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  1. League of Legends

    League of lucian
  2. League of Legends

    For anyone that plays ADC, specifically vayne, what do you guys take into account when choosing between getting rapidfire/pd/stat shiv?
  3. League of Legends

    Howdy, i'm currently getting this "Rads error" thing when i try to open up league, saying that either my internet isn't connected or my firewall is blocking it.  I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling, restarting my comp, turning off my firewall and pulling out my ethernet and putting it back in and nothing seems to work. Anyone fixed this problem before?
  4. League of Legends

    So i'm thinking about getting back into league and would just like to know a couple of things. 1: how does this dynamic queue thing work? 2: is zed viable atm?
  5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I thought it was pretty good. Definitely dragged a bit but everything about batfleck was great. I think they should just bring zach on board for fight choreography and get someone else to direct these movies tho
  6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    You shouldn't pay much attention to imbd ratings dude, literally anyone can vote on a movie regardless of whether they've seen it or if it's even out yet or not. Just watch the movie and see what you think
  7. kanye the life of pablo

    You really think graduation is his worst album?   Also, ULB is fucking great
  8.   As if you wouldnt play kozmo with me   Had a bad experience at regionals :/
  9. Hello friends, i will most likely be in need of 3 pepe wizards and 1 infinity. Does anyone have these cards for me?
  10. Fantastic Four

    Pretty late on seeing this, i actually loved the first 80 minutes as a sci-fi/horror movie. Such a shame about the ending though :(
  11. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Whatever villian that is does have laser eyes. Lex obv just took zod and modified him and they're going to call him something
  12. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I think michael shannon spilling the beans of essentially him being doomsday may have had a factor in them showing him in full with this trailer. The batman vs superman part of this movie is looking real nice, but like people said if they just throw doomsday in at the end it may be a bit of a waste.
  13. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fis-9Zqu2Ro&feature=youtu.be&a I'm so fucking keeeeeeeeeeeeen for this movie
  14. Selling 3 solemn notice $1000 each, if you want em you can find me in the kids pool
  15. Captain America: Civil War

    I think i'd pay for the ticket just to see that fight at the end alone, and i dont even like half of marvel's movies