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  1. Pokemon GO

    okay you cant comment about having a life when you gps spoofed a second account and went around with two phones = p
  2. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    "black lies matter" like come on man
  3. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    like i get it you're a cop or whatever but you never make strong arguments in these types of threads and oyu cant just be like "heres the video the academies show" when i can google non lethal force being used in situations where cops are being shot at compared to obvious cases of police brutality that you jump to defend
  4. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    "you don't see white poeple riot or protest" are you serious lmfao
  5. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    my point is that they can get shot at by a white man and use bean bags/non lethal force but will shoot a black man man reading or literally laying in the road with his hands in the air saying im a behavior specialist don't shoot me
  6. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

  7. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    lol i dont even remember seeing your posts that much, let alone enough to neg you every other thread and i didnt know oyu were conservative
  8. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    Not speaking about the riots but The thing is that protesting is supposed to disrupt and make the general public/society. A lot of criticism against the blm protests/ a lot of activism surrounding these events have ignored this. Like I don't care if not all cops are bad the good cops are still part of a larger system that willfully rewards and protects the bad ones. And the fact good cops that go against the corruption are threatened and punished makes good cops irrelevant
  9. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    @Myth you have no idea what identity politics means
  10. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    Myth I'm screaming at you of all people complaining about reactionaries lmao. Also witnesses say a cop was the one that shot the man with a rubber bullet
  11. United States Presidential Election

    the suit got thrown out on a technicality it says that in the article
  12. United States Presidential Election

    so we going to talk about the elephant in the room with donald trumps impeding pre trial for a federal lawsuit ? like this is as big of news as hillary getting sick http://www.snopes.com/2016/06/23/donald-trump-rape-lawsuit/
  13. United States Presidential Election

    It's usually hotter in the city due to th density of the buildings like it was 95 here on LI a a month or two ago but they were calling for a heat advisory in the city the same day
  14. German leftist gets raped by refugees then lies to the police

    its not even lying to make sure a political ideology remains intact. like she didnt want her rape, a traumatic experience, to be used as a gotcha pawn by the alt right to fuel racism and xenophobia. the reactions to this thread prove exactly why she was afraid to and that says a lot more than "lol look at this lying liberal". edit: i watched more of the video and she even says this ended up happening that her rape was used as a gotcha against leftists
  15. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    The French name for type null is null chimera or type chimera I forgot exact