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  1. 2-1 with pure Performage. Pray for me.
  2. Ride cancelled on me last minute.  RIP the dream.
  3. Picking up TSTH for around $2-3 is perfectly fine imo, at worst you break even getting rid of them.
  4. Still gotta find a way to go up there lmao   But I'll be there.
  5. I will never again believe that driving to Texas is the smart play.  I should have just taken the L on the $140 round trip flight than spend 48 hours in a car.
  6.   Apparently it was buying/selling cards at an event.  He was playing and they came up to confront him.  When he asked if they had proof, they didn't have anything, so they gave him a DQ.
  7. Gonna drive from California apparently.  Whelp.
  8. Been messing with the Gem stuff since it's probably the quickest way to make the R4 Engine really go in the deck without Chain.   3 Math 3 Assault Halberd/Thrasher 2 Thousand Blades 2 Garnet (For Brill Fusion) 3 Juggler 3 Clown 2 Tricker 2 Maxx/Veiler 1 Glow-Up   Staple Spells 3 Brilliant Fusion   3 Mistake 3 Fiendish 1 Vanity's Staple Traps   Extra is pretty much standard R4s and 5s, 1 Gem-Knight Seraphanite (Additional Normal Summon), Naturia Beast, and Trishula.   Deck is extremely gimmicky, so it'll take some more time to work on stuff.  Basic T1 stuff is setting up grave with Math or Brilliant.  Ideal T1 is Brilliant dumping Juggler/Clown and Garnet.  Bring out Seraphanite, additional summon Math/Level 4.  You can make Ptolemaeus and go into whatever you really need for the turn.  Usually I'll try to make a Beast turn 1 if I know what I'm playing against, but eh.
  9. I'll just do it when I see him tomorrow
  10. Forgot to mention the Gem-Knight engine (3 Brill Fusion, 2 Garnet).  A future fusion-esque card with an additional normal summon isn't bad.
  11.   I need a large word art picture pls
  12. I have loyalist already   what happens if I donate like $20
  13. This card kinda just got bought out progressively, and after realgooddeal sold out the ceiling on them went away and pushed for higher prices.
  14. Ghost Ogre is completely out everywhere.  It was only a matter of time.
  15. Wow you weren't kidding about actually making a discussion about this