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  1. Rocknrolla

    hahaha that's probably true. Lock Stock was the first one I saw, so it's mine.
  2. Game Review: Fallout 3

    Even if you search for them, they don't help that much. this is Ray btw >_>
  3. skram fans

    Off topic, you were so wrong about There Will Be Blood. Epic movie.
  4. skram fans

    Dude you made "him" listen to HIHA.
  5. skram fans

    They're not as good as Envy. They're harder than Envy, however. Three guesses as to who I am.
  6. European Championship

    10-0 for sure.
  7. UK PT Finals

    OMG. Joe wins all games in swiss then loses in top8 . Congratz to Joe,Rob and Paul.
  8. The Italien Nats final done this. The final was best out of 5.
  9. Mystical Space Typhoon

    Elaborate.Most decks run numerous floaters. Why would you waste a slot in your deck for a 1-1 card when the card you are trying to destroy with result in your opponent losing advantage instead of having an even trade? Gd post!!
  10. New bandwagon, YGO

    Simon Ho IMO is average. THATS ALL. Simon got really lucky in NATS and EUROS. He is only consistant in sheffield and manchester tournaments cuz there is not that many gd people who go to those tournaments.
  11. USA Vs. UK

    are u back and playing well? i am back but not sure if i am playing well
  12. European Players

    soup sounds great