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  1. itt I give you hope

    Can I have some hope to beat Z-ONE?
  2. Blackwing

    Black Sonic isnt great. In order for it to be any better than Dimensional Prison you are aiming on having 2 monsters on your opponents field, and mostly if your opponent is going to control more than 1 monster, they will find an out withone of them of either your backrow or your bw monster. Another thing to mention is how the deck has Kalut and Icarus so most of the time your opponent will try to hit your backrow or frontrow fully before making a big play etc. It just seems too situational.   Also 1 Sirocco, 2 Blizzard, 1 Koichi and 1 Cloaked seem a bit awkward, feels like you would need 1 or 2 Cfbf inorder for these not to dead draw too much, I suggest removing a Blizzard and Sirocco and or Cloaked though I havent tried Cloacked so im not sure.
  3. 2 Level 4 monsters You can only use 1 "Winged Skyblaster Castel" effect per turn, and only once that turn. You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 face-up monster on the field; change that monster to face-down Defense Position. You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card, then target 1 other face-up card on the field; shuffle that target into the Deck.   Didnt see a thread for this and I feel like it deserves discussion, as it seems like a better Diamond Dire Wolf due to second effect. But first effect has uses as well.
  4. Babby's First Dark World Deck

      unlike pojo atleast people here dont call their decks a "hoban" deck and add it in the titles
  5. Blackwings (the right way)

    lol?   upstart is amazing and without it any other deck just outruns this deck but having 3 less cards in their deck, the 1-3k lp doesnt even matter when you start plussing off your whirlwind and putting the same amount of damage on board.
  6. Dueling Network

    Joined a random game and some guys were talking about me being number 1, 1 of them messaged me and I told him to recheck the leaderboards. so I sent him a message   noobMan94: btw look at the leaderboard im number 2 now samanusekae2255: nah u still rank1 noobMan94: are you sure? samanusekae2255: http://i.imgur.com/TyGLVaI.png samanusekae2255: Does dis looks sure enough?   this the screenshot he took 3 and 4 are different numbers btw.
  7. Blackwings (the right way)

    edit: missread post   also has anyone considered and tested lance properly here? lets your whirlwind search stuff, and possibly run over stuff without kalut.
  8. Power up your crystals. We're going into tank mode!

    I would run 2 Cobalt Eagle over a Mammoth and Tiger for more Chidori plays.
  9. Dueling Network

    Decided to do a match duel on different account, What a horrible duel, its my 4 axis fire fist v his naturia, he like tried to or even succeeded in cheating about 6-8 time.   First was when he had Naturia Butterfly and Naturia Cherries on field, I summon Dragon and attack with Gyokku on field for 100 extra atk, and he uses Book of Moon from his hand, I was like its my turn and you can't, it took him a while but then he said ok and took it back and destroyed his Butterfly and took 1300 damage, I then told him 100 more and he was ok, then he summons back Butterfly gains back the damage and was pretending like nothing happened. I tried to explain to him how I attacked and destroyed it but he was like negate negate over and over, so I let him off.   Later I wasn't paying attention and never placed counters on Gyokku which was my fault and he used his set BTH to banish 1 of my monsters, I realized next turn but was too late so I played on.   This guy also Synchro summons by overlaying the monsters first. Also tried to summon Mist Wurm with Barkion and Butterfly I think and when I told him he needs 3 monsters he was like "no three cards" which he meant to return by effect but I had to explain he needs to use 3 materials for it..   Summons Black Rose and instantly starts blowing his field up without letting me respond so when I flipped Fiendish Chain he returned his cards and also his materials and had to tell him that they were used for Black Rose.   Also Normal summoned Naturia Cliff and switched to def straight away and told him he could only set it or summon it in attack mode, so he summons it in attack mode, I use bottomless and he sends it to grave and summons another from deck, had to explain how bottomless banishes.    I attack with my Bear, Gorilla and Coach directly search and set tenki without using it and at this point I saw he just drew an extra card so I played along with it, put him to 1500 lp and make Cowboy in def mode and used eff, his turn he sets something and ends, my turn I use Cowboy and he just gains 200 lp and takes away 800 lp, sooo I just MST his set backrow and its Magic Cylinder,  then he quits and it was only game 1,
  10. Dueling Network

    Can people please screen shot stuff like this if i got a screenshot of admin doing like stupid things like my screenshot, where should i report/send it to?
  11. Dueling Network

      Zephyros and Luster Dragon 2?   What was he playing, Dragunity?     Is this still 2009?   No this is the start of the format so 100 rating :/
  12. Dueling Network

    I clicked it whenever I saw him enter bp but I "didn't do it fast enough", like at least I managed to win that, he would of won if he hadn't summoned Zephyros in def mode,   what happened after the first screenshot was I went into draw phase got machine dupe, flipped reckless, got upstart and junk box, upstart got me t roar   then I went box into celfon, into dupe for a 2nd celfon, both of them got me a remoten and a slingen, slingen popped redeyes, remoten got scopen, then went into blader and started ramming his monsters, and then attacking directly,  his only out was compulsory but I followed with my set up scopen play and just beat him from there on,   when i drew those cards for reckless I got the power of the crimson dragon like srs
  13. Dueling Network

  14. Dueling Network

      Is there a reason you would want to activate it and the end of the Main Phase instead of the Start Step of the Battle Phase?   no because at this point i dont care if i use it at end of mp or start of bp     wow so i use t roar a few seconds after it attacked like he literally went into bp and attacked straight away   this is a joke lol