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  1. Sorry to hear that Nelrick.
  2. Aaaand I go back to sleep.
  3. Great. Now all we need is for one of those two to pick a fight with Jazz and we'll have a three-way shitstorm. Unvote vote PSK If PSK's gonna be the Mark of this game AND do his usual meming at the same time then I'd rather kill PSK than have us hit like 50 pages on day 1. ESPECIALLY since I'm still traumatized by the shit he pulled after getting Kitty AIDS in that one game. God that was a fucking nightmare.
  4. Going to bed. Wish me luck. Here's hoping I don't kill myself in my sleep!
  5. No. You're always liability to town. Kill kill kill. If you're scum then hey lucky us. If not then nothing of value was lost. Safest choice for early game vote.
  6. Also lets take the shuttle. I want to be useful. ;_;
  7. vote Tyranno Starting off my play of the game with the safe choice.
  8. Just gonna pop in as a spectator and say JC clearly should be modkilled by his own rules since he's in this game and he's not using a multi like everyone else. Jokes aside, have fun, guys.
  9. Jazz called. I'm in. Word of warning, might be a tad bit less active now that classes have started.
  10. Killed two nights in a row? Fuck you guys.
  11. We deal with literally everything YGO related. Probably need to figure out how to streamline the site and push only specific parts in RSS feeds.
  12. Startime Xyz dump. Two Magicians. Startime Searches 3rd. You use a Magician's effect. Startime prevents it from blowing up, dumps last Magician. On death Startime gets 4 Magicians in Grave. Slower, but still.
  13. Monsters Summoned from grave go to Main Monster Zone. If you summon Stardust to EX then activate its effect, it ends up in Main on revival. Coincidentally this also means shit like Blackwings are relatively unaffected by things as they have a ton of revival cards in their Synchro Loops.
  14. I suspect the reason they can be so aggressive with needing Pendulums is that Pendulums did nothing iconic in the anime. Like, there are no iconic effects revolving around summoning a specific number of cards simultaneously or any other Pendulum Monster trait. They just spam summons and that's it, and half the time they're not even running full Pendulum decks so the only thing that gets revived is well. Odd-Eyes. And even then the main rival usually just opts for spamming non-Pendulum monsters to build into bosses. Look at how DD plays. There's no Monster Reborn or Super Polyimerization to save, and no Shooting Quasar to hold them back from killing something like Lib. There's really not that much symbolic value in the Arc-V anime cards and the product cross promotion is a fucking mess at this point. And the Zarc.Magician deck doesn't even summon the dragons so it's like ??? when it comes to summoning them all to the field. Like if you want to stay in flavor then you have to use Astrograph/Chronograph to summon Zarc, but if you're gonna do that you're probably just gonna use the Magicians as Fusion Mats. And if you're gonna do that, you want the Magicians in Hand/Field/Grave, which means you're not gonna be Pendulum Summoning them back anyways. That having been said I still expect DDs and Magicians to get tossed a bone somehow, but I doubt they'll let you summon anything off-theme if they do.