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  1. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    What do you guys think about maining or side decking emergency teleport with a re-cover in order to make Naturia Beast?   I think itll viable in this deck because you can make it with dragonpulse magician. It gives you some synchro plays if youd like especially if you put ghost ogre.    Its similar to what qlis did before against nekroz. It obviously would be amazing against any pendulum decks.  The only outs that i can think of for the main pendulum deck would be a lvl4 spellcastor with anything that can special itself (ex. jigabyte)
  2. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    Looking for a Ditto friend safari. Let me know if you have it.
  3. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    Trying to expand my friend safari   FC: 1306-6335-0346   Thanks!
  4. Top 32 YCS New Jersey (Tin Gadgets)

    Congrats on the top. I played you round six. I could of fought back if it wasn't for the offering. Good meeting you. It was a pleasure.
  5. Dark World - Discussion

    I've been trying to play the deck without dragged downs. I wanted to see how the deck would function without it. I replaced them with two CCD and two Trags. Two CCD to speed up the deck without dragged downs and the Trags for OTKS. I also added DAD, obviously due to the deck being mostly dark and the easy graveyard manipulation. The deck has been testing well and I feel that the deck has much more versatility. I understand the power of dragged down, but it really forces you to play your deck around it in terms of the monster count and which monsters you use. It would be nice if you guys could give me some feedback on this idea and what you think of it?
  6. I was there for their event in Feb and you should be there at 8am latest. If you're there by that time you should be good to go. People tend to try and cut, but they do their best to handle the situation. Mostly everyone there is chill so you should be fine. Kings can be pretty grimey at times. It can smell pretty bad and you never want to duel in their basement cause it smells there. Gives you another incentive to win your rounds because the lower tables are in the basement. As for food, there are plenty of places to go it around the neighborhood.
  7. FIRE.dek

    I know that pure Fire Kings are not super strong on their own right now so how about trying Jurrac Guaiba? If you're using Lance then you can trying adding Guaiba. It has synergy with Circle. Even Laggia and Dolkka can be used with Circle. It allows for strong power plays without Garunix. And they allow for some cute combinations.
  8. Lets say for example it's mid-game and you're play chaos dragon. You have a lot milled, including some dragons. You activate future fusion and send the five dragons which will include a copy or two of eclipse wyvern. You can't activate and resolve eclipse wyverns effect because there are no dragons you can banish. And you tell your opponent that, can your opponent then check your deck to make sure? Or you activate centipede but have no more targets or noblemen of crossout? Hope you guys understand. Thanks for the help
  9. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    I just want to congratulate the "best" center in the league, who put in a lot of work for the Miami Heat, the one and only......Eddy Curry -_- this guy is a joke and I can't believe this scrub now has ring. Oh wells he deserves it I guess :-)
  10. Hey DGz

    My name is Edwin and I'm from Long Island, NY. This is the first time I've joined a forum and hopefully it's a cool experience. I started playing yugioh in February 2011 (btw I'm 21) because my friends and I were bored and bought structure decks on eBay and amazon. I played as a kid when the show first came out but nothing serious. As a kid we played with triple monster reborn and was able to special chaos sorcerer from anywhere as long as you removed (banished) a light or dark lol! Funny stuff! Anyways, Im your typical young adult trying to finish college and get my life going. I'm majoring in accounting which isn't the most interesting thing in the world and currently looking for an internship (annoying process). Besides yugioh, I hit the gym, play basketball, go out with friends, play video games, etc....that's just a small introduction about myself, hope to learn a lot more about the game and meet cool people Best regards, Edwin S.