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  1. He wouldn't be MVP if you were here :V
  2. You'd better pray this works.
  3. Which lets be honest could be a very real possibility since he's not here.
  4. Fuck if I know, the post says 1PM eastern. Unless JC fucked up.
  5. Y'know what I don't even know anymore. JC's nowhere in sight. @JC.
  6. Fuck if I know. The fucker was here like three hours ago and didn't bother to fill before he left. Like if he was AWOL for extended periods of time due to IRL and hadn't posted at all, sure, but under current circumstances I'd be surprised if he DOESN'T get fucked over.
  7. Just quoting this so I can roast Malcolm multiple times for this bullshit regardless of how he flips.
  8. Day ends 1PM eastern, Tuesday, right? For EOD this is pretty damn barren. @Malcolm @faggot #1 aka pride POST YOU MOTHERFUCKER. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOUR FUCKING SUGGESTIOM GETTING FUCKED OVER BECAUSE YOU OF ALL PEOPLE FUCKING FLOATED UNDER QUOTA. Unless you're scum, in which case a modkill of scum is great for town.
  9. @JC. Vote count please.
  10. About an hour left, Malcolm has yet to fill quota. If Malcolm flips scum due to a modkill, I'm gonna scream at JC for sticking me with scum on day 1, then quite literally shoot myself for not making the right play on night 1(will explain later). If he gets confirmed town due to a modkill then I am going to roast his fucking ass for fucking things up by getting himself killed and screwing up the gameplan. This is ridiculous. This must be how scum must've felt about Markus yesterday.
  11. Should be an hour and a half roughly.
  12. I mean I'm fine with helping secure the lynch if the rest of the town is absolutely sure and if there's a risk of scum rushing us, but aside from that, eeeeeh.
  13. Like, outside of the claim I don't have much of an opinion on Solstice.
  14. @Malcolm @faggot #1 aka pride Way under quota. Anyways, back to the game, I'd rather lynch Sophocles than Solstice but Solstice's role claim smells fishy as shit. Not gonna vote at the moment since I think we're close to majority and don't want to risk an early end.