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  1. I will name my first born after you.
  2. well that blows.
  3. hi

    oh Daniel!   sup Urthor!?
  4. Anyone know if the english subbed is up anywhere yet?
  5. hi

    Hi  :wub:
  6. God

    Just reading through these. I miss you guys :'(
  7. Is this the reincarnation of Steve Young?
  8. [quote name='Wumbologist' timestamp='1352503960' post='3322160'] Al Roker IS GONE??? OMG THANK YOU BASED GOD [/quote] ** Who will tell us the weather now?
  9. I can actually tolerate this more than erics...
  10. [quote name='canasian' timestamp='1352138621' post='3319137'] [quote name='HellFox' timestamp='1352137216' post='3319122'] So what is the win condition for this deck? [/quote] Copy Norleras with Phantom of Chaos and hope you topdeck better than your opponent. It seems to work out well for everyone who attempts to use it =/ [/quote] I said win condition...that never really works especially when decks this format sack way harder.
  11. So what is the win condition for this deck?
  12. I'm not sure how Jones would do at hw in all honesty...Overeem is a monster and would probably destroy Jones if he caught him with any power shot.
  13. [quote name='Swaggalo's Cock' timestamp='1351355998' post='3313095'] [quote name='Indignation' timestamp='1351265230' post='3312398'] Vitor vs Bisping in january 19th. RIP Bisping and your shot at the title lol [/quote] Damn, Bisping will never get a shot hahaha. Also props to vitor for going after Anderson again after just losing to Jons. Guy's a beast Can anyone tell me the site they watch the fights on? MMAcore is blocking me due to my adblock [/quote] It is reported that Griffin turned down a fight with Belfort in 155....I would have love to see that one. Edit: whoa....just read Jon Jones plans on moving up to hw to fight Dos Santos. Is there any truth in this?
  14. Bill Cosby is the greatest comedian who ever lived....He could make anyone laugh by saying real things.
  15. [quote name='noworldforeric' timestamp='1351832600' post='3317225'] [quote name='Caibre' timestamp='1351832288' post='3317218'] Wow. You actually fucking called CP3 a scoring PG. I am not convinced whether you even watch basketball. [/quote] I do watch basketball. Am I not allowed to have an opinion, jesus. He's a wonderful player. But he's primarly been that throughout his career. Yes he's very versatile and dynamic. I completely agree with you on that. He's explosive. All around he's a wonderful player. I just don't think I could say personally I would take him as a player over Rondo, except for statistics. I like the determination, character, grit, and overall intrigue of Rondo. [/quote] I don't even like CP3 and I would take him over Rondo. He believes that he is the best PG in the league for a reason. He reminds me of Kidd a bit but obviously a better scorer. He is a really smart player which is needed at PG. Rondo is decent he just makes way to many game threatening mistakes. Just because he had a few fluke shooting nights doesn't suddenly make him the PG in the league, let's be more sensible than that.