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  1. YVD10/Yugioh Virtual Desktop 10

    Of note, loading should not be tied to a blank non-descript button. Loading a deck and attempt to Shuffle Main Deck on the Playmat area, the command prompt gives an immediate string of lines before the program crashes entirely. Attempting to click on the spot where the deck would be also causes the program to crash, again, after loading up the deck. This is also what happens when you click on the Deck Space. String in Command Window, crash. And then again, same result when you click to Reset Game Basically attempting to do anything on the Playmat basically causes a string in the command line to occur and then it crashes.
  2. YVD10/Yugioh Virtual Desktop 10

    It has more to do with the nature that almost no program worth a damn does it. People, and I mean extremely normal people, will freak out and panic when they see Command Line code. For the average user including folks who download this program, they'll assume they've obtained a virus, broken their computer or worse. Command Line is "not normal" for most people and spooks them. Again, keep in mind, users aren't programmers. And most people who will want to use Database editing will want it to be idiot proof, so the easier it is to edit on the user end, the better, I'd wager. I refer to being able to load your Deck and then draw cards from your Deck and play them without being connected to an opponent, period. An oft-times problem for users of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop is the inability to connect via protocols, usually due to firewalls and ISP security. If the program can't load decks without being connected, that makes it far less useful due to that underlying issue of people having trouble connecting. (And it was extremely common back in the day). As well, plenty of people would often use YVD to test opening hands. No, but I can show you pictures: From my friend: "Here's the full deck. I'm clicking Save Deck here." "And then I attempt to Load Deck. It erases the deck I had built up on display and then claims no such file exists" "Meanwhile, within the Decks folder of the YVD10 folder, the decks exist. <@Linka> Meaning that they successfully saved, they just refuse to be found by the program. "Also, 40 Bite Shoes", noting the program lacks an ability to limit how many copies of a card you can put in, of even a 3 card cap. "Clicking Settings also does nothing." As in nothing happens, it opens no window or settings for my friend or I to adjust.
  3. YVD10/Yugioh Virtual Desktop 10

    Thoughts: I definitely like a version of "YVD" that can use Pendulums and Links non-awkwardly. The thing seems extremely buggy though. (Especially since it has a Command Line Code Window open which I'm fairly sure is a no no.) How easy is the Database to edit when new TCG text comes up? Because that's something of extreme importance to me, if I want to adopt this over the older YVD from XeroCreative. How do you add or modify the database to begin with? I tried looking and there's just a "Add from CSV File Address" bar. Remember to develop this to be user/idiot proof. I'm not sure why you're not using something similar to the existant Set File Structure of the original YVD. Also, is it possible to play Solitaire? I have friends whose computers can never directly connect, but we heavily use play games by playing both our computers Solitaire. I would really love to see this project develop into a much more stable version. Edit: Friends and I have tried to make Decks, it's worked, but we can't load them.
  4. Supernatural

    And any final bosses by now might as well be Crowley, Crowley's Mom, and the Men of Letters' remaining members.
  5. Supernatural

    Focus on making it more small and personal, then.
  6. They're in the OCG. They're just not meta because the format is a struggle between Metalfoes.Good.Stuff, D/D Spam, Blue-Eyes and Phantom Knights Speedroid Burning Abyss. And now ABC.
  7. Dueling Network

    Two have been announced. One is Duel Links, the mobile phone Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic era game (with Yugi, Kaiba and Mai et al) Second is Saikyo Card Battle, a freemium 3DS game. Both run on "Speed Duels" (4 card opening hand, 3 S/T, 3 Monster Zone Fields, and 20 Card Decks and 3 card Extras) Thirdly is the yet unknown PC/Console Game.
  8. Dueling Network

    Divine Serpent Geh uploaded to DN.
  9. Dueling Network

    SDMY: 電磁石の戦士α added as "Alpha the Electromagnet Warrior" 電磁石の戦士β added as "Beta the Electromagnet Warrior" 電磁石の戦士γ added as "Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior" 電磁石の戦士マグネット・ベルセリオン added as "Berserion the Electromagna Warrior" クリボーン added as "Reborn Kuriboh" マグネット・フィールド added as "Magnet Field" 黒魔術の継承 added as "Dark Magic Succession" マグネット・コンバーション added as "Magnet Conversion" 超電導戦機インペリオン・マグナム added as "Imperium Magnum the Superconductor Machine" Alt Art Space for Arcana Knight Joker uploaded SDKS: A-アサルト・コア added as "A-Assault Core" B-バスター・ドレイク added as "B-Buster Drake" C-クラッシュ・ワイバーン added as "C-Crush Wyvern" 強化支援メカ・ヘビーアーマー added as "Heavy Mech Support Armor" ユニオン格納庫 added as "Union Hanger" 青き眼の威光 added as "Authority of the Eyes of Blue" スクランブル・ユニオン added as "Scramble Union" AtoZ-ドラゴン・バスターキャノン added as "AtoZ-Dragon Buster Cannon" ABC-ドラゴン・バスター added as "ABC-Dragon Buster" Promo: 沈黙の魔導剣士-サイレント・パラディン added as "Silent Paladin"
  10. Dueling Network

    DP17-JP001 《沈黙の剣士-サイレント・ソードマン》 added as: Silent Swordsman DP17-JP002 《沈黙の魔術師-サイレント・マジシャン》 added as: Silent Magician DP17-JP003 《沈黙の剣》 added as: Silent Sword DP17-JP004 《サイレント・バーニング》 added as: Silent Burning DP17-JP005 《マグネット・リバース》 added as: Magnet Reverse DP17-JP006 《マグネット・フォース》 added as: Magnet Force DP17-JP007 《アルティメット・バースト》 added as: Neutron Blast DP17-JP008 《天声の服従》 added as: Lullaby of Obedience DP17-JP009 《埋葬されし生け贄》 added as: Tribute Burial DP17-JP010 《ダーク・サンクチュアリ》 added as: Dark Sanctuary
  11. Supernatural

    I dunno, I liked that the season's ending kind of subverted the usual "Blow up the big bad" finale the show's repeated every season. Where instead of blowing up Amara, she got a redemption. Though, I suppose going to something more "Down to Earth" with focusing on the Men of Letters sort of makes sense for next season. Assuming the Show Runner for next season doesn't repeat Season 6 and 7 (7 especially. 6 could be stomached as 'starting over' Post Script, but 7 just turned into stupid political trash.)
  12. Dueling Network

    Slifer the Sky Dragon (Alt Art) Added to Dueling Network
  13. Dueling Network

    CPF1-JP001 《オッドアイズ・ミラージュ・ドラゴン》 as Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon CPF1-JP002 《EMユニ》 as Performapal Uni CPF1-JP003 《EMコン》 as Performapal Corn CPF1-JP004 《RR-ナパーム・ドラゴニアス》 as Raidraptor - Napalm Dragonius CPF1-JP005 《RR-ブレード・バーナー・ファルコン》 as Raidraptor - Blade Burner Falcon CPF1-JP006 《The tripping MERCURY》 as The Tripper Mercury CPF1-JP007 《The blazing MARS》 as The Blazing Mars CPF1-JP008 《The grand JUPITER》 as The Grand Jupiter CPF1-JP009 《The despair URANUS》 as The Despair Uranus CPF1-JP010 《The suppression PLUTO》 as The Suppression Pluto CPF1-JP011 《サイバー・プチ・エンジェル》 as Cyber Petit Angel CPF1-JP012 《サイバー・エンジェル-弁天-》 as Cyber Angel - Benten CPF1-JP013 《サイバー・エンジェル-韋駄天-》 as Cyber Angel - Idaten CPF1-JP014 《サイバー・エンジェル-荼吉尼-》 as Cyber Angel - Dakini CPF1-JP015 《機械天使の儀式》 as Machine Angel Ritual CPF1-JP016 《祝福の教会-リチューアル・チャーチ》 as Ritual Sanctuary CPF1-JP017 《レッド・ノヴァ》 as Red Nova CPF1-JP018 《眠れる巨人ズシン》 as Zushin the Sleeping Giant CPF1-JP019 《手をつなぐ魔人》 as Hand-Holding Majin CPF1-JP020 《スクラム・フォース》 as Scrum Force CPF1-JP021 《No.100 ヌメロン・ドラゴン》 as Number 100: Numeron Dragon CPF1-JP022 《No.24 竜血鬼ドラギュラス》 as Number 24: Vampiric Dragulas CPF1-JP023 《No.45 滅亡の予言者 クランブル・ロゴス》 as Number 45: Crumble Logos CPF1-JP024 《No.51 怪腕のフィニッシュ・ホールド》 as Number 51: Finish Hold the Amazing CPF1-JP025 《No.59 背反の料理人》 as Number 59: Back the Cook CPF1-JP026 《No.78 ナンバーズ・アーカイブ》 as Number 78: Number Archive CPF1-JP027 《No.98 絶望皇ホープレス》 as Number 98: Dystopia CPF1-JP028 《光波翼機》 as Cipher Wing CPF1-JP029 《銀河眼の光波竜》 as Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon CPF1-JP030 《銀河影竜》 as Galaxy Stealth Dragon CPF1-JP031 《花札衛-松-》 as Cardian - Matsu CPF1-JP032 《花札衛-芒-》 as Cardian - Susuki CPF1-JP033 《花札衛-柳-》 as Cardian - Yanagi CPF1-JP034 《花札衛-桐-》 as Cardian - Kiri CPF1-JP035 《花札衛-松に鶴-》 as Cardian - Matsu ni Tsuru CPF1-JP036 《花札衛-芒に月-》 as Cardian - Susuki ni Tsuki CPF1-JP037 《花札衛-柳に小野道風-》 as Cardian - Yanagi ni Ono no Michikaze CPF1-JP038 《花札衛-桐に鳳凰-》 as Cardian - Kiri ni Houou CPF1-JP039 《花札衛-雨四光-》 as Cardian - Ameshikou CPF1-JP040 《花合わせ》 as Hana Awase Promo: Mahad the Protector Priest
  14. Supernatural

    I'm saying they made it a letdown by making it Episode 20 out of 23 instead of Episode 22 of 23. The other two episodes are going to be filler cruft.
  15. Supernatural

    The problem is they took a strong episode. And then made the finale after it three episodes. Which is generally going to kill things. I expect them to fuck up at this point to be honest, since they got to the point they needed to drag God in at all. And we'll get God's Mom. Because the show will not end.