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  1. Checking this site for ~1year has been personally great (mainly the Wind-Up Discussion Thread).   But more often than not, I can honestly say that YGO-wise, there's only about 25-30 good players/posters that post regularly in here.   The vast majority either ask for decklists, or coalesce for one weird "valid" choice.   (Examples included, but not limited to, TGU+Skill Drain in Hero, why Undine sucks in Mermail/Water, people don't consider Lance in WU for FF, neg a guy who brings it up, then dickride the few regular-poster-good-WU player that mentions it, asking non-stop for builds without input on their own, People giving "logical" reasons for outright limiting/banning normal monsters, etc,etc,etc...).   Was ok I guess.   That is all.     Also, I'd like a mod to delete this account or something, idk :P
  2.   Is this a JOKE>?????   OMG 2000ATK LV4 Vanilla monster too strong. BAN IT.   Wtf is happening? Magician+Shark. Dragonfly+Hornet. Prisma+Test.tiger. Rabbit+TGU.... Rabbit?   But no, lets focus on friggin Warwolf.     Gemini Elf, Vorse Raider, Mad Dog of Darkness, Archfiend Soldier, Slate Warrior, and Evilswarm 1950ATK.guy would be happy.   <+<
  3. 'ok'   Guess I'll have to wait for a real tournament to happen to "get optimal choices" then instead of now, cuz its not as 'common sense' from what I see.   nvm
  4. Chidori... In FF... Really???   You're continue to play Nin-ken Dog over Vorse Raider cuz of that?   And Tengu's completely viable I get it (really depends on the build), but you guys are seriously maining it instead of an additional 3 better vanillas (you play TWO Rabbits for crying outloud) that make the deck more resilient and have REAL applications to both the meta and specific circumstances/plays???     This a joke? (stuff like this still reminds me of ppl arguing for TGU in SKILL DRAIN HERO BEAT or Windup JUGGLER in the hero thread)   You can't be serious.   I'm done.
  5.   Vorse Raider points:   -Makes "2nd" Rabbit live, -1900ATK (Runs over, or trades at the very least, with just about everything including TK, Sabersaurus, Alius, Geargiarmor w/ FF s/t) -DARK (Run over Catastor with boost/LANCE) -Makes Tiger King's 2nd effect a live option when/if possible (this isn't even a legit reason, but its there) -Legitimate DDV candidate (see Tenki, ddv side-decked) -Gives you a reason to play TGU+Sangan -Run over Nin-ken dog (why... I don't even... ugh)   The list goes on and on. Hell, at Kris Perovic's Tournament #3, the finals was 2 FF. They BOTH played Vorse Raider.   I understand that sometimes playtesting allows you to fit certain card choices to get the gist of things.     However, something as basic as this needs no testing. Just because Bear+dragon+gorilla pluses compensate DRASTICALLY for poor builds/card choices it doesn't make them good.   Its like when Inzektors came out and literally nobody was playing Zektcaliber. <+<
  6. Yah, Blaster's good.   Edit: Broken :D
  7. Pinocchio                                     Edit:   I lied :(
  8. Tiger King specials two guys with the same atk from the deck?   In prolonged matches, where you can run out of FF targets, it makes total sense to play Raider over something like Tengu (where making Tiger King LATE GAME allows you to still have the fringe option of using its second effect)... And I think makes Rabbits that more reliable to make TIger King??? Raider naturally runs over TK, Sabersaurus, and Kabazauls? It can touch Catastor either via FF S/T or LANCE? Run over Dragoons, Snowman, and opposing FF if pumped. (DDV and Rabbit-compatibility is just icing on the cake ).   Wouldn't that be more than enough reasons to play him over Tengu/anything.else, besides just thinking "Oh, it works with Rabbit too:/".   I see the deck's inherently consistent, but judging from that list its clear the Bear+Tenki+Gorilla interactions are what truly payed off and obviously compensated heavily for running tengus over raiders.   Evilswarm's use a completely different logic to play rabbit w/ only one set of Vanillas:   Because they can?
  9. The list looks great, but...   If you play 2x Rabbit and only 3 normals..........Vorse Raider??? Actually have a chance to use Tiger King's effect for stronger monsters? 2000ATK w/ any continuous card? DDV?... Make live Rabbits>?   So fire fists are THAT good:/   Also, seeing this deck I fully believe TK is dying the same way stuff like Asura Priest and Banisher did T_T   Edit: Ulti Warwolves went up :/
  10. inb4   Kris Perovic DN Tournament #300   1st Place - Dark Magician of Chaos ($999.99*)     Gogogo :D
  11. I remember in March 2011 format, a guy Dustshoots his opponent on T1. 2 turns later, his opponent plays 2 new cards not seen by Dustshoot. The guy never uses Foolish and Debris cuz he's "playing around Gorz or Maxx 'C'" even though he never saw them by dustshoot.    Why did people play Dustshoot then??? :S
  12. How's Reaper sound vs FF? I haven't tested it to see how valuable he is against them.      Also, with the impending release of the fire king, what techs can mesh well with this deck? Specifically for G1's against it. 
  13. Ok...   Cards still deteriorate after new sets PLUS ban-lists (that's what I'm referring to).    In addition, how's "If it's weaker, it's not because of other decks being automatically better, it's because decks have obtained outs to a 1900 ATK beater that don't rely on their search cards."   How's Water.dek? Linde, Sphere, abysspike, diva->Salvage all laugh at TK. Did I mention how Megalo was made to dodge TK unlike, you know, ALL previous boss monsters for the last 5 years???   "You could make a deck infinitely more busted than anything in the current meta and have it auto-lose to Rai-oh just by virtue of not having normal summonable outs and relying purely on searches and an initial Special Summon."   If that deck has nothing to do with new product, I'd LOVE to see it in action.    " It's gotten weaker, yes but it's still good. It hasn't "rusted" at all in what it does. Things just learned to sidestep it."   Really? How are "things" learning to "sidestep" it/old.cards?   By printing a 1950ATK vanilla that allows Rabbit to make a more busted xyz isn't slowly making TK obsolete???   Few years from now, TK will be as discarded as Banisher of the Radiance is right now. And I don't want to see the day when that happens. 
  14. Also LOL @tsgreen, one of the advocates for "plants" for THIS FORMAT.    neg moar. 
  15. The list of banned cards has a loadful of cards that are legitimately power-cards regardless of the format. No doubt.      Whatever remains of teledad and plants people tend to sheep after a new change tends to be as useless as Volcanics or Aliens when paired up against the new cards. (Obviously not always, but most of the time, its like that).    If you ever played pre-Sept.07 formats, then you'd know what happened to older strategies upon the release of LADD, Disk Commander, Phantom Darkness and Light of Destruction. They immediately became obsolete for the exception of Oppression variants, and even then, they couldn't keep up with the new speed and card interactions available in a competitive setting.    Newer cards will always have rulings, design/stats, and mechanics that will enable them to stomp/play.around opposing antiques.