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  1. Dueling Network

    Stomping DN baddies is all fun and games until they decide to make up a retarded ruling argument against you for 20 minutes.
  2. Man that dude is taking no precautions against cheating. He didn't catch the dude cheat with Abyssphere, Pike, Undine, and Marksman, doesn't cut either of the times his opponent stacks twice, and doesn't even write down LP when he attacks. I feel bad for him but he kinda just let himself get fucked over.
  3. Los Angeles Regional

    how am i gonna be at this regional if the world ends the day before?
  4. Legend of Korra

    This thread is getting bumped all the time and theres never any news so I thought I might share some. Grey Delisle, voice of Azula, has finished doing all the voice work for next season's evil spirit antagonist and is rumored to have a second bad guy role next season as well.
  5. YGO makes it to Kotaku again.

    Wait what, he won his match, the kid stands up, and he asks if he is running away? What are you supposed to do when you lose a match? Keep sitting there?
  6. Abyss-Sphere & Trap Stun

    What about Royal Decree? Apparently the OCG has ruled that Abyss-Sphere dies anyways.
  7. Dueling Network

    Yeah, the only part messed up is that he didn't warn him enough. As long as you're super certain and there aren't many admins on you can give wrong rulings and deny appeals that part isn't messed up.
  8. Dueling Network

    If it isn't already, denying an appeal should probably be an insta-demod.
  9. Fire Kings and Fire Fists

    its ok guys maybe they'll ban tg striker for good this time.
  10. YCS Barcelona, Spain

    At least konami didn't put you guys on blast like they did with all those people at YCS SeaTac. God I hate everything going on with this game right now.
  11. Fire Kings and Fire Fists

    Then we'll probably have a retarded tcg exclusive that makes things even more ridiculous. Then in March all our problems will be solved when they don't touch any of the meta and then hit TG striker.
  12. Astral Pack 01

    [quote name='Eжiled' timestamp='1354857746' post='3342081'] So the 20 dollar tag on sand is valid? [/quote] I don't think so, none of the completed listings on ebay are getting sold. The only ones sold went for 10 and one that went for 15, but even then I'd take that with a grain of salt.
  13. Greatest Card Ever

    [quote name='CellarDoor' timestamp='1354845345' post='3341824'] You know, this guy actually brings up a pretty good point: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more though kristya? [/quote] you've gotta be kidding me, i've been further even more decided to kristya even go need to look more as anyone can. can you really be far even as decided half as much to kristya for that? my guess is that when one really been far even decided once to kristya even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to kristya even go want to do look more like. it's just common sense
  14. Greatest Card Ever