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  1. I will name my first born after you.
  2. well that blows.
  3. hi

    oh Daniel!   sup Urthor!?
  4. Anyone know if the english subbed is up anywhere yet?
  5. hi

    Hi  :wub:
  6. God

    Just reading through these. I miss you guys :'(
  7. Once again that black guy comes out of nowhere to make himself look like a pedo.
  8. Is this the reincarnation of Steve Young?
  9. [quote name='Wumbologist' timestamp='1352503960' post='3322160'] Al Roker IS GONE??? OMG THANK YOU BASED GOD [/quote] ** Who will tell us the weather now?
  10. If he wants to be that way then let him go. You obviously did nothing wrong from the look of your story. It hurts but people do change just realize you are still long and people come and go out of your life at this stage. If he ever mans up and apologizes accept it and move forward but if he doesn't try to make any attempt of fixing this then that is his problem. Don't lower yourself to make someone else happy. Keep your head up.
  11. I can actually tolerate this more than erics...
  12. [quote name='canasian' timestamp='1352138621' post='3319137'] [quote name='HellFox' timestamp='1352137216' post='3319122'] So what is the win condition for this deck? [/quote] Copy Norleras with Phantom of Chaos and hope you topdeck better than your opponent. It seems to work out well for everyone who attempts to use it =/ [/quote] I said win condition...that never really works especially when decks this format sack way harder.
  13. So what is the win condition for this deck?
  14. [quote name='Schadenfreude' timestamp='1351879863' post='3317485'] [quote name='HellFox' timestamp='1351876691' post='3317453'] Black people who make other black people look bad... [/quote] one person doesn't represent a whole race. [/quote] People do get judged based off of other's actions though. Example, terrorist attacks made a large percentage of our population in the US start saying any male from the Middle-East is a terrorist. =/
  15. I'm not sure how Jones would do at hw in all honesty...Overeem is a monster and would probably destroy Jones if he caught him with any power shot.