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  1. The YGOrganization -[OCG] Two New Card Reveals

    Well when the TV show production team's guy in charge of writing the show hates / is bad at writing/rationalizing card game battles, you kinda gotta do the work yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. It's more likely a Level 7~8 Dinosaur Deck. Since the older Deck is themed after Tyranno Kenzan (Tyranno Hassleberry), they're likely to go with that, which means it's probably going to focus on Level 7~8 Tyrannos/Dinos, and a focus on Cheat Summons via "Evolution Pills"
  3. I honestly think they're designing these guys and SPYRAL to basically need the 3rd or 4th wave of support before they become anything to really boast about. Like Exiled said: U.A.-y
  4. It's a reference to when Neos beats over FGD, yes, and the fact Neos with Honest's wings was featured heavily in Precious Time, Glory Days, the fourth opening of GX in Japan.
  5. Ritual Sanctuary + Your Big Reds + This :|a
  6. 1. Special Summon Terrortop, search for Taketomborg2. M-X-Saber Invoker3. Mormorat A4. Xyz Change Molmorat into Wildbow5. Use the effect of Wildbow to Special Summon Molmorat B6. Wildbow into Tigeress7. Use Tigeress's effect to make Molmorat A an Xyz Material8. Special Summon Molmorat C with Tigress' effect.9. Xyz Change Tigress into Bullhorn10. Search Coach Captain Bearman with the effect of Bullhorn11. Use the effect of Coach Captain Bearman12. Coach King Giantrainer13. Bullhorn Xyz Changes into Draconia14. End Field is M-X-Saber Invoker, Draconia, Giantrainer, with 3 cards drawn and 1 card destroyed.
  7. The YGOrganization -[TCG] Smol INOV Checklist posted

    Yeh. But it's kind of pointless when the Pendulum Domination stuff was likely already printed or at least on the printing line when they bumped it for Felgrand. I don't think Konami's going to waste a main booster slot for a product that's already confirmed to be coming out. Kind of redundant when they can make the wait a bit longer and get other cards in queue over here. SPYRAL would be near the end of the 80s where it starts. More likely it's a generalized Machine-Type Synchro to make you want to play Crystrons more (hence Space Dragster as well). But it might be able to be used in a Synchro based SPYRAL Deck if you wanna.
  8. The YGOrganization -[TCG] Smol INOV Checklist posted

    They might not bother with the D/Ds since they're all going to be printed in late January.
  9. The YGOrganization -[RATE] Cyber Angel Stuff

    It wasn't translated wrong. That's exactly what it is, ensane.
  10. The YGOrganization -[RATE] New Crystrons

    The first card is wrong. It's shuffle the Synchro Materials back into the Deck, not place on top of the Deck.
  11. Supernatural

    And any final bosses by now might as well be Crowley, Crowley's Mom, and the Men of Letters' remaining members.
  12. Supernatural

    Focus on making it more small and personal, then.
  13. The YGOrganization -[TCG] OTS Tournament Pack 2

    Yes. This is the successor.
  14. The YGOrganization -[INOV] Tellarknight Vatraemus

    Tierra came out of the Qliphort System on the Bottom of the tree Ultimate Providence happens. And then for reasons, Terrorknight Valty here becomes a thing. Everything else is "Eight Ball Hazy, Try Again"
  15. The YGOrganization -[INOV] Tellarknight Vatraemus

    Shrug. I'd say wait for the next few sets and what the next Master Guide has to say, since this and the Dracoslayer story are probably going to eat up most of that book. There's nothing saying it's gonna be pure. Like hell, we might have as a counter to this, Zefracore (Repurified Gem-Knight Crystal) and Zefranaga (Kerykeion returned) fuse together to form a new LIGHT Attribute Shaddoll to make up for Construct being banned. And then we have that guy fight Terrorknight.