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  1. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

      E-Con saw some play in Plant variants early on in the format but neither Trigon or Dragunity builds can make full use of E-cons second effect so your better off with Book of Moon which also goes well with blader and can be used to break synchro plays etc as well.
  2. Totally going to this, especially since Juve has a homematch on sunday.
  3. European Nationals

    Finnish nationals June 15th:   Top8   3 Dragon Ruler 1 Spellbook 1 Constellar 1 Evilswarm 1 Mermail   Top4   1 Dragon Ruler 1 Spellbook 1 Evilswarm 1 Constellar   Finals   Evilswarm vs Constellar   Evilswarm won.
  4. YCS Miami, FL Feb 15-17

    So, who's doing dgz-coverage for this one?
  5. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Played this deck for the first time today, realized Tiger King's effect negation is an ignition effect and now I'm very disappointed ):
  6. What album are you listening to

    [img]http://static.nightdivision.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/jawbreaker_bivouc_f-up.jpg[/img] Spotted this on What's new on Spotify, was a good day.
  7. What was the last film you watched?

    Rounders, Edward Norton annoyed tthe shit out of me.
  8. YCS Bochum

    [quote name='PJ' timestamp='1354570751' post='3338644'] [quote name='PROlinho' timestamp='1354567997' post='3338615'] It should be at the "Ruhrkongress" the first YCS Bochum was there and the German nats this year was there as well. Its a pretty nice venue I would say. [/quote]In terms of the venue itself, Bochum was unbelievably good. Barcelona was the best City though. [/quote] And the venue in Barcelona wasn't actually in the middle of nowhere like most events I've been to
  9. YCS Barcelona, Spain

    Briefly met Silverman, Clarke and Hoban today, everyone was real cool.
  10. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Ndgz' timestamp='1353688678' post='3331719'] To everyone: Fiendish Chain or Compulse? [/quote] Imo Chain>Compulse for the nice synergy with Guaiba but honestly neither of them is nescessary.
  11. [quote name='rei' timestamp='1353525129' post='3330469'] [quote name='Wilson' timestamp='1353520615' post='3330406'] mirroring [/quote] not sure what you mean by this [/quote] I guess it means that when someone subconsciously mirrors your mannerism, like if you sit with legs crossed the other person does it too etc. edit. Ninja'd
  12. Mermail/Atlantean - Discussion

    [quote name='PJ' timestamp='1353501884' post='3330269'] So what's the accepted name for this Deck now (thinking about coverage)? Mermail Atlantean is too long to both pronounce and write. Mermail is too general and ignores the Atlantean aspect of the Deck. Is Merlantean the only real option? [/quote] the WATER deck
  13. [quote name='PJ' timestamp='1353413832' post='3329555'] If there's something in particular that caught your attention it may be worth looking for similar things to feature at YCS Barcelona [/quote] Well known players getting feature matches and more insight on players actions. Also I really like the statistics you give after every european YCS so keep them coming too
  14. Breaking the "Shock Lock"

    [quote name='Canadian' timestamp='1353008032' post='3326051'] [quote name='tichris93' timestamp='1352967285' post='3325812'] konami misplayed and put zenmaity in atk mode [/quote] And they left out a banished Rabbit! [/quote] Nah, they were just running 2 magicians like all teh pros.
  15. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Rated "R"' timestamp='1352918295' post='3325214'] Six is a lot. Those 6 are mind control, 2 enemy controllers, 2 fiendish chains, and a third prison. I've been testing it for a short time. So far so good, but again, only testing. [/quote] My point was that saying "my build is 6 off" doesn't really tell anything about your build.
  16. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Rated "R"' timestamp='1352914248' post='3325172'] [quote name='Captain Sure.' timestamp='1352911963' post='3325145'] 3 Kabazauls 3 Sabersaurus 3 Jurrac Guaiba 2 Rescue Rabbit 2 Tour Guide from the Underworld 2 Spirit Reaper 1 Sangan 1 Night Assailant 3 Forbidden Lance 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Soul Taker 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Book of Moon 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Torrential Tribute 2 Macro Cosmos 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Starlight Road 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device [/quote] 6 cards off of what I'm running. I think at this stage in the meta, that's the optimal monster lineup. Tkro isn't a must. [/quote] 6 cards is a lot. @Joe No love for Fiendish Chain?
  17. What album are you listening to

  18. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='john_stamos' timestamp='1352398518' post='3321242'] how do we counter atlanteans other than our side? no cute tech ideas? [/quote] I don't find it nescessary since we already have shock master and abyssdweller at our disposal. Main decked D-Fissure sounds tempting though
  19. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    I was toying around with this idea of a build utilizing 3 Hydrogeddon and 2-3 Forbidden dress in addition to Guaibas and lances and shit. Haven't been able to test it yet but I think it might be somewhat viable post ABYR.
  20. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='kritin-deo' timestamp='1351842637' post='3317301'] [quote name='Monolightning' timestamp='1351827803' post='3317162'] Noticed that Kabazul pumps this guys attack. Was really useful in the matchups that this card is a good summon against like Dark Worlds, Sea Lancer, Atlanteans, etc that I did testing against today. [img]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121031071934/yugioh/images/thumb/9/9e/AbyssDweller-ABYR-EN-SR-1E.jpg/300px-AbyssDweller-ABYR-EN-SR-1E.jpg[/img] [/quote] edit: wouldnt going dolkka be more useful tho? since dolkka can stop trags, gorz an handtraps with all the other stuff like mermail/atlanteon, dw, frog variants [/quote] It's still useful when you have Kabazauls and a non Dino monster or for some odd reason two non dino monsters
  21. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Loaded Dice' timestamp='1351799716' post='3316825'] Anyway, this is what I plan on testing. Monsters: 21 |1| Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning |1| Gorz the Emissary of Darkness |3| Sabersaurus |3| Kabazules |3| Jurrac Gauiba |2| Rescue Rabbit |2| Tour Guide from the Underworld |2| Effect Veiler |2| Thunder King Rai-Oh |1| Sangan |1| Spirit Reaper Spells: 10 |3| Forbidden Lance |2| Mystical Space Typhoon |1| Monster Reborn |1| Dark Hole |1| Heavy Storm |1| Pot of Avarice |1| Book of Moon Traps: 10 |2| Solemn Warning |1| Solemn Judgement |1| Torrential Tribute |2| Dimensional Prison |2| Bottomless Trap Hole |1| Compulsary Eacuation Device |1| Starlight Road I'll prob have to modify a few things, just messing around at the moment. [/quote] I'm running a very similar build, I think I have 2nd reaper over gorz, And Fiendish Chains instead of Road and CED in traps
  22. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Daybreaker' timestamp='1351709088' post='3316124'] Yes but Veiler allows you to run BLS which is too good in this deck not to mention that it is much better against the whole meta anyway. Guiaba is also awful you should consider Reaper/DCK/CardCarD in it's place, personally i've been having some success with DCK. [/quote] Guaiba is really solid post ABYR and should be ran in most builds. As for DCK, I think it's too easy to force it with hand traps and such, in mermail matchup it's even worse since atlanteans still get their effects.
  23. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='Urthor' timestamp='1351594659' post='3315189'] Yeah and now I look dumb even though I edited that around a minute after I posted it because I sorta got your attempt at synergy. I don't agree with it but if you're going to try it, make the cuts that I pointed to and play the best card in the deck. [/quote] Yeah, I noticed. I have been thinking about cutting one mst and maybe a tkr to fit avarice and third factory. Also that build is far from complete and I view it as a rough caricature. @ Garon , Not including Giga-Brilliant was purely accidental going to cut Utopia for it
  24. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='Urthor' timestamp='1351591493' post='3315173'] So you complain about dead hands, yet instead of cutting rat, mst, or starlight road like a normal person you instead cut Wind-up factory and pot of avarice. Is starlight road really better than a sangan you can trigger continuously or a pot of greed that reloads your monsters? [/quote] First of all I didn't complain about dead hands, I just wanted to explore the idea of playing as many traps as possible in Wind-Ups and it's worked out pretty good so far. I find Starlight Road pretty necessary when playing 14+ traps, even if the card itself is less consistent than Factory and Avarice. So basically I think that Avarice and Factory are better cards than Starlight Road but the ability to play 15 traps outweights the disadvantages of not having room for avarice and third factory.