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  1. Song dedication thread

    I dont get a dedication I feel so used... That's because you don't diss Steve Francis :D Good job my boy. hahaha
  2. Song dedication thread

    To Samson because we all know the Suns aren't going anywhere B) And Manny, cos Vince Carter just really, really sucks, by himself, in "T.Dot" THE STEVE FRANCIS SONG It's the Franchise X-beam's America's dream All-star point guard 3rd year in the league First round number 2 pick the heart of the team I can sit and watch him jump off da screen I can see him shake it through nice shoes Fake baselines, stellar(?) step and pull up for a 2 He's the Franchise, and he's da truth in da game Boy come straight outta DC doin his thang The terrapin offa Maryland *some mumbling I don't understand* So off da chain they boutta drop him *more mumbling* I'm Scarface from da H dawg Cotinue to fly *............. more stuff I don't comprehend. It's gettin' too ghetto for me, yo.* BEST SONG (ABOUT A BASKETBALL PLAYER) EVER!!
  3. Favorite Anime

    1. Chobits 2. DN Angel 3. Gravitation 4. Yu-Gi-Oh 5. Inuyasha
  4. The Splinter of the minds eye cometh

    LOL man. Heh, I'll be here from now on, since I left DN (but the pop-ups are annoying). *hands Phil pop-up blocker* << that'll save your life someday.Welcome Pika! XD Nice to see you around.