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  1.   didnt you give craig stern a hand job?
  2. I've been banned

    bro you're just lucky kev got you before the IRS did
  3. YCS Sydney - January 16/17, 2016

    Kozmo Artifacts vs PePe finals
  4. YCS Sydney - January 16/17, 2016

        Pretty irrel at this point, but verdict on Minerva's legality? you paid $1500 for nothing can you please just take it like a man If you need some help getting that written off as a business expense, just holla at me on fb. Bro (y)
  5. YCS Sydney - January 16/17, 2016

    Hey bro, i got the hook up, seriously im killing it. PM on facey  the coin is strong (Y)
  6. YCS Sydney - January 16/17, 2016

    hope your plane crashes   aren't you the guy that gave craig stern a handy
  7. YCS Sydney - January 16/17, 2016

    will be selling a Giant Hand at this event. PM me (Y)
  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

      i swear the only reason people say this is because hes been getting heaps of single matches with airtime, like if almost anybody mildly relevant was given that spot and time it'd be the same. plus all the matches are the same, with the whole hit x finisher 3 times until the real finish. you can also hear him calling spots through the tv, and his moves are still sloppy as   that said id still say he was in the match of the year at the rumble, but idk how much you can credit him with that match       yeah this whole show is a joke, if i wanted to see more bryan and paige id just watch total divas. which i do, and is better than raw 9 times out of 10
  9. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

      idk what universe you live in, but its almost as if you actively go out of your way to make it so people dont like you at ygo tournaments. your whole post is actually just a pile of shit and not remotely relevant to you in the slightest 
  10. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

    wtf at locals the moment you lose to anybody, that isnt me, you call them shit to their face and say they're awful. you joke about being the best? you acting like a total douche calling everybody bad, then losing to them week after week, because all you've done is copy patricks deck list, is your idea of a joke? well jokes on you, you literally became the joke from how you treat everybody at any locals you go to. of course there's no shame in wanting to be the best at ygo, but when you act the way you do to mask your inadequate ability it becomes a problem. grow up and get over yourself 
  11. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

    nah for real tho, just because you did terribly (again, for the 50th time) doesnt mean you need to put other people down. someday you will come to terms with the fact you are NOT good at ygo (i mean who cares, its just a hobby anyways) and stop acting so entitled.    well at least i hope for your sake you will
  12. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

    i know u want to be cool, but all those adderal pills are affecting your memory bro!!!