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  1. YES

    I'd +1 Jain, -1 Aurkus for TKR, Laquari, Cyber Dragon, other beats, and +1 Trunade for something to clear the backfield. I found that march format, LS was best with 0 traps, made the other guy have several literally useless cards but it was fast as shit. Trooper made it so good. I think this format you may want to test those changes out to keep that theme going? Besides, Trunading a Solemn Warning or BTH or something gay like that could be massive for your pushes and just keeping monsters on the field to begin with. Also, Monster Reincarnation is amazing, I'd fit 2 in at least. It's so much faster than BL and allows you to get back Sorcerers if you decide to play those.
  2. A/D Changer

    Well hell, I guess LS will have to wait for the new F/R list for help then >_>
  3. Heat Wave

    Made me laugh.
  4. A/D Changer

    You can remove from play this card from your Graveyard to change the Battle Position of 1 target monster on the field. Obviously NG helps with Twilight builds being dark, but this has even more versatility than it. The lack of stats that even NG had hurts a bit, at least NG could block shit like sangan and Fulhelmknight and the like, but that's not too bad since NG was only used like that when it was drawn and you didn't have anything else to play. But if this effect is the same as NG's and can be activated during the opponent's turn, this could be even better than NG since you can use it offensively as well. Turn Stardust or other big monsters to defense and kill them in battle or just stop an attack same as NG. Am I grasping for straws here or does LS actually have a new defensive card to work with?
  5. Miracle's Wake

    It is very simple and powerful imo, but it seems somewhat even with call of the haunted when you compare it's pros and cons. On the plus side, it doesn't stay on the field to get dusted or mst'd if you keep the monster too long or whatever, but call on it's side can revive indiscriminately. However, MW's hidden gem I think, and it's not like it's hard to see or anything, is that you can revive that monster any time during that turn, if for whatever reason you need to do it at a certain time. I think right now this may be slightly worse than call though, since a lot of monsters get bounced by wurm and brio, or get killed by effects a lot of the time, and both traps can get dusted while f/d cept call can get sangan or darksoul if you play them.
  6. What will win worlds?

    Japan has a hard on for Infernity's right now, so that might be the front-runner.
  7. New Regionals Schedule Is Up

    Yeah, I'm not so serious about regs anymore to drive 3+ hours for one now, I pretty much only go to ones in Charlotte, Columbia, and like, Augusta GA. Charlotte used to have like 6 regionals per season back a few years ago but it seems lately that 2 to 4 is about the average. Plus, another reason it's a good thing if they bring in charlotte regs for me is that I have a friend that is living up in charlotte right now so I can go stay with him and not have to wake up early to make the drive up there, even though it's usually only a little over an hour for me.
  8. New Regionals Schedule Is Up

    I know they continually update it as new events are agreed on, but NC having 3 regs way up in Wilson and Gboro is bullshit. No Charlotte regs and again no SC regs. They were fine when they were in Harbison in Columbia. I'm pretty sure we'll get at least 2 charlotte regs before too long but I hope SC gets one too.
  9. The Decision

    Jesus Christ, I've met CG before but dear god does he look like Andre Miller and Michael Ja White (or h/e he spells it).
  10. Huh, I guess I forgot about Shura negating effects like that. *Shrugs* my bad. Good videos though, even if the cameraman was horrible XD.
  11. Yeah, rate of play was brutal. BW guy summons the Blizzard to grab his Shura and stop to think about going for Brionac for like 5 minutes. I'm thinking "WTF, what else are you going to do against an Armor Master?" Anyway, game 3. Anyone want to explain why Machina guy had a Nobleman decked against Blackwings? Maybe I just suck but it doesn't make that much sense to me. What the hell are you ever going to hit? Especially doesn't make sense since he had a Bottomless in his side when he shows it briefly before game 2. When I saw him reveal NoC opening hand in G3, my mouth dropped open and I just stared at the screen. But it was hilarious how the BW guy wasted MST on it, even though none of that mattered in the end. The match might have ended differently if the synchro summon error wasn't made though.
  12. Anyone here from Mallorca? =D

    Will there be hookers?
  13. Anyone here from Mallorca? =D

    Go see if Rafa Nadal plays ygo and test with him! =o
  14. It's awesome how they errata'd Vayu to let players synchro summon with it while it's on the field, and non-blackwings too. ... oh wait.