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  1. Since the Debate Section was Deleted

      Cooperatives have a corporate hierarchy and make the types of decisions you pose as problematic on a regular basis; they're not an amorphous pile of crap.          Countries have all sorts of corporate governance laws limiting and restricting the change in ownership of shares in a business. That is how hostile takeovers are prevented in countries besides the U.S. It could easily be stipulated that sales of shares that give majority ownership to an individual would be prohibited. People do business in Japan despite it having corporate governance regulations that are less than neo-liberal.        I agree with this part completely. There is no coherent reason why cooperatives should be used a deterrent for businesses. Under the current system, the threat of jail and the loss of millions of dollars is not a strong enough deterrent for corporations and cooperatives aren't any more threatening simply because they don't think they'll get caught. If the government is not currently bringing corporate executives to court for grievous violations, I see no reason why they would enforce the cooperative system more effectively.    The OP's suggestion that cooperatives be used punitively has pushed the thread away from the more interesting discussion of cooperatives more generally and onto the discussion of deterring criminal behavior. 
  2. Destiny

      Gameinformer interview on Sleeper Simulant mentioned that the quest is triggered when the Gunsmith has a flashback memory. Its probably gated off with Gunsmith rep. 
  3. Destiny

    Well, I hope you heard that Bungie is patching Black Spindle so it isn't 310. Its going to be 290 and 280 from Blueprint. They did confirm that if you infuse another weapon with Black Spindle you're safe. (Source Reddit/Bungie). 
  4. Destiny

    Me and my clan managed to get Black Spindle after hours of throwing ourselves against the wall. We stopped to complete the exotic sword quest and came back with a 310 Light Razer and kicked his ass in our first attempt with it.  
  5. Destiny

    Doesn't that hood drop every time? I feel like I have to dismantle one every time I run a PoE.
  6. Destiny

      Bungie's site says that they are aware of a problem where cans entered after the 11th of August are not working. I had the same problem, they say we'll get our stuff (sometime). 
  7. Destiny

    It depends on how many kills you get not the number of games. You also need better than .4 to make progress, less than or equal to that means you will perpetually be at 0. You need 500 points and each kill is 5. You need 100 kills and zero deaths or 500 kills for 1000 deaths.   I disliked rerolling only because it made weapons within a class too similar. Just about anything you get you can turn into effectively the same gun. 
  8. Modern Masters 2015 Discussion

      It isn't fair to compare popularity of legacy and modern. There are so many intervening variables (cost, accessibility, lack of premiere support) that make it an unreasonable comparison. You need to construct a counterfactual where you compare Modern to Modern with a more stable card pool.    I personally think a lot of the appeal to modern is the ability to use one deck forever and have it remain competitive. If you want change and variety, you play standard. The reason Modern replaced Extended is that the regularly rotating format was less popular than a stable card pool. 
  9. Destiny

    He'll show up in Warsat events in Skywatch, not just when the enemy is moving against each other. If its a Warsat event, get out of the Warsat radius once Urzok spawns. He despawns once you complete the public event so move from the Warsat to focus on him.    If you have people with you (and arc weapons to break his shield) he is pretty easy. If you are trying to solo him, your best bet is to use a Sword. They spawn a Blade of Crota before Urzok arrives. Do not kill the Blade until Urzok spawns, then pick the sword up and you can mash him. If you go R1, R1, R2 he gets stunned long enough for you to repeat it. 
  10. Dragons of Tarkir Spoilers

    still ridic in modern   I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this will absolutely not see Modern play.    The card isn't as flexible as it would seem. The number of modes you can use are exceptionally limited. The control decks don't play creatures worth using for the first mode. Yeah, Snapcaster is cool to get back but you need 5+mana open to play anything.    The gainlife mode means that the card is not totally dead against burn, but a 4 CMC gain 4 life cantrip is horrible no matter how you slice it.    Countering a creature for 4 mana is not where you want to be when the majority of creatures in standard cost less than 4, not to mention that the format is combo heavy and your counter slots would be better used on more versatile answers. 
  11. Dragons of Tarkir Spoilers

    No, I think you have it right.
  12. UB Control

    Ugin wiping the board doesn't win the game nearly as often as you think it does. He's still highly ikely to come down at a time where you have to tap completely down to cast him, and sure, he may wrath the board and certainly threatens to take over the game, but he'll die to downfall morre than anything else.     Also,  this is nitpicky I know, but Ashiok is male. There's an old uncharted realms about him and I think Phenax that lays this out.   And he probably still does deserve at least one slot in the main deck. I liked the plan the list that won GP Denver was on with one main and 3 in the side.     Actually, Ashiok has been confirmed to not have a known gender. Mark Rosewater posted that it was a mistake and here Doug Beyer posted specifically about Ashiok.   http://dougbeyermtg.tumblr.com/post/102494647314/this-got-asked-to-maro-and-someone-pointed-out
  13. Constructed Standard Discussion

      The only thing that white adds to Esper right now is Elspeth. Now that Crux of Fate is out the real advantage of White (wrath effect) is gone. I think that the mana base is too slow. UB already struggles with having relatively expensive answers to threats and having to play more tapped lands means that their 3 CMC answer can't be used for a long time, especially if they're on the play.    If you really want to play White in control, I think the real gem is Chained to the Rock. Cheap removal is something control lacks and UWR can provide that. Valorous Stance is another good reason to play white, depending upon the meta. I think Jeskai tokens/tempo will be really prevalent and Valorous Stance is fairly weak as a removal spell in that matchup. 
  14. Fate Reforged Spoiler Discussion

    I really like the inclusion of manifest and scry in the same format. 
  15. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I think GPs and Opens have a roughly similar effect on the metagame despite the lower quality of decks at Opens. GPs have more top tier players and more rounds to weed out opponents. Less people travel great distances for Opens.    If you pull a decklist from an Open, there's a greater chance that you are going to have to tweek it.