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  1. Yo

    Yoooooo. One of my faves is still here!!
  2. Yo

    Lol whats up all. Good to see I'm remembered, but even moreso that some familiar faces are still here :) And yeah lol. I wouldn't really say they're return threads. Just wanna pop in once in a while to see how things are going since this site belonged to a pretty damn good era for me. As for me, I've been okay. Just working full time at a textile (fiber) factory and tryna go to college even though I have no clue what I wanna do yet lol. Yall still play ygo or what? I havent really touched it in years. We still one of the best yugi sites?
  3. Yo

    Aw what it do Malcolm? <3 How ya been? Love is what its all about mang. How are ya?
  4. Yo

    Heya rei how ya been? Man I miss this place
  5. Yo

    Okay lol
  6. Yo

    What it is
  7. Sater has been gone too? We are the unholy R trinity
  8. Yep lol. I havent really been around since god knows when. At least a good 2-5 years I reckon
  9. lol sup lollers
  10. What yall been up to? Its been a while since I've visited lol
  11. Whaddup digz
  12. The sound of Gardevoir getting beedrilled.
  13. I had a terrible relationship with my longest ex of a year and a half off and on (yeah not that long lol) because I never fully established trust with her. In the beginning, we started talking talking but she was fresh out of a relationship and even when we were official she still had feelings for the dude which made things very complicated. I still gave her chances though because she technically never acted on those lingering feelings for him (not that I know of) but fuck it gave me trust issues since I was still fairly new to the relationship game at the time and she was very well known for being a flirt as well as telling me herself that she's cheated on a dude before.    During the course of that relationship however, I got a bit caught up with my bestfriend (also girl) and we started talking about past feelings for each other and what ifs and I have to admit that those feelings for her were starting to pop up for me too but it was all talk and I never really did anything about it. I told my ex about the talks however and she got mad. Would that be considered cheating even though it was temporarily emotional and not physical at all?   All in all at the end, I decided to break it off because it was the summer before my senior year and I didn't want to go the whole senior year in a relationship where I'm just constantly arguing with the girl and primarily because I didn't want to hurt the chick any more because I was an insecure asshole. So even though there never was any cheating (once again that I was aware of) it was terrible as hell because no trust was there.    Now is that to say that if we agreed to an open relationship as long as we were honest to each other and trust was established, would things have been better?   To be honest I have no fucking clue I'm just procrastinating on a paper for World Religion and it's 2 in the AM fuckkkkk
  14. I remember you were awesome because of marching band.
  15. hmm   From what I can remember   Grant MSP Clayton Saleh Atem   Honorable Mention:   Reggie   And if we include yugiohs then SixShooter.