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  1. Sup.

    the other 33% is the best language in the world
  2. Sup.

    Well that a while ago. Who do I remember here ?
  3. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    didn't reallymiss the loot hoarders per se , Malygos ehh idk , on the streamed game vs Galaxios i lethal him with it , against darthmaul i would have had lethal with a pyro.
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    http://sectorone.eu/torayas-tournament-testimony-frag-o-matic-18-0/     here u go boiz 
  5. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      Not published yet , our manager is swamped in reports and results atm since we compete in pretty much every e-sport :P i will link to it as soon as it comes online   also, inappropriate use of emoticon as deemed by me, minister of arbitrage.   power abuse !!!!!
  6. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Is that zoo list just straight copied from a tournament winning list?  It looks familiar, and if it is then it is fine.  Otherwise I would seek other opinions.   I don't know enough to say whether that is good with certainty.   But just in general you don't want to dilute aggro decks in HS with "tech."     My friend hit top 100 legend without doomguards on eu  http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/426404-s23-legend-lllmades-doomguardless-zoo
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      Not published yet , our manager is swamped in reports and results atm since we compete in pretty much every e-sport :P i will link to it as soon as it comes online
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Sup guys long time no see   Anyway i signed for a local e-sports organisation here and last weekend i played my 1st offline event , i wrote a report for our website , so i light share it here aswell.   ONE.Thoraya's 5th place @FoM , a tale of anti-SMOrc   Preparation and deciding on a line-up   In the weeks leading up to this edition of FoM i was mainly playing [Grim Patron] warrior and I was feeling pretty confident in my ability with this deck , so it was a pretty natural 1st choice to me ,  the deck has good matchups against druid and secret paladin , both of which I assumed most of the field would run , it also has an ok matchup against freeze mage , provided you get a good armoursmith turn.  A few days before FoM Rondelz said i should look into replacing [Frothing Berserker] with [Fierce Monkey] as he didn't feel he got alot of value out of the [Frothing Berserker] , I tried it out and it was a nice option against Zoo , Hunter , Secret Pala. Decklist :     The second deck i added to my line-up is a deck I played on and off since Beta , in every possible incarnation , Freeze Mage I added this because i felt most players would run a more aggro oriented line-up , which this deck shines against and freeze is a near auto win against [Reno Jackson] decks , aslong as you bait out their healing . I chose to run a [Malygos] variation , in hindsight this was probably not the best choice for one of the flex spots and a Pyroblast would have given me lethal instead against Darthmaul in the Quarterfinals , all in all , the card was just win more and that was a deckbuilding error of my part.   Decklist :      My third deck was a deck i couldn,'t justify not running , just because it's too strong  Secret paladin , i guess there isn't much to say about this choice other then that i felt like i needed a faster deck in my line-up and i absolutely detest Shaman    Decklist :       For my 4th pick i went into yet another SMorc counter , teched out control priest. This deck was made to make Zoo warlocks , Hunters and Secret Paladins cry. It has tons of boardclears and early game treaths for these guys. Notabe card here is the [Toshley], he gives fuel for the [Wild Pyromancer] and ocassionaly saves you from a [Doomsayer] through [Reversing Switch] , he also trades up with [Loatheb] , [Shieldmaiden] , [Savannah Highmane] among a few.   Decklist :      Those were my picks for groupstage , i needed one more for after groups and decided i needed something that could atleast go toe to toe with control decks , as the priest can't handle the constant stream of treaths from Warrior and Reno Locks so i went with Reno Warlock myself , he was also an option in groups in case an opponent queud for example warrior and shaman together , because Shaman was the deck i banned on sights , ain't nobody got time for that ! Decklist :      With this line-up I felt pretty confident in what i thought most common played decks would be , being Combo Druid , Patron Warrior , Secret Paladin and Zoo/Reno Warlock. Groupstages and Brackets  After arriving and setting up at FoM , i decided after a few ladder games that i will only play my actual tournament games so my focus wouldn't drop by a HS overdose. Socialized a bit with teammates and friends like Monkeloid , Darthmaul , Dentamme untill the wait was over and brackets came online.  Forgive me if my matches aren't super-detailed but i'm personally against note-taking during games ;-)   Groupstage game 1 : ONE.Thoraya vs Invoked Yakies (2-1) If i'm not mistaken here he banned my Mage  and i banned his Shaman Round 1 i queue my Secret Paladin against his Reno Warlock and I curve out into a [Mysterious Challenger] for game on turn 6. Round 2 i Queud Priest into his Priest I believe and he won  Round 3 i Queued my Patron into his Mage which turned out to be a [Reno Jackson] Mage and after playing around [Duplicate] on Reno i took this pretty easy.   Groupstage game 2 : ONE.Thoraya vs LLL Higa (2-0 FF) No show , he was in the League compo also appearantly After waking up stond er 2-0 FF victory. After a bit of delay because of a tiebreaker game in one of the groups , brackets came online and i was paired against our very own Jackker , i knew this one was going to be tough , but where there's a will there's a way   Round of 64 ONE.Thoraya vs One.Jackker (3-2) I queued up my usual line-up and he took away my patrons. He queued Warlock , Shaman , Paladin , Druid , to which I banned away his SMorc shaman. He goes up 2-0 with druid against freeze and warlock against freeze iirc and then he has Secret paladin left i knew that with priest and freeze i'm heavily favoured and i tie it up to 2/2 and then it comes down to the Secretdin Mirror into which i curve out insanely nice and take it after a nailbiting series.   Round of 32 ONE.Thoraya vs LLL Galaxios (3-2) Another very strong opponent , so far brackets aren't being nice to me at all ;( This game was streamed so I will just put the link here. Some thoughts about this game ; I am aware i misplayed a certain turn in the Priest vs Rogue but at that point pressure was very very high , that's no excuse though and something I need to work on for next editions. http://www.twitch.tv/fragomaticbe/v/41315265 http://www.twitch.tv/fragomaticbe/v/41333697 Another reverse sweep and at this point I was practically praying for a slighly easier opponent in round of 16 , even though there aren't any weak players left at that point.   Round of 16 ONE.Thoraya vs 666Gamers Schoot (3-1) I had no idea who he was , but one of our teammembers lost to him in groups so I knew he was playing exactly the same line-up as Jackker. For this game i don't remember exactly what happened but I believe he banned Paladin and I shot Shaman on sight. My line-up did what it did against that line-up but i don't recall any games unfortunately.   Round of 8 ONE.Thoraya vs Venko Darthmaul (0-3) So appearantly it was allowed to send in 9 decks , including multiples of the same class , to which i didn't know about untill this match happened. my intell told me he was running zoo and to my suprise he played a reno list. This game was also streamed : http://www.twitch.tv/fragomaticbe/v/41421266 Game 1 was probably the best game i had all LAN. Games 2 and 3 were simply unwinnable for me due to the nature of my Priest deck  Onto the loser brackets it is , we can still do this ;)   Loser Brackets 6 ONE.Thoraya vs Invoked Evil (2-1) Same old Druid , Pala , Shaman , Warlock line , instaban Shaman. Not sure what his ban was but I believe he banned Mage because he wasn't sure what Mage I ran. I beat his Druid with Patron shenanigans , lose with Secret Pala against his druid and then I queued Priest into his Pala , which was pretty straightforwarded. with this win I already finished top 8 which was better then I anticipated. It can only get better.   Loser brackets 7 ONE.Thoraya vs LLL Liveon (2-1) I believe i banned Warrior and left him with pala (?) , warlock and mage , he banned my Priest , which hinted me that he was running Zoo.  Game 1 Patron vs Mage , i originally thought he was playign freeze mage since i didn't see any early drops , but  he drops a turn 3 [Flamewalker] , which I clear with [Fiery War Axe] and [Cruel Taskmaster] , i curve out nice with [Fierce Monkey] and [Piloted Shredder] , the game ends when i put him on 16 with a [Death's Bite] with one charge left and [Grommash Hellscream] + [Inner Rage] in hand. He has [Dr.Boom] on field with me at a safe health level , his only out is a [Sludge Belcher] , which he doesn't get. After clearing [Boom Bot] with my weapon whirlwind I drop the Orc and enrage him for lethal. Game 2 Freeze Mage vs zoo (?) all i remember is losing this game with my freeze. For the 3d game i decide to coinflip for it and queu the secretpaladin , the game goes back and forth , I [Consecration] on 4 to get board and the game finished when he plays [Doomguard] with [Brann Bronzebeard] on field straight into [Repetance] , by that time my board was established and i only just played the secret , leading him to think it was a [Competitive Spirit] , as soon as it procced he conceded.   Top 6 it is at this point and i had to await the outcome of Rondelz vs Stijn to know who I had to face and unfortunately i had to face my teammember.   Loser Bracket 8 ONE.Thoraya vs ONE Rondels (1-2) not sure what Rondels banned but I remember that i had to give him Shaman over Hunter , because i wasn't sure if he ran Flare , considering Flare destroys 2 of my decks completely i couldn't give him that chance. Game 1 Reno vs Shaman , coinflip game , he curves out well with [Tunnel Trogg] and friends , I don't find healing , over on turn 5. Game 2 Reno vs Patrons , i have every possible answer for his patrons and [Dr.Boom] like Reno should do Game 3 Patron vs Patron , i chose this because i can't queu my freeze or paladin into it since both have bad matchups against Patron. I chose to keep [Grim Patron] in my opener , considering i had [The Coin] , nfortunately i don't find any activators at all and mirror match is all about who spams Patrons first , he gets off a 6 Patron turn 6 and at that point it's already over. so I finished shared 5th place with Darthmaul , which i would've signed for in advance but still so close to the money is always a shame to go out.     Conclusion    First things first I believe FoM made a huge-error with allowing multiple decks by the same hero , and I hope they will look into this for the next event. just follow standard rules ;-) Second I believe my Line-Up was a very solid pick for this edition , the meta I predicted was spot on and every deck performed like it should have.  I would also like to thank everyone at Sector One , Monkeloid , GwG and others for the support I received while playing. I look forward to the next event I will play while wearing the Sector One Jersey. -ONE.Thoraya     format is shitty since i copied it from my Word , if u wqnt decklists just ask , they aren't that special
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Guy i lost to in QF's of the LaN qualified for Viagame's house cup :o Guukboii 
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    was bored and played an arena for shits and giggles       Fireball is overrated :P +2 Stormwind Champion +1 Argent Commander +1 Archmage ( vanilla spell damage not legend) +1 Flamestrike   505 gold + pack o' crap
  11. i'm aware it's the same but i own 0 us cards , have everything on eu and most gold staples , playing since alpha ftw :D  
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Got eliminated to the eventual 3d place finisher   beat 4th place finisher in groups 3-0 easy , so so dissapointed
  13. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    http://www.fom.be/compos/view/90   Thx dude !  usrname is Thoraya btw
  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    survived my group and the first bracket here at Frag-O-Matic   up against a really good player now tho , here goes nothing