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  1. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

    I will name my first born after you.
  2. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

    well that blows.
  3. hi

    oh Daniel!   sup Urthor!?
  4. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

    Anyone know if the english subbed is up anywhere yet?
  5. hi

    Hi  :wub:
  6. Hitlist

      where have u been u dirty whore Busy working the streets...   lol school/work/gf/kid   How is everything? You guys just reopen?
  7. Hitlist

    Guess whos back...back again
  8. God

    Just reading through these. I miss you guys :'(
  9. Hitlist

      Was working OT that day but thanks man.   Also, I miss you guys. I'm working crazy hours at the casino now that is why I've been so silent lately. Riad and Dom text a brother sometime sahns.
  10. Hitlist

    I broke my phone I just got your messages though
  11. Hitlist

    Hey guys...been going through some hardship lately I will be back soon though.
  12. Undisputed [vs] Hitlist

    On in a few
  13. Undisputed [vs] Hitlist

    Can some of you guys post your times? If I know when you will be available I'll try to get on at those times I'm a pretty busy person so I can't really sit at the computer waiting for people.
  14. Undisputed [vs] Hitlist

    I'm up for games early in the mornings and on the weekends.