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  1. wind up september 2013

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since i posted something here but well i have almost skipped last format and just recently got back into the game! I built this deck like a couple of days ago so i have limited testing with it (like 40 games agains dragons, fire fist and mermails). 3 wind-up rabbit 3 wind-up rat 3 wind-up shark 3 redox 3 maxx "C" 2 tragoedia 2 wind-up warrior 2 summoner monk 1 wind-up magician 3 wind-up factory 3 d.d.r. 3 typhoon 3 forbidden lance 2 tenki 1 book of moon 1 dark hole 1 mind control 1 gold sarcophagus Extra: 1 big eye 1 dracossack 1 gaia 1 volca 1 tiras 1 zenmaioh 1 papilloperative 1 dweller 1 diamond dire wolf 1 maestroke 1 cowboy (still debating if i should play this or acid golem but i stole some games with it so i'm not too sure about it) 1 leviair 1 soul of silvermountain (this shit is so op) 1 zenmaines 1 invoker No side at the moment but essentially there will be 3 mind drains and 3 veilers plus some useful stuff. Deck is still a beast at generating card advantage trough rabbit-factory and drawing warriors is not the worst thing ever since they can be discarded for redox effect so that's why i play 2. Redox is so broken in this, using rat or mages multiple times while loading grave with rabbits/warriors/dead "C" is also a nice plus. I also love redox for it's ability to banish rats from grave to bring them back woth ddrs. The only thing in the main deck that i'm not too sure about are monks since it getting veilered sucks a lot. Sorry for my bad english as always.
  2. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Well wu were hit really hard.. But mermail and brofist weren't.. So we have a deck that struggles against mermails and brofist even at it's maximum power, so after march it will struggle even more.. I'm not saying that it's unplayable, I'm saying that it lost the edge that made it competitive.. It will be a regional topper deck at best.. Nothing more but a lot less probably.. But still a fun deck to use.. Unfortunately
  3. Wind-Up - Discussion

    yeah adding a silver bullet to this deck is a boost, but well our gun isn't really that good at shooting right now :(, however volcasaurus into gaia is still freaking good.
  4. Wind-Up - Discussion

    the more i test the deck, the less i think it will be relevant competitively.. i've tried every type of shit in it, monk engine, tenki engine, instant fusion combo-shit engine.. still it's a fun deck that can make some fancy combos but hell fuck shit dick it sucks and cannot stand a chance against fucking mermails and fucking brofists.. i give up and i'll just remember all the good games i've played with THE deck not some shit surrugate of it. sorry for my bad english anyway!
  5. Wind-Up - Discussion

    well probably it's because i've loved the deck.. however i'll have to get away with it :( still i'll try to find something new to work on.. goodbye for now wind-ups
  6. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Or you could just go Mage, shark, bring out shark, and make shock master Well that's obvious lol however it would end up as a 2 for 1 instead of a 3 for 3
  7. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Well guys I've already developed a new combo to xyz shock without maity :) but it needs mag shark factory or mag 2 sharks Mag shark summon rat Xyz pap eff on rat Rat eff on mag Summon shark from hand mag eff for 3rd shark Shark lv3 xyz invoked eff for warrior and then xyz shock with mag shark and warrior :) Still a ray of hope boyz lol
  8. Wind-Up - Discussion

    What about maiming mind crush? Good vs mermail, brofist, prophecy, wu and it's chainable.. It's one of the worst top deck ever but it has a lot of pros and well it only shines in the right hands.. I think that it's worth testing at the moment.. Thoughts?
  9. Wind-Up - Discussion

    faith do you think that the lone tk is needed? i think that 2 CCD and tk conflict a bit with your game plan, yeah tk is probably the best standalone monster right now but dropping it isn't too bad of an idea to drop your deck count to 40. is road really needed? i know that with CCD you tend to set a lot more cards to survive and that it can steal games at times but is it really needed? however to include DDW you can drop acid golem or leviathan dragon, temtempo is still a freaking good card!
  10. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Speaking of veiler, garon do you think it's worth being maindecked again? I main one and side another in my CCD build and I find it really useful at least as a one of since CCD mitigates the inherent -1.
  11. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Right.. Ycs is the priority right now, however I was just speculating the deck capabilities even with some hard hits.. Sorry for going off topic ;) Anyway CCD is worth trying in here cause Wu plays a lot of traps that can and will protect the advantage gained trough it, even if it eats up our normal summon I think that the pros outweighs the cons considering that tk is not as good as before.. My 2 cents :)
  12. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Hi guys.. I was wondering what are your thoughts about the ban hammer on Wu.. I think that factory and magician will be hit to one.. Still it has the capabilities to irk the opponent with a magician and 2 sharks/1 shark and a factory.. Here's the combo I've found to otk: Summon mage Reveal shark Summon rat of mag Xyz pap Eff on rat detaching mage Rat eff on mag Trigger 2nd shark on mag summon Summon rabbit with mag eff Rabbit eff on mag Xyz rat and rabbit for leviair Bring back mag Shark lv3 trigger mag and summon hunter Hunter eff tribute mag Xyz hunter and shark for amity Maity eff for rat Rat bring back hunter Xyz for giga/acid Giga eff Field maity 1800+ giga 2100+ pap 2400+ leviair 2100= 8400 Otk into an open field but still hard to do supposing mag and factory gets limited.. Sorry for my bad English btw
  13. Wind-Up - Discussion

    diamond dire wolf is nuts especially when you loop rabbit-mag.. i'm currently testing this extra and i am really liking it 1x zenmaioh 1x tiras 1x adreus 1x shock-lock bitch 1x papillo 1x dire wolf 1x maestroke 1x dweller 1x acid golem 1x soul of silver mountain 1x giga brilli-ant 1x leviair 1x temtempo 1x zenmaines 1x zenmaity haven't really missed anything except maybe utopia cause i needed a rank 4 beater
  14. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='knives1990' timestamp='1356601072' post='3358200'] I find it economical to destroy things as often as I can even if they are stunned. This has worked for me. I can't be scared of Gorz all the time. If they drop it, ok I'll need to deal with it. But I screwed up their board beforehand. And on trap stun, sometimes I go for game, sometimes I Play a little less aggressive, and other times (mostly though tbh) I bring him out and resolve it's effect and game that turn. Most of the time, I don't have something like trap stun or silvermountain but zenmaioh still feels better sometimes than a tiras [/quote] or you can just atk with all and if they're not dead already dead pop their cards during mp2.. people tend to forgot that there's a mp2 LOL however i'm really liking zenmaioh lately
  15. Night Beam

    [quote name='Henry' timestamp='1355969422' post='3352494'] [quote name='orangeeyes' timestamp='1355948360' post='3352190'] It's good in Inzektors and other decks where your most important plays are easily disrupted. Obviously you're not going to run it over any copies of MST, but it can act well as a 4th MST. [/quote] That's how I feel about it as well, but I guess I'll try it out. I just like the fact they can't chain in response to it targeting the card. [/quote] Well they can always chain another card to night beam, then chain the targetted card to the other one..