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  1. YCS Toronto 2013 Aug 31-Sept 1st?

    ew isnt that vicking yeah it is XD how are both of u doing lel
  2. YCS Toronto 2013 Aug 31-Sept 1st?

    any info on Victor Li?
  3. Rock Stun 2012

    hmmm i will consider that actualy thank you wonder what i should take out tho
  4. i doubt this could fight rabbit and inzektors V_V but gl chikago ;D
  5. Tribute Gaia XYZ

    ima try gemknights as well lawl thanx but im not sure if itd work as well as with these meirus
  6. Neosphere Shenanigans

    sure that could work but shouldnt you add something else to speed it up?i love the whole bounce eff never thought to use it
  7. Blackwing - Gladius the White Knight

    they will both see enough play from me this is sexy ima big Silverwind fan
  8. EVOLS for YCS

    there will definetly be 3 Gemini Imps in there even with the shadow mirrors you still need the imps
  9. Gallis Chaos Dragons

    OMFG THAT LAST SCREEN IS SEXY *your argument is invalid XD* i also tried it and im 3-0 with it it works great the LaDD is working perfect in there
  10. Gallis Chaos Dragons

    Viper i totaly wanna duel this try 1 LaDD i wanna see how that works and maybe just a solo avarice if not more spells?
  11. Neosphere Shenanigans

    omg wolfy i love you <3 that deck is so sexy but you have to wait quite some time for ur neosphere to be dropped by atk no?and even if it is its posible to be warned ;S whats your easiest way to get it
  12. Tribute Gaia XYZ

    just seemed sexy in this ._. and it works so please post something that helps next time D:
  13. Tribute Gaia XYZ

    no my combos are all tribute monsters really so Edge,Puppet and Caius they all work and if they dont i just go Dark Gaia
  14. Karakuris

    hmm card seems sexy tho but still im barely a newb with karakuri never had interest in them except for karakuri geargia version
  15. Goblin Stun!!!

    [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sJe2l.jpg[/IMG] 3x Barbados 3x Goblin Attack Force 2x Goblin Black Opps 3x Goblin Elite Force 3x Goblin Maraud Squad 2x Goblindbergh 1x Gransoil 2x Maxx C 3x Forbidden Lance 2x Forbidden Chalice 1x ROTA 1x Heavy Storm 1x MRB 1x Dark Hole 1x MST 3x Horn of PB 3x Skill Drain 1x Solemn J 2x Torrential Tribute 2x Starlight Road 2x Stardust 2x Blade Armor 1x Excalibur 1x Pearl 1x Shark Drake 2x Utopia 1x Shock Master 1x Chaos Utopia 1x Roach 1x Disigma 2x Zenmaisters This deck is...LAWL.Its pretty much a new TG Stun its search is Limited but it does still have high ATK power.I was thniking of dualities but no room and just seem to drop them lol consistancy is not an issue.The goblins are in there for the high atk,even the Black Opps hes 1300 Direct attacker so hes pretty buff and also hes Beast Warrior so i kept him there as a Horn target i run 2 chalice cuz i dont really love hand traps that much cept for Maxx C chalice is sexy just makes barbados 3400 when opponent attacks and also makes your goblins 2600-2700 and doesnt let them switch to defence.Drain is there for the same reason-barbados and the goblin defence switch issue.I only wonder if i should change the 2 Maxx C to 2 Card Cars or maybe 2 Shards of Greed.Any suggestions tell me