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  1. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    apologizes everyone had too much fun w/ marx and cody hope you're all good tho also Stirner memes are too spooky for me
  2. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    aye i am drunk but fuck u guys for supporting a WHITE SUPREMACIST forum move to some anarcho-syndicalist facebook group for info
  3. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    let me in all of it
  4. Ayyyeee pals. Oldie no-goody here that wanted to just hop on DN and play some goats only to find out DN is gone Is there any other place I could play goats?
  5. Ayyyyeeee lmfao

    Ayyye pal-o~! Will def let ya know if I am. Really only been doing it at the slim pickins we got here so not cool enough for touring or anything
  6. Ayyyyeeee lmfao

    I missed you too buddy! Presuming you're okay as well !
  7. Ayyyyeeee lmfao

    Ayyyyeeeeee Benjamin buttin himselffffff lmfao Ayyeeeee bud
  8. Ayyyyyeeeeee everyone will love this it is real quality
  9. Philosophy in your life

    Ayyyyeeee lmfao I wanna bump this shit up!!! So I will I am an existentialist There's no inherent meaning to life Only the meaning to which someone gives to their life If someone doesn't believe that they're a stooge I believe that human beings are biological creatures that evolved to a point beyond which nature could satisfy them So now we all scared! I believe essentially everything is absurd. The fact that I am sitting in my bathtub right now (which was made by some human being and installed by another human being) typing on a computer (something made by someone from parts of something idk) smoking a cig (picked by someone, rolled by a machine made by someone, made from plants that were purposely forced to grow somewhere) and posting on a forum (that someone did idk I'm done) There are always options! You ain't gotta go with tradition. Try seeing how things really are. Fuck that it is scary ya plebs! I also think that to be alive is quite simply just to exist within a certain period of time within history and future both pushing on you and molding you up! Deep ecology is the best, but I ain't for no mass genocides or anything Politically I say go anarchy! Go so fucking left yr off the compass ya filthy animals No anarcho-primitivism tho. I wanna enjoy my life thank you! Be a beehive of little individual bees! Free sexuality! Free us of all gender norms! The only things that should be frowned upon are those that could potentially destroy civilization! Decriminalize all drugs! Help > Punishment Life is crazy and absurd and there isn't any meaning to any of it unless you give it meaning! You will experience years (hopefully) of being completely alone within your mind! Love will not save you, only preoccupy you from the truth! You will experience death on your own and then there will be nothing after!!!
  10. if you click on this topic you must post

    kurt at his rawest was when he put smile faces in his suicide note
  11. Ayyyyeeee lmfao

    I saw them live a few years back along with The Fall of Troy, Thursday, and Young Widows. My lil post-hardcore teenage soul was so full of joy
  12. United States Presidential Election

    While I see exactly where you're coming from and essentially agree, you probably cannot disagree that you've heard my previous statement coming from various Celebrity Pseudo-Feminists, right? I believe that showing that a woman president isn't enough is a proper step in feminism that'll lead to more extremism in the movement. Is that inncorrect?
  13. Ayyyyeeee lmfao

    Ayyyeeee lmfao I'm just a busy bee it ain't nothing personal ghandi-boy La Dispute ? I don't completely recall cause I was also gonna send some to drew