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  1. Wait seriously? What subject/college?     Classics at Christ Church 
  2. I got offered a place at Oxford University.   [youtube][/youtube]
  3. Just had my second interview at Oxford, felt so much more comfortable with my answers after this one compared to my first. 
  4. I got an invitation of interview at Oxford University !
  5. Unrelated note, rei you are in to some sweet tunes. 
  6. im sinking into the moba quicksand and i don't know if its a good thing or not. 
  7.   It was pretty sweet, definitely let me know about any other tournaments you're hitting up! Would love to play some more games 
  8. Lost a cat Exam tomorrow what a shitty week 
  9. you should be playing Leviathan Dragon so you can open with Tour Guide and Supply Squad and get the draw straight away. 
  10. Beginning of the end is disgusting
  11. 3-0 so far, forty minutes over time is the new age of yugioh
  12. Yugioh hype
  13. Ultimate Buffalo when are you getting to the venue?
  14. [youtube][/youtube]