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  1. Dueling Network

  2. Prophecy/Spellbook - Discussion

    Why are u extra decking syncs with no tuners mained/sided ?
  3. First [2013 NAWCQ Report]

    Good job buddy , sux u didn't win it all  good luck @ worlds
  4. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    About Bulletproofs post  Regarding Mausoleum , that play would be illegal because u can't normal summon twice per turn on normal conditions. Regarding Dark Core,  Lightning vortex is just better since u shouldn't be using your removal until u can drop game or setup an eev play and in both cases gettin rid of jowgen 4 good would be irelevant.  
  5. Dueling Network

  6. Flawless

    i guess its time
  7. Dueling Network

    > open fac magi shark sj fiendish bth > crash tears
  8. Prosecution Vs Flawless

    i guess g1 was my mistake 4 scooping out 2 quick forgeting i had b skilled the megalo that turn but i got tilted after the last card in your hand was poa into reborn 4 mark after it so even if u poped my mf i woulda lived cus megalo wouldn't have atked twice g2 i came back low on life after some degenerate turn 1 , he is left on topdecking and draws storm teus + water in row while im poking with shark and maines thats ygo i guess gg
  9. Prosecution Vs Flawless

    2-1 over shuren ggs
  10. Harold and Kumars vs. Flawless

    thats ! <3 true religions nr 823283 alt
  11. Flawless

    We had some inactive members lately but we should be getting more active soon , also the 3 wars we are on have been going on forever due to both teams having max 3 active members which can't find an appropriate time to war
  12. Prosecution Vs Flawless

    2-1 dadmasterr ggs