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  1. Super Smash Bros Melee

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm0Go7m92o8   First round vs a pretty new Fox and I picked up on his habits very well from earlier friendlies, you can see often though I make the correct read but I don't execute the correct inputs for the proper punish   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCoR-QJwnoA   Scythe was the Number 1 seed for this local, Falco is his main but his Fox is legit and I played much better here than the match vs Tokyo, which was on the same day   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cuQZBtK-pk   I have little Puff experience but I think I played alright besides my recovery. I don't have the muscle memory for the proper mixups recovering vs Puff, as opposed to Fox and Marth etc, where I just know the mixups and can execute them. So I do some stupid shit getting back to stage and get punished     3 sets of mine from the premier locals in Chicago. A yearish new to Melee but started taking it super seriously recently and constantly improving, attending a couple of locals a week and playing my younger brother who is at my level for a couple hours a day   I only play Falco. Comments/critiques???   Also got Top 32 at Rubicon 3, an 100 person monthly, http://challonge.com/rc3top32, hopefully the video of my bracket match gets put up somewhere on Youtube
  2. ARG Atlantic City 3rd Place

    3 Summoner's Art lmaooo      Good shit Matt
  3. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I'm averaging 8 wins in 16 BRM runs with Rogue, a bit of a small sample size but yeah. The class is extremely strong in this meta. I recommend drafting with www.HearthArena.com because it is rather hard to explain how to draft it. It plays the Aggro game very well but it can also go Midrangey fine if the draft takes it that way. Don't be afraid to take a lot of face damage with your weapon early because if that helps you get the board then that will save you exponential face damage. And you need to know when to flip the switch to hitting their face more if your deck is a lower quality aggro deck. And your hands shouldn't be bricking. You are drafting poorly if you are bricking that often. And never dagger to their face unless you are 100% positive you will be daggering up next turn without losing Tempo, so basically never dagger their face unless you are practically out of cards and need to lethal them.
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Hello old friends. If any of you want to add me I'm Scarab#1257. I have been playing quite of bit of Hearthstone since I stopped playing Yugioh. I played almost strictly Arena for the first few months but last month I finished 37th in NA Legend as my first Constructed month and I hit Top 10 Legend 2 days ago, I went for Rank 1 but I tanked hard. Good job Josh.      Edit: No more Rep??????
  5. ARGCS Chicago, IL November 29-30, 2014

    me and dirk are coming for that title   seeing you guys in the finals is the ultimate motivator for me to start playing again   if anyone cares i was 4-0 with gears and lost a really close one to zach leverett and then a qlipfort
  6. Team Duelistgroundz.com vs Team Duelingnetwork Forums

      So why are you constantly name dropping me negatively on DGZ, FB, and Skype? Apparently you are STILL bitching about me beating you with Rivalry of Warlords in Cardcar Fire vs your Wind Ups. Are you that conceited that you actually think I played that at the Nashville ARG just for you? Yeah, at Milwaukee I did play DNA Surgery because of the 7 or so known players that were playing it in a field of 170 really bad players, knowing they weren't siding MST, plus a card that doubles vs Bujins, that seems like a good choice to me(it was). But I guess that doesn't sit right with you, I'm such a faggot right? But you cheating is fine? To actually think you are still telling people about that Rivalry thing. Is that really your issue with me? Like, alright, just fucking get over it and fuck off with the God complex.
  7. Dueling Network

      free shitstain armadillo       free him too
  8. Did not mean to neg that and I agree
  9. I am sure Sunny would be down to play some lowkey duels on DN vs Pat and Bodan. Noone wants to use Devpro.    EDIT: Nevermind DN mods would like ban me and Sunny if we made that duel happen. But we don't want to face a non Bodan Pat team. And noone wants to fucking play on Devpro.
  10.     Before Urthor chimes in how I need to sleep, I passed out at 10 PM and awoke on the floor at 4 AMish to the very loud sex coming from the near wall   good job man
  11.   we are originally from dn, some of us came up through this game on the dn grind and dnf warring
  12. Geargia - Discussion

    Heartland in the extra means just hitting for 6k with 2 gigants and a monster or something is basically lethal because you will have a gear and accel in hand, especially vs shaddolls who don't play real traps. I heartlanded for game 4 times.
  13. The DGZ vs DN war is 2 years overdue. I'll gather my roster
  14. Interviewing DDSpade aka Michael Balan

    Ferza??? Yeah fuck off