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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

    Nah you can only Pendulum Summon once per turn, since it doesn't use up the Pendulums or anything. So wait. You can do this once, each turn, right? I'm just SO confused... That is what is currently being suggested. But they don't have everything explained yet.   For example they still haven't said how you place the pendulums in the Pendulum Zones.
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

    Nah you can only Pendulum Summon once per turn, since it doesn't use up the Pendulums or anything.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

    You don't just summon 1 monster with Pendulum Summoning, you can summon any number of monsters from your hand, as well as face-up Pendulum Monsters in your Extra Deck that are of those levels.   And Pendulum Monsters that go from field to grave go face-up in your Extra Deck regardless of how they got on the field.
  4. Probably leaving.

    Game is shit Konmai is shit the playerbase is shit, all old facts. But is there really nothing here and from us that could make you feel like staying?
  5. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    K, I'm going on a month long vacation starting tomorrow and I don't intend on touching anything YGO related for the mean time, so I'm just gonna throw all my suggestions in one go along with some reasoning for them, do with them as you see fit. See you guys in a month or so.       As said before, I like Conspiring Druid and Conspiracy Shield   I like Phantom Wood Dragon and Phantom Water Dragon, but I don't really mind with whatever other word you guys wanna use for gen   I feel like calling the two other dragons something like Protect Dragon of Heavy Arms and Drain Dragon of Soul Devouring or something sounds better than just plain Protect Dragon and Drain Dragon   50/50 on Tanuki vs Raccoon, up to your preference   Shadow Vampire should be Vampire Shadow, but again, if we no longer feel like changing katakana names that's fine too   Rakshasa, but I'm sure you guys know this already   Gonna have to put my vote for Dei Grepher   I'm like sure the psychic is Genomics Fighter as in Engrish/Konmai and the English name is gonna be something simple like Genome Fighter   The new plant princess is actually Malina, not Marina   Rumbling Rock, as said before   A Murder of Crows is the best translation for the crows card, but I'm not sure if Konmai would be up for that word. Of course, one can argue that that's up to Konmai to come up with something then, but I personally feel like that's a cop-out.   Risebell the Star Waker / Caller or something?   Djinn Judge Buster and simply Judge Fiend   Melias the Wood Spirit   Felgrand Dragoon I feel like is the perfect name for this, works so well   Pyrallis the Violet Blaze Dragon or something works fine   Kiganjou is interesting. The name literally means Demon Stone Castle, the reading reminds one of Gigan Castle, while the other way of writing it is actually the Japanese name for the Leblanc novel L'aiguille creuse. Don't have a preference, go wild with this.   Mirresonance and Pot of Duplicity we should be good on I think?   For Kikodoudou, I like Triumphant because of Chivalry (Ifuudoudou) before it. If not that, I at least still insist on it being only one word to match it.   Awakening of the Monarchs, as was said   No problem with Breath of the Valiant   Survival of the Fittest   Daikinboshi means a huge unexpected win. So something on that line of thinking would be good.     Anyway, that's all I got, see you guys in a bit~ <3
  6. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    Oh, I didn't even realized that the second Oni wasn't translated with Blood in the English name. Then just go with whatever feels good to you guys on it.   Your text for Chau is really incorrect, the correct activation window is during attack declaration of a monster you control that is battling an opponent's monster and they use a Normal Trap.   I like the word Phantom a lot so I suggest that for the wood and water dragons, otherwise no preference.   What're we deciding for the tanukis? Keep it, or change it to raccoon? The only edge I see for raccoon is the veteraccoon pun.   It's Sabalhawk, as in Sabre+Global-hawk   I really don't like how Day Grepher looks, it bothers me to no end.   Suggesting Rumbling Rock for Granmarg so you can go R-R, also I'm pretty sure the drawing is simultaneous with the destruction   Suggesting Dirty Commissioner, but it seems like we're more against changing katakana than we used to be so it's up to you   Pyrallis' name is an irritating pun in Japanese, do we wanna keep it and try to cram violet/purple and fire/flame/etc into one word or translate the name directly?   I like Awakening of the Monarchs to match with March and to ignore the Kanji pun
  7. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    Yellow-Blooded Oni   Knight Dei Grepher to make it stay in line with Warrior Dai Grepher   I like Conspiring Druids and Conspiracy Shield     Most of those shita cards you listed generate a lingering effect rather than a specific prohibiting condition. The best comparison Genomix has is Warburan, which is worded pretty much the same and is ruled to function like Bahamu and Spar.
  8. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    Vampire Hunter for Belmont   Genomics should be like Warburan therefore it should be like Bahamut Shark     Also the second BK is gonna be Rapid Puncher for sure
  9. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    This is a really random question but if I remember correctly kahu you're Korean right?   If so I want to have a private conversation with you about something.
  10. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    Well I can pretty much say that if there's a long pun it's hardly noticeable. The only reason I can see to implement it would be its origins in the anime, otherwise it doesn't feel relevant enough to me.   I'm interested in why kahu wants it though.
  11. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    Why the g at the end
  12. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    >actually greening greentext       I don't AWOL that much, right?   ....
  13. Translation HQ - Shadow Specters

    The druids' names are stupid puns on the word "druid" itself, so they're more like "Uid" and "Drus".   I vote for Djinn Judge Buster and Fiendish Judge Lord for 65 and C65   I'm thinking we should go back and change Kengensuru Bujin, because we now know that it's part of a series of Bujin support that directly references the Three Treasures, instead of just being a pun on the fact that the Bujingi are weapons.
  14. Translation HQ - Structure Deck 25

    Suggestions:   Aokime no Otome = Blue-Eyed Maiden   Boufuuryuu no Sakamori = Storm Dragon Guard   Ryuu no Reibyou = Monument to the Dragons, Reibyou is usually translated as "mausoleum" into English, but that's a false equivalence, like calling Kenjutsu "fencing" or Kung Fu "boxing", it's just English speakers trying to tie up two things that aren't the same. Mausoleum is usually written as Ryoubo like in Mausoleum of the Emperor. The better term to use for it would be Shrine, but looking at the card art, I feel like Monument captures it better.   Ginryuu no Goukou = Silver Dragon's Roar   Ryuukon no Shiro = Dragonspirit Castle, I personally like how spirit sounds compared to soul, but it doesn't really matter that much here   Sougan no Ginryuu = Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
  15. Translation HQ - Judgment of the Light

    Quick rulings to help with the process     Chimera Cloth needs the reduction to do the second attack   V Salamander's destruction and burn are simult   Recycler's recycle and send are simult   Ghoul can use effect even when 0 ATK   Unform works even under opp's control   Wisp first effect works in DS   Can use Warburan's effect after you SS'd a non-Wind   Coltwing's destruction and banish is simult, can be used with Iron Wall face-up, in that case just destruction will resolve   Kihei works in DS   Genesis Daemon's selfdestruction starts a chain   G can't be used in DS   CONDORUDA CAN'T BE USED IN DS   Victory can be used on any monster, meaning it's an "also" effect   Garakuta's material grabbing is not simult with summon   Glorious Halo has to halve the ATK to negate the effect, but can be used on Normals   C104's hand des and burn are simult, but have to hand des to burn   Can SS vanillas and 0/0s with Reception   Bujin Kourin doesn't have to summon both if one of the target moves, despite the fact that the text says "2" on it   If you target with Youkou, you have to discard a BW and destroy a monster, and you have to discard a BW in order to destroy the monster   Tranceturn works on the stat in grave, THE REASON WHY IT'S DIFFERENT FROM INSECT IMITATION IS BECAUSE THEY'RE DIFFERENT CARDS   blackwhite's banish and draw are simult, have to banish to draw