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  1. I can't immediately make a claim on the quick effect stuff, but the "either player's turn" thing has been the standard English phrasing for "you can also activate this effect on your opponent's turn" for quite a while now.
  2. i'll be in the pittsburgh area that weekend so prepare for the exciting chance to see me in person probably
  3. send them to me
  4. Exa-Beetle also lets you trigger this guy's second effect for more fusion shenanigans
  5. it is almost 100% the name, since both the name Scapegoat and the english word "ghost" are written in katakana so the same pun exists in both languages
  6. just a queeck flavor text thing, but i think Nehalem's is supposed to be saying "nobody is stronger than him and perhaps nobody ever will" and that Desire's isn't a question but a use of "ikutsu" as "countless times" or "over and over"
  7. pretty dank list but i'm hoping you at least side flying elephant to deal with T1 garnecia
  8. one recent thing I've seen that's kind of hilarious with this card is to use it/side it in the new Amorphage deck for those at home, the Amorphage deck is an EARTH Dragon Pendulum deck that essentially locks down your opponent. All of them with the exception of their bosses share the same monster effect of "Neither player can Special Summon from the Extra Deck, except Amorphage monsters." (This is also where we note that Amorphage's bosses are a large Effect Monster and a Ritual Monster, and so far we dpn't have any cards to change the names of monsters in the Extra.) Additionally, each one has a Pendulum effect that locks down the field in some way while you control an Amorphage, and they require a Tribute as maintenance cost to keep their Scales in play. So while it may be a bit redundant to do so, a cute idea was to side 3 Fuyu Sakura and then fill your already-unusable Extra Deck with singles of integral Extra Deck cards from other decks, then snipe your opponent to ensure that they can't get their key monsters out even if they can break through your field lock.
  9. that may change depending on what else we get in this booster. At the very least, Afterimage means you can rush the field without committing. it's been a while since i've picked up english VG cards but nubatama's revived assholery is sure tempting. Also as fun trivia for non-mooners, "tsukumo" in Tsukumorakan is a funky reading for "99", hence the "99 Ways" thing. It's also the same Tsukumo used for Tsukumo Yuma, i.e. the zexal protag (and the 99 numbers).
  10. I think that's Dhampir Lily
  11. no what would happen is people realize it would be terrible to do in earnest and attempt to make it ironically funny, probably then turning it into the cringeworthy shittiest thing ever they tried to prevent it from becoming in the first place
  12. one thing I'd also mention that the TCG seems to lack in comparison to the OCG is the anime-related sales Quality of the dub aside, the fact that the ball was dropped several times in actually bringing new anime series over to match the cards being released in the sets definitely hurt the potential in getting the kiddie userbase in. On a similar note, this ball-dropping combined with the fact that the majority of TCG players with any knowledge of the show stopped watching after Battle City and fill in the gaps by spewing long-dead Abridged memes means that whenever there [i]are[/i] anime-related sets like the Collector's Pack, they're heavily sloped towards DM cards (or worse, reprints of shitty DM cards) and you get stuck in a cycle of "the only relevance the anime has is DM only"
  13. i think the flavor text for the first dude is actually "not letting the opponent show their full strength/fight at full strength/etc"
  14. dude that's not a crystal that's a bacteriophage this is like verz 2.0 except it's literally (relatively) gigantic viruses turning what they infect into dragons
  15. it's evilswarm now with M O R E D R A G O N S also that's a pretty nice group of amorphages you got there it would be a shame if godzilla came to ruin your day