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  1. The sound of Gardevoir getting beedrilled.
  2. I remember you were awesome because of marching band.
  3. Hi

    What qualifications do you have to make me want to get to know you
  4. Hi

    Do I know you Rapture
  5. Hi

    So like. Whats been up?
  6. So lately my laptop has been acting really shitty. It started by emitting this high pitched sound, sort of like a constant squeaking. That didn't bother me much though. Then it started flickering. It would usually darken at first as if the power chord's not plugged and then start flickering. Now recently the screen has been blacking out. The laptop itself isn't shutting down, the screen just blacks out at random intervals and I can't solve it unless I restart the laptop. It can be frequent or I can go an hour+ before it blacks out. Now I think it could just be dying but any help would be gladly appreciated! EDIT: I also scanned it to see if it's some kind of virus but nothing popped up.
  7. [img][/img]
  8. Is the Lenovo ThinkPad T420 still where it's at? I think my current laptop might be reaching the end of it's life. I want one that's good for all practical purposes, not really gaming but it'd be nice to have something that can handle standard games (nothing too beautiful). Now I know next to nothing about computers. When you mentioned the Solid State Storage being fast, what do you mean by that? Just overall performance is faster or? To be honest 150~ gbs would be alright for me since I don't save a lot of things. Sorry for the ignorance and thanks for any help!
  9. Rivers makes his receivers. Rivers top 1 QB.
  10. Ah. Thank you, gents.
  11. One thing that made me think [spoiler]I thought one of the main morals or w/e of the Thor movie was that he broke the rainbow bridge teleport thing so he couldn't go back to earth to see Jane. Now how the heck did Thor get back so easily in this movie?[/spoiler]
  12. [quote name='Mettiz D. Dragon' timestamp='1336482066' post='3174930'] really liked this movie to bad captain america is in it for a super soldier he just sucks ass... Black Widow and Hawkeye are normal humans and they are practicly equals only pre Cap has is his experience as a soldier and his vibraviumshield [/quote] you take that back, you dirty communist also [img][/img]
  13. But that's like...a contradiction, yo.
  14. Are you just Josh? Are you?