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  1. Oh. One last thing before I go. My current kill priorities are as follows. 1. Jazz 2. Soph 3. Silverdude 4. Solstice 5. Mark 6. Malcolm The list is subject to change later on in the game but this is the lynch order I'd go with right this moment.
  2. My suggestion for town would be to continue the game as if I've already been lynched and flipped town. You're hellbent on killing me, no point in trying to stop that. But, there are 24 hours left, and I think that would be a nice head start on coming up with a contingency if I flip town. I'll be off, then. Was a pleasure playing this round.
  3. So who do you think is scum in the off chance I flip town?
  4. I think this is vote count? Kahu(3): Soph, Mark, Jazz Jazz(1): Kahu Solstice, Malcolm, and Silverdude have not properly voted yet to my knowledge.
  5. 1. I said Jazz and Mark play the usual. Not necessarily as town, but the usual "long posts but aggression towards anybody who calls them suspect" shit. Which I generally see as plays that could flip either way but tend not to be that useful to town due to the sheer amount of drama and noise it usually creates. 2. It's either Soph or Jazz in my book right now and I'm inclined to see what happens with rei's read. rei said he was voting for Jazz day one unless somebody more suspicious popped up. While I was asleep consensus became that Sage was most suspicious, rei moved to Sage. HOWEVER, that still means Jazz was second on rei's scum list at one point. I find it suspicious that Jazz specifically brings the claim into doubt only when rei voted for him. I see it as a OMGUS moment that smells fishy. 3. I don't remember Sage's shit because I wasn't paying attention to Sage's shit and the entire lynch train happened while I was asleep. 4. I already stated I'm vanilla town. I am not bulletproof or doctor, there is nothing to lose from town lynching me at this exact moment and I will wholeheartedly eat the lynch if you lynch Jazz and Soph when I flip.
  6. Jokes aside is Silver drunk right now?
  7. So Silverdude just admitted he's a weeb. I thought he wanted to keep it a secret. That's what he told me when we had dirty sanchez weeb sex, anyways.
  8. Vote Jazz Had the most interactions with rei yesterday, started the initial attempt to throw shade on rei, seemed to be very antsy when he was voted for. I mean the usual applies, IMO. If somebody votes for you, you ignore it and focus on scumhunting. You don't pick a fight with the people who voted for you and claim town over and over again. Jazz kinda just kept throwing insults and stating he was town as a sort of appeal and frankly that comes off as the most suspicious to me from what little I can remember right now.
  9. I take it that we're probably playing with a bulletproof and no doctor.
  10. Jokes aside I'm going to sleep. Might be around for EOD.
  11. No, no, keep pooping the bed. The more filth I have to wallow around in and shove in my mouth in perversion the better.
  12. Right now? Seeing as how nobody's CC'd until now i'd be more inclined to believe rei, personally, but either way I don't think it'd matter too much. If we get scum from killing one of the two claims on day one. then we out scum on day one and confirm a town power role. If we get town then ok we lose a power role, but the other fuck is likely scum and we out them Day 2 without trying to heal them. Either way we'd be reducing the game down to either 1 scum out of 7 survivors by day two, or 1 scum out of 5 survivors by day three. If we wait for a counterclaim tomorrow(assuming a counterclaim actually exists), the problem that arises is that scum gets another NK in, you still have the same issue of "So who do we believe?", albeit adjusted for by data, and any decisions we make are essentially turned into potentially 1 scum out of 5 survivors by day three, or 1 scum out of 3 survivors by day four. Of course, this is assuming a CC even exists.
  13. The way I see it: If rei is lying, then Tracker/Cop/Jailkeeper should counterclaim. Especially considering Tracker can't exist in the same game as Cop or Jailkeeper, as it's Matrix 6. The fact that nobody has done so makes me think rei's claim is legit. Considering that, Jazz trying to throw shade on rei is suspect. unvote vote Jazz I mean who the fuck cares if a power role counterclaims rei, assuming he actually is scum? In that scenario one of the two claims would likely be scum and whoever survives would likely warrant an auto lynch. At two scum out of nine, trading a power role for an early game scum snipe isn't really that bad IMO considering how you're basically obliterating half the scum team on day 1 or two.