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  1. Blade and Soul

    Been playing on the EU server for a couple days as a Jin BM. Loving the game thus far. Faction PVP isn't too hard to find if you look in the right places, so I'm happy.
  2. Dueling Network

      Tbh I have been doing it but not having the time or patience to grind out a 1400 rating with *insert tier 1 deck here*  to play against good players sucks.   Alternatively, why not just put some kind of button that lets you quit the game and then asks you about the experience or rating with the opponent and providing 1 picture after a game ends with proof with an arguement. I honestly dont like the system now of going to the forums and beggin some guy gets banned.   Similar to what Yelp is, but each player gets an experience rating system.    Here's a template:   [Opponent] [Experience] [imgur pic]   Thats pretty much it. And maybe you can click on a link that lets you see all these rating's when playing. Maybe clicking on the avatar idk.   Also give the option of not leaving a experience. No comment etc.   Sounds good. You offering to manage a system like that?
  3. PSY-Frame - Discussion

    I've not really used any traps besides 1 warning and 3 overload. I find that floodgating the opponent kind of goes against the principle of psyframes. You want to interrupt the opponent and make them play yugioh as much as you can in order to achieve this. I still prefer to go first so I can build my hand with cardcar and duality (going second is a lot more demanding on luck to get what you need).
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    [spoiler]My only major qualm was that they kind of glossed over the fact that starkiller base just wiped out the entire hosnian system, but they kind of did the same thing with alderaan, so I can forgive it. I feel like the fact they excavated a planet into a sun-sucking superweapon was stupid crazy, I can't wait for the side stories elaborating on how this game to be. [/spoiler]
  5. Note the extra security for this event, you'll want to keep it in mind if you're the type to bring a bag full of trade binders;         Looking forward to finally seeing prague  :)
  6. [Beta] Advanced Yugioh Rankings

    My advice is to deploy it globally at the end of the worlds season. If you were to start it at a random point in time, you're omitting any event that happens before that and thus ratings aren't as accurate.   Also you should probably reset it after each worlds season is over to get more relevant data.   Cool idea, but it's already trouble enough getting TOs to submit events to COSSY, this is just more effort.
  7. PSY-Frame - Discussion

    Reviving this thread to get some opinions on things.   With the rise of decks such as Pepe and Magician Pendulum, which aren't necessarily as difficult to manage as specters or Kozmo, do you feel that Frames have been given a second shot at being a competent deck? We seem pretty well equipped to deal with a lot that those decks throw at us, and since they have no big untargetable monsters or perpetual floating into +1 beaters, frames are far better at doing their thing in the current meta.   I'm not sure exactly why Kozmo fell out of favor so hard, but there we go.
  8. I just cancelled my Hotel booking and changed my holiday leave from work to another week. It's a shame too, I like CCG.
  9. PSY-Frame - Discussion

    I've personally been messing with doomcal. Going down the route of 'Force niggas to get rid of my cards for me' over 'Use a card that makes my opponent play but not much else'. Rabbit was cute at first but it's too feeble to get over anything this format. Doomcal stops kozmos jumping (barring witch) and has some utility vs spectres since it'll at the very least become a pseudo-veiler versus them. Lose 1 turn seems nice in theory since it can make dark destroyer an 1800 targetable body for a turn, and doesn't hurt us >that< much.
  10. PSY-Frame - Discussion

    Lose 1 turn isn't a bad idea vs Kozmo. Puts them in a very vulnerable position, and stops those spectre searches. Might have to give it a try. Not too fond of Yosenju this format but I do like the theory behind it.
  11. PSY-Frame - Discussion

    Losing Dolls and Nekroz hurt us a bit because we lost two piss easy matchups. Kozmo are surprisingly harder than their CORE iteration but Majespecters are fairly underwhelming.
  12. Chicken Game

    You can't respond to Chicken Game with ghost ogre or typhoon
  13. sense8

    I loved the series so far, my favorite stories were definitely  [spoiler] Capheus and the gangs, and Wolfgang pulling a fucking rocket launcher out of his trunk[/spoiler]   Can't wait for season 2
  14. If two effects trigger at the same time, then they can be chained however you like.   If two effects are triggered at different times in the same effect/chain, the first one must link 1 and the following effects links 2+   In the case of scepter and sovereign, you can trigger sovereign as link 1 or link 2 when triggered off of the summon of scepter, as both trigger at the same time.   @skullvarnish: if we follow fire king logic, then that would be correct, however I'm not entirely sure if we can as they're somewhat different interactions, but you never know. I'd imagine that if sovereign was link 2 then the newly added sovereign would not meet it's trigger.
  15. It is important to remember that, unless the card states that it targets, it does not target. This holds true for every card printed after SD2011 (Or whichever one first introduced Xyz monsters).