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  1. ARG Season 3

  2. YGO TCG Forbidden List July 2015

    Hitler's reaction to the July 2015 Forbidden and Limited list

    i honestly just tried to neg you for this
  4. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    luke went from x-1 to x-3 day 2
  5. 笑あほ vs Previously known as...

    got godzilla 2-1
  6. Why does that warrant heavy storm in our lives again? The power of the current real traps we have that aren't floodgates is pretty low. Bringing back Heavy won't solve anything as if you don't have it you will still be locked out of the game by these traps. It's the floodgate cards that deserve the hit ideally.
  7. i will play    o guess not
  8. How Do We Avoid Becoming Stagnant?

    did this for 3 formats, still no tops. Only duelnet 1st place crew checking in. :)
  9. Top 64 Nationals

    nice job SqirmyWurmy
  10. how do I get matches on tinder?

    idk, I was working at the time I got that notification so I didn't have time to ask. So i'm assuming she found a third already. Wish I coulda had a conv