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  1. You are here to netdeck this

    lol... that deck fails terrible
  2. Mah team

    how can i see the evs in my ds ? i only see the stats of speed attack and stuff i dont have any items for my pkmns i wrote the natures
  3. Mah team

    This is my team in Diamond version , can u help me with the fixes ;x? also with the free slot, i was thinking about metagross, bronzong and weavile but i dont know or another pokemon ? *Infernape Naive Nasty plot Grass knot flametrower Close combat *Skarmory Careful Spikes Roar Roost Drill peck *Garchomp Docile Earthquake Dragon Claw Stone Edge Crunch *Gengar Modest Thunderbolt Energy Ball Shadow Ball Focus Blast *Milotic Mild Toxic Surf Ice Beam Rest
  4. Which is better?

    i choose miltic fot my team thx for the help <3 but now i have anoter question i want a ghost type for my team im thinking in gengar, mismagius, dusknoir or spiritomb i prefer spiritomb with a moveset like this: nastyplot pshycic dark pulse **** maybe shadow ball which pokemon is better ? also im builing my team for diamond with these poke infernape crobat bronzong/metagross milotic gengar/mismagius/dusknoir/spiritomb Garchomp can u help me ;x?
  5. Which is better?

    i wanna choose one water pokemón for my team, but im not sure about milotic or lapras which is better ?
  6. RaiDa

    Peiti moth ftmfw
  7. Shogun is amazing

    i dont like it k, next
  8. Shogun is amazing

    I need opinions and fixes for this deck, it has been working pretty well, but i dont have an exact idea for the side Monsters: 14 3|Ston|Great Shogun Shien 2|Potd|Destiny Hero - Dasher 2|Dp05|Destiny Hero - Malicious 1|Ioc|Dark Magician of Chaos 1|Psv|Jinzo 3|Eoj|Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude 1|Jump|Elemental Hero Stratos 1|Dp03|Card Trooper Spells: 23 3|Dp05|Destiny Draw 3|Sd5|Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade 3|Pgd|Reasoning 3|Fet|Lightning Vortex 3|Ast|Monster Gate 1|Fet|A Feather of the Phoenix 1|Cp02|Magical Stone Excavation 1|Sdj|Scapegoat 1|Psv|Premature Burial 1|Ioc|Dimension Fusion 1|Lod|Reinforcement of the Army 1|Sdy|Card Destruction 1|Mrd|Heavy Storm Traps: 4 1|Mrd|Mirror Force 1|Psv|Call Of The Haunted 2|Fet|Threatening Roar
  9. First deck since July.

    10 tributes... u need tomatos and snipe to get frog more faster in the grave
  10. boredom.

    2 d-draw with 5 targets is enough maybe ill try enemy controller instead of creature swap and another bottomless instead of trapdust
  11. Worlds

    slovenia = beautiful women
  12. Deck For locals

  13. Deck For locals

    cut thesta and maybe add jinzo?
  14. Deck For locals

    I want to do a few changes, maybe i would like to cut the Econ for a soul exchange or a smashing ground, add the 3rd D-draw and try a jinzo instead of thestalos, but i dont know Total: 41 Monsters: 22 3|Fotb|Raiza the Storm Monarch 2|Ast|Zaborg the Thunder Monarch 2|Crv|Cyber Dragon 2|Dp05|Destiny Hero - Malicious 1|Rds|Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch 2|Mrl|Mystic Tomato 2|Potd|Destiny Hero - Fear Monger 1|Jump|Elemental Hero Stratos 1|Mfc|Breaker the Magical Warrior 1|Cdip|Snipe Hunter 1|Dp03|Card Trooper 1|Mrd|Sangan 1|Pgd|Spirit Reaper 1|Wc07|Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 1|Soi|Treeborn Frog Spells: 12 2|Dp05|Destiny Draw 1|Mrd|Heavy Storm 1|Fet|Lightning Vortex 1|Mrl|Mystical Space Typhoon 1|Psv|Premature Burial 1|Sdj|Scapegoat 1|Een|Pot of Avarice 1|Tlm|Brain Control 1|Lod|Reinforcement of the Army 1|Psv|Nobleman of Crossout 1|Ast|Enemy Controller Traps: 7 2|Lod|Bottomless Trap Hole 2|Fet|Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 1|Psv|Call Of The Haunted 1|Lon|Torrential Tribute 1|Mrd|Mirror Force My side-deck: 2|Fotb|Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers 1|Ston|The Transmigration Prophecy 2|Sdp|Waboku 1|Ston|D.D. Crow 3|Eoj|Banisher of the Radiance 2|Ston|Pulling the Rug 2|Psv|Dust Tornado 2|Tp4|Royal Decree

    Black luster soldier envoy of the beggining and maybe painful choice