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  1. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Well this would have been nice like...any of the previous 14 years lol. For me anyways. Good luck traveling here guys, weather will be interesting. Nashville has a lot to offer.
  2. ITT I give you a better username.

    is it....possible?
  3. ITT: share some tunes with me throughout my last few days of vacation

    Give me over the next 24 hours to get through the rest of this, I'm a little incapacitated and getting a tattoo tomorrow that'll take up a large portion of the day.
  4. ITT: share some tunes with me throughout my last few days of vacation

    What type of music you interested in? I'll send you some, or personal issues etc, I got the remedy haha.   Wunsen, I literally listened to the song and watched your GIF for like...3:58...10/10 would do it again.
  5. ITT: share some tunes with me throughout my last few days of vacation

    Ay Ay - had some sick samples of older songs, liking it definitely. Planet Paradise - Nice flow, this dude is only 20 from Maryland? sick. Bedtime Story - Pretty interesting, almost like a dance track. Divine - Eh, I'd say my least favorite so far for the most part, but still not bad. Hip-Hop - Nice beat, didn't entirely like his flow on it, but I started getting used to it towards the end (of a short song which was kind of nice) Fuck Being Polite - hahahaha omg...wow...his flow at the beginning was hilarious. I skipped a couple, but I wanted to check out the last one on this little mixtape. When I Die - The title definitely gives it appeal to me, definitely speaks some real though.   Young Thug - one of my students invited me to watch him live in Nashville last year, good flow on that track, just really Rap.   Dimond Saints - so peaceful, definitely good vibes.   Miguel - Baby making music. Love it man good stuff. I can dig that Chrome Spark song, the other one is entirely too slow and I am not i[spoiler]n possession of any dabs unfortunately....[/spoiler]   Burial - Untrue is something I'll have to work all the way through too, got a little through it, but I will hear it in it's entirety.   I appreciate the feedback guys, trust me, nothing is going unheard on my end so I'm enjoying myself.   oh shit and happy birthday Bo!!! Woo! Today's a good day.
  6. ITT: share some tunes with me throughout my last few days of vacation

    I like it, I've recently been getting into more Electronic music the past year or so. This is definitely right up that alley through my ears. Good listen.
  7. My music choice is all over the place genre wise, but here are a few of my top 5's. I figured something cool would be other people also contributing a top 5 in albums and/or mixtapes (free downloadable tracks released by artists). I'm not really into any kind of metal or screamo for the most part, but if you stand by it I'll probably give it a listen out of respect.   All I ask is good vibes, no arguments or "defending your music", I'll be on here pretty frequently since I feel like this is the only topic I feel comfortable posting in for the most part.   Top 5 Mixtapes: 1. No Ceilings - Wayne 2. Detroit - Big Sean 3. The Drought 3 - Wayne 4. 28 Grams - Wiz 5. So Far Gone - Drake Honorable mentions: A Kid Named Cudi, So Far Gone.   My top 5 albums to this day: 1. Man on the Moon (1) - The End of Day - Kid Cudi 2. Songs About Jane - Maroon 5 3. Peace of Mind - Rebelution 4. Take Care - Drake 5. The Carter 3 - Wayne Honorable mentions: Good Kid Mad., Nothing Was the Same, The Heist, the other 3 Rebelution Albums.   If you want to know more about these artists or albums feel free to let me know and I'll try to answer as best I can from my point of view. Good vibes.
  8. Smoke 4!

    I don't care?
  9. Undefeated Madison Regionals

    You've always been solid so I'm not surprised, good job. The deck is extremely hard to beat for some matchups when you take the emergency only Xyz approach. The pump from one of the spells is really good too. This deck has the stigma that Scraps did in my eyes and Scraps are right up your alley.
  10. Smoke 4!

    Honestly speaking, Opium has always been cool for me because I'm usually super baked when I get ahold of it (Bonaroo friends). This year I didn't get a chance to try any though, kind of bummed out.   With that being sad, dabs > everything else.
  11. Smoke 4!

    It's almost life changing lol.
  12. Smoke 4!

    Kentucky? lol   I buy maybe like 2-5 times a year and being dry hardly happens but omg when it does...Right now I'm all over this wax, it may be expensive, but I really favor it opposed to trees now.
  13. Smoke 4!

    Where are you guys at? I thought it was summer...
  14. Smoke 4!

      I'll dab to that   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  15. Smoke 4!

    shout out to finally me saying screw it and posting in Smoke 4.   "Long time lurker, longer time toker"   looking forward to the following discussions, and my God, do I love dabs.