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  1. ARG Atlantic City October 10-11

    Ryan's just the best right now tbh.
  2. I'm still down to do this if we ever get enough. Can make payment when it's actually going to happen. BTW am I ever getting my shirt from Cairo?
  3. UDS Philly Tournament

    yeah im just gonna stop going to konami events apparently they are way too hard
  4. arg 25k philly august 14-16

    Got heavily outplayed in top 16. Free flight next format!
  5. arg 25k philly august 14-16

    Topped both events. Shipped it to Albanese in top 8 of the Player's Championship (could not ask for a more deserving champion in Nic Ma). Went x-1 yesterday only losing to thebuttonmasher. All four actual players in my car topped. I'm so happy rep is back. This tournament report is going to be unfair.
  6. arg 25k philly august 14-16

    Less than four days until I tear a new one into your current poor excuse of a "champion" and take my long-deserved seat onto the throne. As The Player's Champion, I promise to bring vast change in the levels of competition within the Yugioh scene and revamp what it means to be "good" as we know it. If that sounds like the pitch for a political ad, think again, because I sure as hell don't want or need your 'vote'. There are two sides to the battle of Tahan/Lisgathe, and I am not here to take down names or ask for opinions. As far as I'm concerned, you are either on my team, or you are a loser. You might as well be a Redskins fan with that attitude! At least make yourself useful and call me a doctor, cause you people make me sick. Go ahead and sell that vacuum cleaner I bought your mom earlier this week because if you're Team Lisgathe, you fucking suck. Your entire existence is like an unsharpened pencil. I shouldn't have to spell this one out for you; it really is that simple.   Diehard fans of important legacies love to devise "Mount Rushmores" for their given sport. Most wrestling fans, for example, would argue that the four faces on the WWE Mount Rushmore are Ric Flair, Hulk Hugan, The Rock, and John Cena. After this Friday, ALL Yugioh fans will be arguing that there should only be one face for their sport- and I can promise you that it will not be Alyxander "Based Loli" Lisgathe's. Did he spend 80 hours each week of the last month testing? No. Did he save ideas for over half a year specifically for this event? No. Did anybody tell him about Utopia? No.     This Friday, only on Pay-Per-View (free on twitch.tv/arglive), come witness The Age Of Your New Champion: The Dawn Of Tahan.   Alyx, if you're reading this (we both know that you are because you're a fucking fan just like the rest), this Friday, feel free to get in line. You can bring a camera for a picture. You can even bring a sharpie for an autograph. But save the pen for yourself. You see, I'm a humble guy; I'll even let you sign the match slip first! While you're at it, you can just go ahead and save us time by checking my name at the bottom. Make sure it's legible.
  7. Just hold it the weekend after Toronto and it's lit. 25k is this weekend, weird new Konami pseduo-YCS Philly thing is next weekend, and YCS Toronto is the weekend after.
  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Hate that Rollins lost clean but Cena is a fucking monster for working through that.
  9. Donation drive

    Can think of nothing better than a dgz "best in the world" custom t shirt. Just booked Philly, Toronto, and Dallas simultaneously so my account is financially mitigated for the time being, but I'll happily donate a generous amount on next Friday if I remember/am reminded. Edit: kind of new to PayPal but I won a shit ton for being dcs Cairo champion and have it just sitting on my paypal acc - can I donate from there somehow?
  10. Seven - A Detailed Recountment of ARG Charlotte

    Well I want to start by stating that this deck is strictly only playable in ARG format, which only spans for one more event. In addition, said event will have a new set legality, and many of the cards that are being released are structurally unreal. Some are even more unfair than Kuribandit. I'm not saying Bandit still doesn't have a role in ARG format going forward, but don't look for me to be playing it at the Player's Championship.
  11. arg 25k philly august 14-16

      Be there.
  12. ARG Providence 2015

    13 hour drive is fucking sick and I have work at 8:30 on Monday so if the math works out it means I would need to leave by 7pm, which would be cutting it close in the best of 5 finals, and get exactly 0 sleep. Plus the only person from my area who would even consider going with me is Nicky Nicky and he can't drive. Really I just want to pass Albanese in points before the Player's Championship.     ... I'll probably roll for it tomorrow night at locals
  13. arg charlotte

    Real talk, CS rank?   The double AK one with the stars next to it, no idea what it's called. I think I'm like 1 win off Eagle. If that's what the next one is called. I'm bad with names. In League I'm Plat 3. Pretty garbage.
  14. arg charlotte

    It takes a special kind of person to be the Best In The World. I'll probably forget about you entirely by tomorrow, but I take temporary solace in knowing that my posts were influential enough on you for you to have formed a lasting opinion. Cheers!
  15. arg charlotte

      bruh dont make me quote your post on my tournament report lmaoo   Senpai please be reasonable.