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  1. I will name my first born after you.
  2. well that blows.
  3. hi

    oh Daniel!   sup Urthor!?
  4. Anyone know if the english subbed is up anywhere yet?
  5. hi

    Hi  :wub:
  6.   where have u been u dirty whore Busy working the streets...   lol school/work/gf/kid   How is everything? You guys just reopen?
  7. Guess whos back...back again
  8. God

    Just reading through these. I miss you guys :'(
  9.   Was working OT that day but thanks man.   Also, I miss you guys. I'm working crazy hours at the casino now that is why I've been so silent lately. Riad and Dom text a brother sometime sahns.
  10. I broke my phone I just got your messages though
  11. Hey guys...been going through some hardship lately I will be back soon though.
  12. On in a few
  13. Can some of you guys post your times? If I know when you will be available I'll try to get on at those times I'm a pretty busy person so I can't really sit at the computer waiting for people.
  14. I'm up for games early in the mornings and on the weekends.