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  1. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Sorry about the time zone fuss.
  2. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    NEARING 5AM HERE. HAVE A DATE IN SIX HOURS. As for why I haven't made a counter argument, the way I see it day 1 mislynches are likelier than not for one, and with this much hopping between 2k17, me, and Markus throughout the day that's a shitton of info. Barring somebody I'm absolutely sure is scum, I'd rather risk me, the vanilla townie being lynched with a massive train rather than risk a power role getting lynched.
  3. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Unvote vote Slickz
  4. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Oh and they're topped with peanut butter streusel.
  5. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    http://imgur.com/a/AW4Iy Three left. One is a mango cream choux.
  6. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Wow I am out of it. Remind me never to try and make reads when I wake up with a fever. Anyways I still think one of the 2k17 interactions has scum. I mean, with 17 players, there's a pretty good chance of at least one scum member in a 4 person interaction. Personally I'd say Slickz right now because a good chunk of the others actively involved with grilling him decided to vote for 2k17 and just went full in, whilst Slickz has been negative about 2k17's posting style but also stated he believes 2k17 is town and that he would tunnel if he were scum. I feel like that's an attempt at distancing. Like why bother being part of the 2k17 interaction and then make a specific mention of what you would do as scum whilst reassuring him you think he's town? Something about that feels off.
  7. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Actually you know what nevermind. For some reason I thought Silver and Tyranno voted for rei after 2k17 voted when it was the other way around.
  8. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Shit. Accidentally pressed post before finishing.
  9. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Well, I'm actually a shitty vanilla town. I mean I'm always a shitty town. I'm shit at this game. I just did the lie hunt thing for funsies and because I promised that would be my first post to Jazz, but nobody wanted to play with me. I'm so ronery...Oh wait, no I'm not. Not anymore! I feel so bubbly inside when I think about my girlfriend. I wuv her so much! <3 <3 <3 As for my previous post. With 17 players and 4 people in an interaction, I'd reckon that the odds of one of those four being scum are fairly high. Furthermore, I feel that early game bandwagons and trains are likelier to have scum in them since the lack of data makes it easier to mislynch without garnering too much suspicion. Especially when town more often than not mislynches on day 1. On the rare occasion that somebody on scum team screws up enough to get ousted on day 1, I feel there's usually at least one scum member who buses his teammate for cred anyways, so at least 1 person in the interaction list tends to be scum. The knee jerk reaction here IMO would be to find 2k17 scummy and go after him aggressively for starting the rei votes on day and join the train. And it could very well be that 2k17 is scum for all I know, but personally I feel that this would be way too convenient. I actually think that scum is using 2k17 to manipulate the game right now. Adding votes to the rei wagon and making use of 2k17's aggressive posting tendencies is a great way to draw suspicion to him, especially if he's more active than you. For two, using that suspicion to concentrate fire on him would be a good way to goad other people into voting for him. So personally I'd say Slickz and Silver are suspect here, since Tyranno's early quota full and h
  10. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    I'm thinking at least one scum between Slickz, Markus, Nelrick and 2k17 from the current 2k17 interaction. The most prominent person in the interaction is 2k17 because he's had interactions with the other three people. But I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a bus between scum or a townie act meant to mislynch. Now excuse me whilst I change out of my Captain Obvious costume.
  11. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    This thread needs more GANDAMU.
  12. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    PSK, can I make it up to you with a pot pie? Or at least the thought of one?
  13. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Figure out my lie and you'll get a mystery box. Possibly one that lets you flame. Also sorry about your birthday, PSK. Wasn't on Facebook on time to say congrats.
  14. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    As for why I haven't been playing, IRL came up. School and depression+anxiety and pain issues specifically.
  15. Stranger Things Mafia - Day 7

    Also. Vote Tyranno This wouldn't be a mafia game with me and Tyranno in it if I didn't start with a Tyranno vote.