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  1. Constructed Standard Discussion

      Got in a car accident on the way there, probably destroyed my car, and got lucky to be picked up and brought there (after the time extension I was given had ended) and was allowed to play anyways.  Wasn't exactly in a mood or position to be playing magic well today >_<
  2. SCG Open - Orlando

    Good run Allen, although I know the 100$ suck money doesn't make the sting feel any better >_<
  3. Fantasy Pro Tour Gatecrash

    I probably laughed about this much more than I should have.
  4. MTG Finance Thread

     HOEYYYYYYYYYY sell me foreign stuff <3   When my partner gets back from Atlanta I'll see what shit we have.
  5. MTG Finance Thread

    Thats fair, but then don't tell him that without context :).  If you're trading at events with 100+ people (PTQs, SCGs, GPs, etc) you should have no problem finding people to easily trade original Ravnica shocks at their correct price.  Your problem trying to get a 25% premium on a original Ravnica shock is that the premium isn't that.  Foreign non-foils that aren't eternal cards will never command a 25% premium, especially when the card is a high valued card as it is.  At most you could get like an extra 2-3$ on it, and the people who were looking for Breeding Pools would have gladly bit, but no one looking for the card to play (because lets be realistic anyone who is a collector isn't going to take a non-foil Russian Pool if they're looking for RAV Pools) is going to play 10$ extra just to get a card to play because it is squiggly lined lol.
  6. MTG Finance Thread

    I greatly disagree with that Azn_boy, I pick up old shocks and move them at a premium as opposed to the new ones.  If you're an avid trader, you should have no problem finding people at events who are willing to give you the correct number for shocklands.   Millennium, I would probably ship them if you're not playing standard, they trade for about 10$/each on average, if they're GTC ones they will drop in price SIGNIFICANTLY faster than the RTR ones due to the fact that the cats out of the bag on the DGM ones, so getting 8$/each in credit from a store isn't bad.  I personally pay about 6-7$ on them and have STOPPED buying them because people want to give me them too readily....If you can get actual duals or legacy staples in exchange for them, even better. 
  7. Gatecrash Discussion

    Played two pre-releases, went Orzhov both times and 3-0-1ed both times drawing in the final round for packs.  Extort was by far the best mechanic from what I could tell, and as Joe said inducing board stalls and grinding them out with extort triggers was exceptional. 
  8. MTG Finance Thread

    [quote name='pkmn prof. grant' timestamp='1358497567' post='3374127'] "investing 101" [/quote] I thought it was significantly more difficult than that....
  9. Constructed Standard Discussion

    [quote name='Captain Sure.' timestamp='1355635518' post='3349035'] He still did great. There really wasn't many ways he could sneak into 8th after losing to Reid Duke. $1500 is profit too... and hopefully he just takes down the Legacy Open tomorrow. <3 Hoey [/quote] Actually all I needed was two of the 36 pointers to get paired against each other, forcing the 33 pointers to play instead of getting scooped in, and I would have gotten 8th ;(.
  10. Yeah its the 2005 states playmat, there is literally no demand for it at all. Its cool to have if you're the one that earned it because it shows what you've done, beyond that nothing more (people in magic aren't chodes like in yugi where people/they themselves jizz over having a top 32 mat or whatnot).
  11. Fantasy MTG

    Just watched that video with the Fantasy PT stuff, and its funny how Rich Hagon said "when you draft rakdos, you want removal and then pick up unleash creatures later"......seriously, has this guy ever played in or watched a RTR drafter drafting Rakdos? Not even close. Also coming from the person who yesterday on the MTGOCC coverage said "Tomorrow we start at 9 Pacific, 6 Eastern"....
  12. I will restock it if you ever run out Tenjum, I have 10+ sitting in my room.
  13. Best way to get into Legacy

    It is very seldom that you will need 4 of any dual land, if you want to cover all your bases 3 of each blue one and 2 of the others (maybe 3 Bayou) would probably do the trick.
  14. Best way to get into Legacy

    Nope looks fine to me, I have a 3 NM ones pulled from the pack less than a year ago and they look exactly the same. There is a stark contrast between perfect gem mint old cards and non-mint ones