since Nekroz format, but if you ask me, I will tell you that the second approach is what's been working the best for me back in the day. Forcing your opponent into a grind game with traps is different from forcing your opponent into a grind game with monsters and spells because they don't know what cards are being used against them, so they can't adapt to them as easily as they would to trap monsters or whatever card they would usually play around. If you know how the game state will be simplified and they don't, then it's easier for you to decide what's going to be in your hand when the game state is simplified than it is for them, which is where using traps really shines. Another benefit of that, more fit to low trap counts like yours, is that using your traps proactively instead of your monsters and spells will save you more monsters and spells to serve your win condition, which helps you sustain longer in grind games and also saves you more options for when you'll be looking for an aggressive play. Besides, you're also taking the risk to get obliterated by S/T removal, or to struggle to take enough momentum out of your traps. Just food for thought.
  3. Eater Kaiju

    I think Infernoid's the way to go. Lets you flip boards going second even without much Kaiju, and you can still run Resonators and any cool level 4 to make Horse Prince with.
  4. United States Presidential Election

    Haven't been much into the American elections lately, but since I read "Europe" on this page, kinda wanted to emphasize how France has been ignoring Sanders since the beginning And how Trump vs Clinton has been the thing since the beginning. Did someone say oriented media ?
  5. Ok so there it is. I haven't played the game since a little before DN was shut down, or if I did, it was very casually. Then with the release of Overwatch, I spent most of my free time playing that as it did not take much time to end a game if someone called me, and it was also very practical to have time to study as it takes far less investment and inquiery to perform well on an FPS game (even in ranked) than it does in Yu-Gi-Oh! where you need to grind a lot just for your games to make sense. I also had a brief shift to Pokémon Showdown a little before, and I am kind of missing the card game now. With that in mind, it is pretty easy to ackowledge that I am quite far from having a well established knowledge of the metagame, but besides, I'm also aware that more is to be released quite soon (did someone say ABC ?) and whatever is to know as of today, chances are that it is going to be different next month. How much different is a question that I could not answer, even if I tried, but still I am looking for a deck to play, and I wouldn't like to spend my money on something that is just not going to be worthwhile as the format shifts. I know by fact that there usually are decks that are a more reliable investment than others. I had my friend Valens once trying to convice me to buy Dantes before they go up in price when BA was first released, and I refused. He hasn't played anything else since then (except some 60 cards Ojama deck that he almost took to nationals during Nekroz format), and he still managed to win a YCS and then to top consistently more than a year later. This is what I intend by "reliable investment". I am one of those guys who have a hard time spending money of material cards, because they are so fucking expensive for what they initially are, so I'm always a little worried that I am doing something wrong when it comes to picking a deck. Decks like BA aren't released all that often, so it might be a little hard to figure a deck that is going to be worth playing this entire season, though there are decks that remained viable for a pretty long period of time. Kozmos, Nekroz, Shaddolls, Plants, those decks have been rocking very well for many consecutive formats, and I would like to find a deck that I can invest my time and money in that could potentially do the same. I sort of did a little bit of a research before posting here, but I have to say that the format is very diverse. It's typically one of those formats that look to me like any deck could win an event, and I suck at guessing the future when it comes to using those formats as a basis. So if there's any deck that you believe exists, or is about to be released that could be a good call, I would really appreciate if you could give a quick mention of it down below in the replies. I am pretty sure that ABC is going to be very strong when it is released, but I have no idea if the deck is going to stand still with the extension that comes after it, or if there is just something that you guys believe would be even better a call that I would not have thought about.
  6. Madolche Puddingcess will never forget
  7. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I haven't played BA in a long time, nor even have I touched cards in a while but if you feel concerned about playing around Destroyer, wouldn't resolving multiple Nightmare Sharks be possible ? Ideally you hit 2000 damage from three to six times, and with Barbar or other isolated hits, it might add up and give you win
  8. Odd Monkeys

      Just noticed that. Against Kozmo, you do wait until every pilot has used its effect and sometimes can even try to bait out a Teleport play before dropping Menko. With a level 4 on board and a full scale, it's shouldn't be too complicated to just make Dweller and run over their monsters with something big.
  9. Odd Monkeys

    Do you want to draw Iris so bad that you need to play a Chicken Game and two Terraformings ? I was thinking 1 Raccoon and a third Pendulum Call might be more optimal than the second Terraforming and Chicken Game.
  10. Deskbots

    Why Foolish Burial over One for One though ? I mean you could summon Bulb or 001 instead of sending them to the Graveyard, while sending a useless card from the hand away, whether 001, Bulb, Nishi, Borg or just a clogging monster to summon off 004
  11. Christmas deck

    Gift Cards could do fine if you have no idea
  12. Madolche

    Maybe ask yourself these questions: What is the point in running Brilliant Fusion ? Does the clown engine help my Madolche strategy ? Why do I play the clown engine, and is it really worth the 5 room that it's taking ? Removing the Clowns would free 5 spots from the main deck and one from the extra deck. Since you have Xyz monsters in the side, you could even free one more space from there instead. Talking about the main, cutting the clowns would let you fit 2 Ghost Ogres and Upstart or 2 Teleport 1 Re-Cover to access Invoker or Naturia Beast. You could also play more Madolche monsters to get the best benefits off Seraphinite, or add some defensive cards (Scolding, Maxx "C" whatnot). These aren't changes that I do suggest (or don't suggest), but essentially lines to help you with your thought process trying to work on your own deck. On a side note, I see that you side-out Lance against most match-ups (including PePe and Magician). Do you find a real need for this card going into game 1 ?
  13. If anyone thinks this looks cool and wants to give that a shot, this is what this post is made for   Dragonpit Magician is a LV7 WATER monster, it's searchable with Pendulum Call and can be used for Moray and Sacred Sword of Seven Stars or Mermail Abyssgaios Ice Barrier monster are all searchable, and two of them are LV7, also WATER Attribute. Both of them can be Pendulum Summoned, and one of them restricts the opponent to using only one Spell/Trap per turn   I have no honest idea what to do with this, butI like this little interaction
  14. Friends on the other side (Zombie Turbo)

    Did you consider playing 1 Book of Life over the second Zombie Master ?