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  1. Need Advice

    [quote=Aaron]this is whilst you're taking to your family about how much you love this chick, giving her flowers, dancing in groups with her and hanging onto every word shes saying and every slightly positive action shes doing. putting ur flower in her hair means she thinks putting the flower in her hair will look cool. her making out with you means she likes you. the flower, the minor minor compliment, it all means nothing.[/quote] I simply gave her the flower. She's the one who put in her hair. [quote=Aaron]also once again morally factor in she has a boyfriend. either way you're the bad guy here. you're either a cool suave dickhead who wants to satisfy his dick and take what he wants... or you're the weird fucking loser whos a creep and has become obsessed with this chick and wants to woo her like a pussy from her boyfriend. eitherway you're trying to steal this chick from a guy so i'd man the fuck up and either do it properly or just dont waste your energy at all![/quote] First off, I didn't know if anything was official. She just said she's dating a guy. Second, I said I'm just going to be friends with her and move on.
  2. Need Advice

    [quote name='Living Legend' timestamp='1344271457' post='3247712'] Well you never made any move on her so I don't know why you'd think she'd drop her current guy to be with you or something. [/quote] I really wanted to ask her out, but the main obstacle was that she's very against dating co-workers (which is perfectly understandable because work drama sucks), so it would have been pointless. It's worth noting that she was hired after I was at our current job, so it's not like I walked into this knowing that.
  3. Need Advice

    WARNING: Emo/crymoar alert So there's this girl from work (both my first and current job) that I've really liked for a long time. We're really good friends; we have a lot in common, never had an argument and only have positive things to say about each other when we talk about others. Even though people say everyone at work knew I liked her (she may have known, I don't know), I never really made it obvious to her at least how I felt. So I heard she was invited to my sister's wedding and both she and I were assigned to the same table, so I felt this was my best chance to truly show her how I feel. Needless to say, we had a really good time. My mom, who spoke to her, told me that the girl thought I was a really nice guy, looked sharp and a very hard worker (and she was being honest about it) and my brother's date said that the girl loves being around me because I'm a really funny guy. Now, she did mention that she was "dating a guy", but didn't refer to him as a boyfriend and didn't even sound too enthusiastic about him. She even said he took or is taking her to a football game and I know she hates football. Hell, my brother's date told me that she talked more about me than the guy. So I figured that I still have shot. The girl, my mom and brother, his date and I decided to chill outside for a bit to get some fresh air. I noticed some flowers and they matched the girl's dress, so I figured to give her one. She really seemed to like it cuz she put it in her hair rather than just hold on it or something like that. We also danced a lot (not one on one, but that's understandable), but the point is we had a great time. After the wedding, I asked her if I could walk to her car, which said yes to straight up, and pretty much said good night and stuff like that when we got to her car. Before we left I told her that she looked really nice and she said I looked really sharp. Last night, however, she updates her relationship status on Facebook to "In a Relationship". I know she wasn't doing it to hurt me and I'm being emo, but after giving everything I had, I never felt more disappointed in my life. I'm gonna be mature about it and continue to be as good of a friend as I can be because she deserves that and I truly do appreciate our friendship, but I just don't understand why we can't be more than just friends when we have so much in common and get along so great.
  4. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bndgujEJSTc&feature=related[/media] Has anyone ever managed to get it? I've owned the game since the day it was released and I've only managed to get to the final screen about four or so times.
  5. If I said the Beatles are overrated

    Most of their pre-Rubber Soul material hasn't aged well, but stuff from that album and onwards deserves their praise. And I agree with VU > Beatles. VU&N alone is better than any of the Beatles' albums.
  6. DGZ NFL Fantasy Football 2012

    I'm actually pretty interested in doing an auction draft. Requires more skill than snake.
  7. DGZ NFL Fantasy Football 2012

  8. The Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    [url=http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8163701/sources-drew-brees-new-orleans-saints-agree-record-contract]Brees: 5 years $100 million, $60 million guaranteed[/url]
  9. Anderson Cooper is gay.

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Q13CoCAAZKg?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. Favorite Cinematic Villains

  11. The Amazing Spider-man

    The only reason people hate this is because it's a reboot and can't accept the fact that it's better than all three of the originals. btw, Garfield >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Maguire
  12. Top 10 TV Shows

    DBZ Cowboy Bebop The Office Dexter It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Fresh Prince OC Seinfeld Courage the Cowardly Dog Two and a Half Men
  13. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    LeBron is still a fucking faggot ass transvesitite penis sucking douchebag.
  14. Gay DC Hero

  15. Would have been funnier if it were white chocolate.