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  1. Leap Frog [vs] Theory in Practice

    good luck to both teams.
  2. Leap Frog

    It's definitely a original name lols.
  3. Starless

    I will be around I actually been playing since sept 1 lol.
  4. Starless

    Faggots Hope everyone is doing alright.
  5. Finally got another car

    After alot of bs trying to get a new car at the dealers I ended up with this for 11.5k here in PR which is pretty good. [img]http://carphotos.cardomain.com/ride_images/3/2012/4141/30029570035_large.jpg[/img] Lancer gts 2008, I put the tein suspensions on it for a even lower look and mine is manual ( how every car should be imho)
  6. Time to get a new car

    Sport car looking =/= sport car, I am very well aware of it's performance, if I wanted a sport car or performance wise I would go with the subaru sti (but it would have to be used it costs 45k+ here) AD- I live in Puerto Rico, importation taxes fucks up car prices here basically otherwise I would be rolling in a subaru right now.
  7. Plant Syncrho Xyz

    Troll detected
  8. Starless, Fourshot, Supernova [vs] Most Wanted

    Sure does I been on aim all these days and never am I able to find anybody who is on.
  9. Starless, Fourshot, Supernova [vs] Most Wanted

    thanks and on for games and stuff
  10. Starless, Fourshot, Supernova [vs] Most Wanted

    I got harry 2-0 ggs
  11. Time to get a new car

    Cosmic- www.clasificadosonline.com is your best bet thats where everybody posts their used cars and the used car dealers as well, AD- Yeah if it wasnt for the high price inflations here I would be getting a subaru but at the 25k price range thats the best I can get here.
  12. Time to get a new car

    rei- Yeah the new 2011 tc comes equipped with as 6 speed tranny, makes it a little more fun to drive at least in my personal view since I love short shifts, and as for the front wheel drive, what can I say my previous car was a mitsubishi so yeah it has sort of grown on me already, but overall as you stated it's a solid car for the price.v Cosmic- Yeah lol, only problem is my importation taxes are higher than yours =( otherwise I would have a sti and god knows what else by now XD
  13. Time to get a new car

    Basically long story short some drunk guy rear ended me at like 70mph, my car basically became shit and I need a new car. I am opting to buy something new but thanks to living in Puerto Rico car prices here are much elevated. My dream car would be a subaru wrx 2011 which I found quoted online for 25.5k as the msrp, I already knew due to the high taxes here it would cost me roughly 30k in PR but whatnot I have a full time job so i could manage, needless to say when i went to the subaru car dealer here, my car is running at 37k due there being even more taxes for the car being awd =(, so now I have my eye on the Scion tc 2011 model which runs for 25k here. Any thoughts on this car, it's basically the most sport looking car that I know that is good on fuel economy and dependability since scion is toyota after all. Thoughts on this car and what not, I am opting on taking the manual 6 speed one in the white color and installling the premium audio system with the touch screen radio as well as some other extras that the scion offers.