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  1. Startime Xyz dump. Two Magicians. Startime Searches 3rd. You use a Magician's effect. Startime prevents it from blowing up, dumps last Magician. On death Startime gets 4 Magicians in Grave. Slower, but still.
  2. Monsters Summoned from grave go to Main Monster Zone. If you summon Stardust to EX then activate its effect, it ends up in Main on revival. Coincidentally this also means shit like Blackwings are relatively unaffected by things as they have a ton of revival cards in their Synchro Loops.
  3. I suspect the reason they can be so aggressive with needing Pendulums is that Pendulums did nothing iconic in the anime. Like, there are no iconic effects revolving around summoning a specific number of cards simultaneously or any other Pendulum Monster trait. They just spam summons and that's it, and half the time they're not even running full Pendulum decks so the only thing that gets revived is well. Odd-Eyes. And even then the main rival usually just opts for spamming non-Pendulum monsters to build into bosses. Look at how DD plays. There's no Monster Reborn or Super Polyimerization to save, and no Shooting Quasar to hold them back from killing something like Lib. There's really not that much symbolic value in the Arc-V anime cards and the product cross promotion is a fucking mess at this point. And the Zarc.Magician deck doesn't even summon the dragons so it's like ??? when it comes to summoning them all to the field. Like if you want to stay in flavor then you have to use Astrograph/Chronograph to summon Zarc, but if you're gonna do that you're probably just gonna use the Magicians as Fusion Mats. And if you're gonna do that, you want the Magicians in Hand/Field/Grave, which means you're not gonna be Pendulum Summoning them back anyways. That having been said I still expect DDs and Magicians to get tossed a bone somehow, but I doubt they'll let you summon anything off-theme if they do.
  4. Clearly the solution is we just kill both of you for mucking this shit up with another shitfest.
  5. I voted for day scout because I feel it'd be riskier to pull it during the night when powers and events are likely being flung around. Runs risks of block, brainwashing, theft, whatever. Less powers flying around during the day means less opportunities for scum to disrupt the scout event, IMO. And you don't want to give it to scum because we don't know what the thing does. In the off chance that the food thing is important to town's survival or gives somebody a power, you don't want scum to have that kind of control. Likewise you don't want to force somebody who's a better player to be a scout, in the off chance that the event itself is negative, because it'd really suck if a major role or a skilled scumhunter got killed by it. Also I still say my day 1 death was weird. I'm not above considering the unlikely possibility that I had a good number of non-town pegged on day 1 and got killed for it. In which case I still say Jazz, Gemstone, Mark, and Tyranno feel off to me. Silverdude and Markus as well. Not saying they're all scum but I think at least 1~2 of them are. Mostly gut feelings though. Ignore if you think I'm wrong.
  6. On silverdude, leaning scummy at the moment but truth be told, from everything that happened last game I'm not sure on anybody at this point.
  7. Vote Tyranno Considering how much of a clusterfuck the game was until now, I think the best course of action is to just stick with one of our two targets from yesterday. And while I'm still suspicious of Mark I think the redirect saving his ass could theoretically swing either way. I'm willing to reserve judgment on him for the time being. So that just leaves Tyranno, IMO. We have a good amount of luxury to do so with two dead scum right now. Might as well see where it leads us.
  8. Ok really gonna take a nap now.
  9. Tbh Francis seemed salty as shit with a big box of whine at getting killed. His suck it response seems to be some sort of grudge-filled revenge at us. Also if we're not looking at multi-faction scum then I think the simplest reason is gonna be that somebody redirected the scum vig at him and in a hilarious twist of karma he got the win because of that.
  10. Unvote lynch Fuck it. I need to blow off steam. Gonna take a nap. We should just ignore flip info outside of alignment, I guess. Like right now I'm so confused that I'm absolutely sure I'm making shittier judgments than I usually do and that's saying something.
  11. As for the Francis town confusion. It's because Malcolm gave him the mafiamingle shit that says he's ABSOLUTELY Town. Of course we'd be confused if we read the role and the affiliation directly contradicting each other. Yeah they're both scum but the question is why waste their vigshot and get Juan killed just to activate Francis on night 1? Seems like an awful waste of resources. I think we could potentially be looking at multiple scum factions, or scum is doing so bizarre as fuck shit.
  12. I'm leaning scum on Mark right now based on yesterday's endgame events and the fact that he seems to be even more off the mark than the rest of us who are confused. Think he's trying to spread confusion. I mean, he thought you were dead, Slickz. And he tried to spin the food scout as a search party for you. That seems weird even for him. Vote Lynch mark vote Day Scout Kahu Starting with this for now. And something feels off about how Francis died yesterday. Like, if scum had wanted to activate the bombs ASAP, shouldn't they have had Francis just go set up a self-lynch instead of wasting a team mate and a vig? Also seems weird that Francis conveniently had the exact number of bombs on him needed to fulfill his win condition, though admittedly that could be memekillimg to ensure a death in case of survivor.
  13. No. No reveals as to who got what. All it said was 3 gifts were given out, 1 of each triforce type, and 1 guy had their soul taken.
  14. Just gonna recap every in-game event. Slickz became Hero. Town went to Citadel. Mark survived a lynch. I was killed, instead, then brought back to life by somebody. Scumwood was shot by The Chosen Scum, setting off the bombs and giving him his win. Bombs killed Juan in the process. NK shot went through but whoever got shot wasn't killed. Slickz is clearly alive. 3 people got Triforce gifts. 1 person got their soul taken. I wanna look into circumstances regarding my death. Any thoughts as to what happened?
  15. Sorry, meant night 1