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  1. Dreams and Nightmares

    you should be playing Leviathan Dragon so you can open with Tour Guide and Supply Squad and get the draw straight away. 
  2. Ycs London

    Beginning of the end is disgusting
  3. Ycs London

    3-0 so far, forty minutes over time is the new age of yugioh
  4. Ycs London

    Yugioh hype
  5. Ycs London

    Ultimate Buffalo when are you getting to the venue?
  6. Help with Blurry Picture?

  7. Dueling Network

      It's standard policy that if you accidentally draw a card you reveal it and then place it back on top of the deck.  A lot of players think they can do whatever they want with the extra card, but that is not the case.   It may seem unnecessary, but without this policy you run into the potential for soft cheating where a player can "accidentally" draw cards and then decide to put them on the top or re-shuffle.  Arbitrarily shuffling your deck also isn't allowed. The position of cards in your deck are predetermined before you draw, just because YOU aren't aware of the order doesn't mean there isn't one.      I'm surprised you got banned. Should have just been a game loss, unless the admin thought you had malicious intent.   Actually it doesn't matter regardless in this case since the card that is revealed and put back on the top of the deck is going to be randomized because of a Scarm search regardless.     KDE policy also says this is a repairable gamestate:   A player shuffles his hand with his Deck. However, he had revealed his  hand to the opponent earlier in the turn, and has not drawn or played any  additional cards. Both the player and the opponent can clearly remember  the contents of the player’s hand. It is appropriate for the player to restore  his hand, reshuffle his deck, and continue play with a Warning.   Implying the order of the deck does not matter. 
  8. 'Don't Suck at' Mafia

    i like playing 
  9. Dueling Network

      So I got banned because my opponent told me I had to reveal cards if I incorrectly drew them and put them back, and then didn't give me a resource about this rule when I asked him for one. So when I drew a card which I should've been allowed to draw, which I then returned, apparently I disrupted the gamestate. When the deck was randomised, and when I was going to search a card with Scarm in the end phase anyway.   yugioh is too hard. 
  10. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    Any luck with this so far rei?
  11. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

      Nah I'm pretty new to this so not really.    I'm planning on picking up a monitor separately so that's not gonna be part of the main budget. 
  12. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    What sort of setup could I get for about £1000? I've been tinkering around with stuff online but haven't really come to any conclusions and would like any sort of insight really. I need peripherals too, but I'm not accounting them into the cost of the tower itself. 
  13. FTP Mafia Aftergame

    It's not like the play was wrong I was just surprised that people just went along with it without really considering the consequences. I enjoyed the last couple of phases of this game but I know I didn't really commit enough to it properly. Whenever I was available a lot of stuff had already been said making it hard to set something up but maybe I was just lazy, my role really didn't help my activity /: 
  14. a black guy doesn't die in this movie. FTP Day 4

    oh lmao he did. my bad. Still, he's promised information and now you're trying to rout him off in probably one of the stupidest plays from town instead of just waiting for what he's posted. Papa you just seem thirsty for the kill, if you're town, you're the moron here for trying to pull off something which could wreck the town, on the assumption that there are only 3 scum. 
  15. a black guy doesn't die in this movie. FTP Day 4

      It's not in the OP and going for the modkill actually seems scrummy as fuck, especially since DD hasn't posted at all today.          which is it?   Unvote Vote: papasmurfkof